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"Eh?? Swim through that blood?!" Duan Hui Nan shrieked when Li s.h.i.+ Ying said that they had to swim through the b.l.o.o.d.y lake.

If the lake water was only red in color and not actual blood, she would still reluctantly swim through it, but that was real beast blood! It's disgusting!

"Either you come with us, or you won't get the gra.s.s." Li s.h.i.+ Ying was fed up with Duan Hui Nan, so she didn't care if the girl didn't want to swim to go to the nest in the middle of the lake.

"I-i…" Duan Hui Nan gritted her teeth. She had come all the way to get the blood gra.s.s... If she gave up now, she wouldn't get any! She was sure Gu Zhong wouldn't share the gra.s.s he got, since he would get it with difficulties.

"Take off your outer clothes." Li s.h.i.+ Ying told the guys to take off their outer clothes since swimming with clothes like this would surely only burden them. Li s.h.i.+ Ying too, began to take off her clothes until only her inner clothes were left, which was relatively thin and light.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Seeing Li s.h.i.+ Ying with clothes like that, Long Ao Zhen couldn't help but want to cover her body with his clothes. He knew that swimming like this would be hard, but his bunny's clothes… they were too revealing!

Little did Long Ao Zhen know that in Li s.h.i.+ Ying's world, the clothes she wore now was already considered very polite and it covered her from her neck to her toes.

Even though the clothes were rather thin, they weren't see-through clothes, so what Li s.h.i.+ Ying wore now should be perfectly fine. Only in her original world though. Here, even Shu Chen also thought the same as Long Ao Zhen.

He was too embarra.s.sed to look Li s.h.i.+ Ying's way!

"Who will look at me as we swim? We will use an invisible talisman after all. Don't worry, this is appropriate." Li s.h.i.+ Ying took out four invisible talismans and shared it with Shu Chen and the others.

What Li s.h.i.+ Ying said was true, since they would be using invisible talismans, thus no one would see her even if she was naked, but right now the talisman hasn't been used. The others can see her.

"Don't look at her and go away." Long Ao Zhen could only glare at the boys as he used his body to block the boy's view from Li s.h.i.+ Ying. This way, no one would see Li s.h.i.+ Ying with her inner clothes until she activated her talisman.

Seeing this, Duan Hui Nan activated the talisman first before taking off her clothes until only her inner clothes were left. She didn't have anyone to protect her like Li s.h.i.+ Ying, so she could only waste the time limit of the talisman for a few seconds!

"Quick go to the lake! The talisman will wear out in 15 minutes." Li s.h.i.+ Ying activated her talisman and slowly entered the lake, starting from her leg. Seeing this, Duan Hui Nan also followed quickly.

Only the boys were late behind by a second, since they took off their clothes first before activating the talismans and went into the lake.


When Li s.h.i.+ Ying and the others got in to the lake, only a faint sound of water splas.h.i.+ng could be heard but no one could see anything on the lake. Those four already became invisible!

Even Long Ao Zhen couldn't detect Li s.h.i.+ Ying's whereabouts if not for the dragon seal.

"It's warm." Duan Hui Nan whispered to Li s.h.i.+ Ying as they began swimming. The lake water was surprisingly not cold like they thought it would be. It was warm!

"But the lake is deep, we don't know what other creatures might be living inside." Li s.h.i.+ Ying frowned since the lake was deeper than they expected. They feet couldn't touch the bottom of the lake so this lake is not only big but also quite deep!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Can you use like talisman to enhance our swimming speed?" Shu Chen slowly swam toward the nest together with Li s.h.i.+ Ying and the others, but he thought that their speed was too slow.

The nest looked close in front of their eyes, but they hadn't come closer yet, even though they did swim toward it.

"I have, but we're in the blood lake, we can't use it. Anyway if we swim faster, the ripples would be bigger. It may alarm the beast." Li s.h.i.+ Ying secretly ordered Jiu Wei and the others to go back to her contracted s.p.a.ce.

She would summon all of them if they were suddenly under attack!

"Wait guys…I'm getting a vision." In the middle of their faint conversation, Duan Hui Nan suddenly shuddered and her face went pale as she told the others that she just had another vision.

"What vision? Dangerous or not?" Li s.h.i.+ Ying now believed in Duan Hui Nan's ability, so when the girl said she got another vision, Li s.h.i.+ Ying slowly raised her guard.

"I saw a shark-like creature coming from below, attack Gu Zhong, and rip off his legs." Duan Hui Nan trembled again as she tried to look down into the water, but sadly since it was very red, she couldn't see anything.

Another vision!

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