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Tuesday, continued …

"That is putting it mildly. We decided as Alecia had shown that she could wisely use the money she got, that if they wanted to sit in better seats they had to pay the difference. That set the off complaining as it was being unfair, as Alecia and James flew first cla.s.s. Junior, with Ton beside him called my parents to complain about how unfair we were in our treatment of them."

"As my parents are in town, they showed up to argue on behalf of their grandsons and that caused an ma.s.sive argument between them and Amanda and I. In the end I called Alecia to speak to her grandparents and guess what she did?"

"Knowing my G.o.ddaughter, she was blunt with her grandparents."

Tan had a little laugh before continuing "Absolutely. She told her grandparents what she did with her money through investing and purchasing a house for her and James in Australia amount other things. The look on my parent's face was priceless. Then she told them how the boys used their money simply to pursue their sporting goals with no measurable outcomes. Her second to last comment to her grandparents is why should I be expected to pay for everything they desire when they waste money and do not thinks about the future." 

"I bet it she did not put is as nicely as that Tan?"

"Yi, you have taught her too well. It was factual and blunt, and the boys tried to hide from the looks of their grandparents. Her final comment was more cutting than that though."

"What did she decide to say?"

"She said, even though it might not have looked like it at the time was that I had used the money I had been given for my sixteenth birthday to secure the future for her and the boys. By then the boys wanted to argue with Alecia by then and she told a truth I had suspected for some time."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That when it was their time to work in the old neighbourhood, they did little and she covered their time when they could not be bothered. I knew that Tan, as the first time that they refused to do someone she asked for my advice and I simply told her that there was an expectation for work to be done it needed to be done regardless of who did it."

"d.a.m.n Yi, there was a reason I wanted the three of them to do that work, and you helped her cover."

"Tan, your daughter did not want to let people down simply because the boys could not be bothered." Hou Yi paused before continuing "Now stop distracting."

"Fine Yi. Alecia doing that and when she told them she could not be bothered about their att.i.tude, but my parents..."

"Ended up giving into the terrible two and upgraded their tickets to first cla.s.s despite what they had been told. d.a.m.n it, your parents have always spoiled those two…"

"You can talk, what do you think your parents do, aided and abetted by my parents with all of them when they were younger."

Yao Tan paused for a second and then continued "Look, I know Amanda should go through Human Resources to get a few extra days, but after my parents left, I called Alecia back and spoke to her. I figured while we were in Australia, we should do a few things with the boys before heading back for court on Friday next week. Alecia and James have given me some ideas close to them for things to see. So is it possible …"

"You want all of next week off for Amanda?"

"You know me too well, my friend. I am sorry to impose."

"Tan, you know you only have to ask. I know Amanda would prefer to be working for you, but with her father's att.i.tude that is why she took the job here. I was going to talk to Amanda about this but had the thought to allow her to travel with you when you are away for business, she might want to drop down to three days per week. If she is bored, she can help Anna with the charitable initiative."

"Let me talk to her about it next week."

"I will authorize the few extra days and tell human resources. Call me when you guys arrive in Australia."

"Will do."

With that Hou Yi ended the call and turned back to the mountain of work still on his desk.

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