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Seating for like an hour already and do nothing, she is becoming fidgety and uncomfortable on the sofa. Quinn, who becomes her master since then; was just working in front of his laptop for an hour and giving no orders. Then, what is her purpose for seating pretty in front of him?

Oh, wait a minute. She hasn't taken a shower yet! Suddenly, she wanted to melt from where she had seated. She bit her lower lip and her fingers playing on her lap.

Quinn, who was quietly observing her since at the start, even he is busy working, he perceives that she is anxious already alone in his presence. She must feel that uneasy with a stranger man.

"Ahem! Is there something you wanted to say?" Quinn spoke.

"Uh, well..." she startled and so, she stammers those words. "I want to ask if I can go back to my room? I mean—" she looks down at her pajamas, she still on these clothes! He should have noticed it! She wanted to think he was not gentleman enough not to offer her a moment to change her clothes.


Quinn scanned her body from head to toe which made her flushed. The way he did that is like he'd undress her instead. Ca.s.sie averted her gaze and avoided meeting his eyes.

Hmm, she blushes again. He'd forgotten. If she were the present Ca.s.sie, he won't bother whatever she will wear. But the one she switches to this time is becoming mindful of her surroundings. No. She is getting mature it seems that the first one.

"I'm sorry. I immersed in my work," he said, which half true. "Yes, you can change clothes anytime you want," said Quinn, he then smiled.

What does that mean? Ca.s.sie's thought. He sounded like; he doesn't mind at all. She's confused the way he responded like that and shows consideration, or whatever it is. He is mysterious to her.

However, she's still hesitant to leave the Tea Room because she doesn't know the way to her bedroom. He should realize that. Ca.s.sie keeps murmuring inside her head.

Quinn looks up once again and studied her expression. "You need anything else?"

How she must say this? "Um, Master Quinn..."

She bit her lip again. Quinn gulped, his throat suddenly dried. She keeps doing that, and it tempted him to jump on her side and kiss her. She should realize that she is doing a habit that drew him to imagine inappropriate action which she had forgotten they were in a relations.h.i.+p.

Added to that, she now began calling him Master. She does not know; it sounded bizarre to him. Likely they were playing master and servants, acting strangers to each other. He sighed. If this keeps going on, he'll lose his mind and possibly lose control. His head began running wild stuff inside.

This is outrageous. There is no way he will become audacious. Even if it claims she is the same Ca.s.sandra, her consciousness appears different. Besides, he promised her parents he'll keep off his hands from her, as much as he could.

"Master Quinn, I don't know which way to my bedroom," shyly, she said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't realized that either. Okay, let's go," Quinn.

He put down his laptop on the coffee table; sat up from the couch then walked ahead. Ca.s.sie just followed quietly. She again scans his broaden back. He is familiar to her, feeling that they meet many times before. But why she can't remember or figure out important things in her life? She has a feeling that something is missing.

Ugh. She b.u.mps into him again! She is not paying attention, how embarra.s.sing. Her Master suddenly stopped walking, but as she was daydreaming, she didn't notice it. Ca.s.sie reaches out to her nose and ma.s.sages it. She blushes. His back is like a wall. Not to mention how tall he is and handsome and wealthy...

Wait a minute, is he even single? A good-looking guy like him is a kind of suspicious if he has no girlfriend. Or maybe he also married?

What she's thinking? Since Cara lending her books, she's becoming a freak about puppy love. Cara enjoys reading those magical books, actually where the characters have crushes of courses. And—

She notices the ring on his middle finger. So, he's married after all? And why does she feel disappointed? How old is he? She has a feeling that the age gap is great.

She's occupied on her thoughts, did not notice how her master peering at her curiously. It puzzles her.

"You can now enter inside and take a shower. I will call the maids to a.s.sist you—" he paused, seeing her confused.

That's right, Levi just a.s.signs her as his personal maid so it is confusing why he will give her maids to serve her.

"Ah... this is your bedroom. You don't have to worry about errands. Just stay here until I called you if I needed something," he said.

Puzzled, but she nodded then open the bedroom and step inside in a rush. She wanted to escape from his gaze. He looked like; he wanted to swallow her whole. His burning stare and his overwhelming presence made her heart beating wildly inside her chest. Ca.s.sie leans on the door and closes her eyes while holding her chest. You can calm down now. She murmurs to herself.

Why is he looking at her that way? It was like; he was in a deeper thought every time he'll stare keenly at her.

Ah, why is she disturbed with these thoughts? Ca.s.sie shook her head. She better takes a quick shower.

She opens her eyes just to get surprised. Her eyes wandered to the entire room as her mouth dropped on the floor. Does a maid have this kind of luxury room? No. There is no maid should have given this kind of extravagant room. Even if it says, she is in a guest room, this is too much.

Ca.s.sie ignores being confused about what is happening to her. She searches for doors, and she found it on the corner. When she opened it, she was in a daze again. The bathroom showed luxury in every corner, which there is a floor-ceiling one-metered window, could overlook a part of the city. The bathtub is inviting her to soak for hours. She quickly strips her clothes and Ca.s.sie step inside the hot tub.

It surprised her when the tub already filled with hot water and bubbled liquid soap. She wondered if who prepared and for whom? It feels impossible if it was for her. But she's the only one who occupies this bedroom, right?

Ah, whatever… the bath is relaxing to trouble unnecessary stuff that only confuses her. She will just enjoy this moment instead of like she is dreaming…

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