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It has been a year since Becca and Liam have been living together. And although they have always been a carefree and happy couple, there were some things that they didn't expect that they would disagree on or decisions in life that they were not comfortable with.

Having kids was just one yet it was something that tested their relations.h.i.+p and almost broke them apart. Becca had always been a free-spirited woman but underneath that happy face of hers lies a small child whose parents were always not around. 

She grew up wanting to travel with friends and not only because she loved to travel but it was also her way of escaping what was in their house. She never called it a home…'What's a home?' she would ask herself.

When her parents separated and her dad remarried, she became even more distant with her relatives and would just constantly be out. When she turned fourteen, she left the country and stayed with her aunt until she was eighteen. That's when she decided to live alone. 

When she met Liam, a man who was not someone she expected to fall in love with, her world started to change. The love that she once thought she had with Gael was far from how she has with Liam. 

That morning, she thought she would already lose him. She was somehow preparing herself for another heartbreak. 'This will be just another one of those, huh?' she told herself despite the heartache that she felt. Liam is the longest relations.h.i.+p that she has been with, so obviously, it isn't "just one of those". But what can she do if he were to really let go of her? How could she chase a man who wants different things?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But that night, his love proved to her once again how selfless he can be with her. 

"That's all that matters," he said. And the moment that she heard him say that, it broke her heart even more.

'Shouldn't he be mad? I would understand if he was.

"Why are you so good to me?" Becca felt that she didn't deserve him at all. Liam was too good for her. 

"Why not? I love you." 

"But how could you sacrifice your happiness for me? I'm just me. I'm just Becca. What's so good about me?"

"Silly, it's because you are Becca... that's why."

Becca's mind was muddled even though Liam was the one who was drunk. However, her thoughts fade away when she felt Liam's lips on her neck. She instantly closed her eyes and clutched on his s.h.i.+rt.

Liam gently pushed her down on the bed and his body hovered over hers, his lips never leaving the base of her throat, making her moan.

Feeling hot, he took off his s.h.i.+rt and threw it off the ground. His skin blushed under the lights and Becca couldn't help but touch his bare chest. "I love you," she said.

Liam took off his s.h.i.+rt and he dived in for a kiss on her lips. The taste of his mouth was a mixture of strong alcohol and mint but Becca didn't mind as she deepened their kiss and pulled him closer to her.

She whimpered when Liam bit on her lip but it only awakened her urges. She quickly unbuckled his belt and Liam was also busy yanking her bottom clothes down. Their hands were fast as if they couldn't wait to feel each others' bodies. 

When the two of them were finally bare and ready, he settled in between her legs and the two of them looked at each other in the eyes. "That's all that matters, Becca," he whispered above her lips. "Just you and me."

And with one rough thrust, Liam pushed himself inside Becca and filled her up. She winced in surprise and arched her back but the slight pain only lasted for a few seconds until he started moving inside her.

The pair gave in to their l.u.s.tful desires for each other. With Becca's moans and Liam's groans, the atmosphere in their little home became warm and steamy. And yes, she called it 'home'.

A few days later, Samantha was with Hannah at the Busy Bean Cafe. 

"S, Can't we go yet?" Hannah stared at her best friend with sparkling eyes. She had been excited since she woke up that morning.

"It's still early for our appointment, Han. There's still three hours until the fitting." Samantha chuckled and took a sip of her latte. "Are you that excited? It's as if you're the one getting married soon."

Hannah placed both of her hands on her face and smiled brightly at her friend. "I can't wait to finally see the gown! You know how much I love weddings. And this is your wedding! How can I not be excited?"

With a small smile on her face, Samantha stared at the window and asked, "Remember how we used to play 'Marry Marry' when we were kids?"

Hannah clapped her hands like a child and nodded profusely. "OMG! We were the mostest awesomest brides ever!" 

"Yeah," Samantha giggled when she recalled how silly they were back then. "We didn't have grooms so we vowed to marry each other instead." 

"And we were very fas.h.i.+onable!" 

"I used to think that you'd be a fas.h.i.+on designer. You always have this amazing idea of how we should wear clothes."

"Hey! They were fas.h.i.+onable blankets!" Hannah corrected her best friend before she added, "I actually thought about pursuing that too. Do you think I could still do that? We're already almost thirty."

"Han, we're still twenty-eight. And even if you were already fifty, who cares? You can be a designer whenever you want! I am and will forever be your number one fan. Besides, you already have your first product and we're going to see it later." 

 "You think so?" Hannah revealed a wide smile on her face. She started to imagine what could happen later in the future. "Well, I don't really aspire on becoming the best in that field. I just want to see my own designs in stores. How cool would that be?"

"It would be very cool. I am so honored that I get to wear your very first design." Samantha patted Hannah's hand. She got up from her seat and grabbed her bag, "Come on, we can't just sit in here waiting. Let's go meet Becca and have our nails done. We won't have much time for that before we fly."

"I'm so loving this new you." Hannah quickly followed Samantha out of her cafe. "If it were the old Samantha, I would probably have to beg you and drag you out of your cave before you go out with me." 

"Tch. You're exaggerating. I wasn't that bad," Samantha shook her head as she got inside her car. She heard her friend Hannah snort when she got settled in the pa.s.senger's seat. "Yeah right," Hannah snickered.

"Hey! Was I really?"

"Let's not dwell on the past, That Samantha is long gone. Let's focus on the present." Hannah changed the subject. "By the way, are you going to be gone for a long time for your honeymoon?"

"I'm not sure yet. Daniel's busy with his new project so we haven't decided if we're going to leave a few weeks later instead of after the wedding. Why?"

Pursing her lips, Hannah glanced at Samantha before she announced, "Because… I wanted to spend some more time with you before I leave too."

"You mean before we leave? I'm not following. We will still see each other." Samantha was confused.

"I mean… before I leave with Joon… overseas."

The car shrieked when Samantha suddenly stepped on the brakes. "What!?"

"Ah!" Hannah got startled with Samantha's reaction. "Why would you do that?!" She rubbed the back of her head. 

The sound of horns from the car behind them followed. Samantha bit her lip as she pulled over to the curb, "Sorry, you just surprised me."

"Did you say you were going with my brother?!"

Hannah nodded. Her lips have formed into a thin line and her eyes have smiled. 

Samantha's eyes grew wide, "Oh my gos.h.!.+ Have you told him already?"

Hannah shook her head before forming a sheepish smile.

Feeling excited, Samantha brought her hands to her mouth and squealed. "Eeee! Han! I'm so happy for the two of you!"

With a silly grin on her cute face, Hannah said, "Don't tell Joon... I want to surprise him."

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