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Chapter 323

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Heaves a long sighed, Quinn leans on the door . How long will he be patient not to show any romantic hint toward her?

He was only suppressing himself to look at her casually, but it seems he can't avoid treating her the way he is toward the real Ca.s.sandra . The one he has right here, it will only make her uncomfortable that she then began biting her lower lip and blushed; swaying her body unconsciously that he finds it attractive .

Again, they were facing different situations, likely a starting all over again . Quinn marches toward the bedroom where Ca.s.sandra's parents stay at the moment . He knocks on the door and Landon opens it, then let him come in .


"Where is she?" Landon immediately asked Quinn .

"She's taking a bath now, so I guess this is the best time while she won't see you both around . "

"Quinn, take care of our daughter," Hannah said while she gave him a goodbye hug .

"I will, Mama . I won't take my eyes off of her," he patted her back as a.s.surance .

"We will stay at Nicholas and Larah's Mansion for the meantime . Please keep us posted if ever something happens . "

"I will, Mama . "

"Thank you, Quinn . "

That morning, Landon and Hannah move to the Crow Mansion . Hesitant to leave his daughter in her current situation, Landon has to entrust her daughter into Quinn's care for the time being . He firmly warned him to stay away from Ca.s.sandra, which Hannah countered and shut him off of his unimportant scolding .

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Quinn followed his gaze to the car exiting at Montfort Mansion's main gate . He looks up into the sky which continued gloomily all week, another rainy day it seems . Quinn goes back inside the house and wonders if Ca.s.sandra finished taking a shower by now . He trailed the library hallway when he saw Madison and Levi talking to Butler Pete .

He has no worries as the maids and servants working with the Montfort are all from the alliance . But they have to make sure of what words should come out from their mouths if Ca.s.sandra were around . Levi instructed Butler Pete to notify everyone of what situation they have now, and how everyone should act following the story Levi came up with .

After given instructions, Pete bowed, then left .

"Congratulations to both of you," said Quinn and hug Madison, then Levi .

"Thank you, Papa . "

"Tell me if this guy cheated on you, and I will give him a bungee . "

"Brother Quinn! I won't do that and you're the first person should know that!"

Quinn just rose his left brow showing that he disagreed at Levi's statement . It is not a joke even if it sounded like one, so Madison giggles . Amused at the two men, she rides the jest .

"I will, Papa . But don't worry . I will tie him up on my own and even take control of the chopper by myself . "

"Ah! Both of you a father and daughter tandem! No doubt of the blood runs in your veins!" Levi acting sulked on the corner .

They were laughing and continue teasing that is why they didn't notice that someone is on the door and get to see a little scene .

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"Miss Young?"

Butler Pete came back and is delivering a tray of tea and fresh orange juice when he saw her standing outside the door . "Would you like to go inside? The masters are—"

Pete hasn't finished speaking when Ca.s.sie handed him a cellphone then left with long steps back to the second floor of the mansion . Pete entered the Tea Room scratching his temple .

"Pete, who are you talking to?" asked Levi .

"It was Miss Young, Master Levi . "

Levi and Quinn glance at each other . Did she hear something?

"And she handed me this phone . " Pete handed the phone to his master .

"Isn't this is Ca.s.sie's phone?" Levi wonders, he has a bad feeling . "Did she find the pictures inside?"

Quinn takes the phone and opens it . She saw it . Because Ca.s.sie's home screen image is she and Quinn .

"Does she say anything, Butler Pete?"

"Ah, she said, I should give it back to your wife, Master Williams . "

"Wife?" the three of them said at once . Who's a wife?

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"Maybe she has mistaken Miss Madison as your wife?" Butler Pete's opinion .

Quinn and Levi exchange gazes . For a quick look, Madison resembled Ca.s.sandra a lot .

"What we should do now, Papa? How we should explain to her she was in the picture and not me?" Madison instantly understood that she was mistaken by Ca.s.sie . "Maybe I should explain to her the situation?"

Quinn cannot decide . But if there is someone who should clarify something, he's the one who should do it . "Let me talk to her . "

"What is your plan, brother Quinn?"

"She looks maturer than her first travel to our time . Maybe she could understand . "

"Will you tell her about her parents?"

"No . Will stick to what she believes . But will do a little another story . I think…" Truth is, he does not know what story to make up .

Quinn is now knocking on Ca.s.sandra's bedroom . It was open and so he entered without permission . "I'm sorry if I came in without asking for permission," he voices out what is on his mind .

She looks up from the book she's reading and glances at his direction . "Oh, you can enter without asking that . This is not my house, and you are my master," she responded, blus.h.i.+ng .

He chuckles . Amus.e.m.e.nt curve on Quinn's lips . "Anyway, about the phone . Thank you . "

"Oh, um… I just found it on the floor . Looks like, your wife dropped it on the floor?"

"Oh, um, are you referring to Madison?"

Ca.s.sie looks up one more time, and she meets his gaze . . . it takes another moment before she nodded . He smiled before he spoke further . "Madison is my wife's cousin . They look a lot alike, yes . "

"Oh, I see…"

She blinks dramatically that made her even beautifully . Ah, she is wearing the dress they bought together . Tears wanted to escape from his eyes . "And she is Levi's fiancé," he added .

"Oh . . . " her eyes sparks, then replace with curiosity . "Um, about your wife . I haven't seen her yet . "

Firmly, he presses his lips . It tempted him to tell her she was his wife . Teary-eyed, he gathered his strength to answer . "She's not here . She was attending school . "

"Oh, then she will come home tonight?" she smiled innocently .

Reaching his chest as it throbbed, he replied . "No . She is in another country . "

"Oh, I see," she replied .

"Master Quinn, is she staying in this room? Her clothes fit on me . I wonder if this is my body; feels strange but there is no mirror I can look at so—" she paused and realized that she is holding her chest .

Quinn observed how her cheeks flus.h.i.+ng then quickly pull her hands off to her front . She's beautifully cute .

Beautiful as she is…

Cute as she has no idea that she's making cute reactions and gestures according to her age at the moment . Somehow, this made him experience how Ca.s.sandra was when she's way younger . He's missing her badly .

Please, come back already…

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