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No matter the number of schemes and preparations, the final battle would still require brute force.

The magical blizzard obscured the vision of both sides. The defending elven army had instinctively defended against the demons' attacks. The elves had been delighted to discover that the demons' attacks had greatly weakened in the blizzard, but they hadn't noticed death descending on them.


Donatis's first sword attack sliced through the Moonwheel Capital city wall. His next sword attack directly sliced through all the elven guards and ballistae on the city wall. The gigantic G.o.d was covered in pitch-black shadows, while his silent eyes seemed to burn like an eclipse.

Behind Donatis in the cold snow were countless headless G.o.ds' corpses, piled up like a mountain.

The Chaos War G.o.d had once again proved with his astonis.h.i.+ng combat achievements just how powerful he was. In less than one hour, all the Elven G.o.ds had been personally annihilated by him. Donatis's next target was the airs.h.i.+p in the sky.

As long as he eliminated the forbidden spell caster, this blizzard and forbidden spell capable of threatening the entire demon wave would stop, and everything would return to how it was.

However, what astonished Donatis was that the mortals weren't despairing at all despite some temporary fear. Instead, the mortals organized a final defense line.

The treant elders that had been seriously injured in previous battles rushed forward first. Donatis stomped them into tiny splinters, but more treants transformed themselves into a th.o.r.n.y forest to block Donatis with their very lives.

The elven rangers had long since used up all their arrows. They charged while howling barbarically like beastmen whom they looked down on so much. The rangers wielded their swords while charging to their deaths, all for the sake of slowing Donatis down by a few seconds.

After all the Elven G.o.ds died, the Elven G.o.ds' priests and shamans either went insane or directly died. Only a few younger priests remained, and charged forward with teary eyes, swinging their staves and dying just like the rangers did.

What about the warriors who were supposed to be on the frontlines, you ask? At this time, any elf in a warrior job cla.s.s who was still alive and capable of walking wouldn't even deserve the t.i.tle of warrior.

What about the silver elves' n.o.bility? The moon elves' royalty? The wild elves' b.a.s.t.a.r.ds? At this time, there would be no difference between anyone. All the elves knew that not fighting their hardest here would result in death. While fighting their hardest would probably still result in death, there would at least be a sliver of hope… All of the elves' children and books had now been moved to my floating castle. They would be the future hope of all elves.

The Mist Alliance's reinforcements had already completed their mission. The ordinary human warriors had already received orders to return to the airs.h.i.+ps. Still, Reyne had a complex expression as she watched the elves charge forward to their deaths. Even though she also felt no friends.h.i.+p whatsoever towards the elves, she was still moved with how willing the elves were to sacrifice themselves to protect their own.

Yet, the one who was actually the most moved by all of this was Chaos War G.o.d Donatis himself.

He delightedly accepted every courageous elf's challenge. In fact, his delight even exceeded his earlier delight when he'd been fighting a deathmatch against Elven Main G.o.d Anslo. Donatis carefully avoided using large AOEs to slaughter all the elves. He slew every single courageous elf one at a time, directly from the front. Whenever an elf's physical body was torn apart, Donatis's empty heroic spirit temple would gain an extra soul.

"The foundational requirement for becoming a heroic spirit is that the soul must courageously face death head on even in the most hopeless of situations… Are we being too underhanded?"

"Not at all. We simply told the elves this information. They made this choice for themselves."

Indeed, the elves' sacrifice would be worthwhile. Since Donatis had now gotten addicted to accepting the elves' challenges one at a time as he admired the light of their souls before death, he had been significantly slowed down.

Back in the Chaos Abyss, an identical event occurred while Donatis was fighting Adam's party. It was famous, and no secret, that Donatis truly admired the weak who dared to challenge him. He would give the weak all the time they needed to attack him with their full power and potential. However, the fact that I now used his personality against him as a way of stalling for time meant that not only was I absolutely shameless with no moral boundaries in coming up with this cruel idea, it also meant that we truly had no other methods left available to us at all.

Reyne was still far too young. She was the one who had given this information to the elves, creating this current scene before us. She felt too much mysterious guilt that made it difficult for her to even breathe.

"Is there much difference? Even if the elves try to scatter in all directions, if Donatis starts being serious and slaughters them as quickly as he can, the elves will just die even quicker."

Harloys was far more open-minded about this.

But even so, the elves' sacrifice wouldn't gain that much time for us, because Donatis would likely soon realize that we were trying to stall him. Meanwhile, the newborn Ice Elemental Lords would be even less useful at stalling him because Donatis was still far more overwhelmingly powerful, even to the point where the Ice Elemental Lords were completely insignificant to him.

There was a phrase that when two enemies met on a narrow road, the more courageous would win. This seemed to be a maxim of the battlefield. However, very few people would realize that this maxim would only be true if both sides were similar or equal in strength. In front of pure and overwhelming power, courage would do nothing more than slightly slow down the speed of dying.

However… there was an additional version of this phrase—the wiser one would win instead.

When courage was completely meaningless, perhaps the side that planned and schemed more beforehand would obtain victory more easily.

"This is the final battle. Activate our backup plan!"

A certain decision had been made 10 minutes ago. At this moment, some violent explosions could be heard from the original source of the demon wave.

If people were capable of seeing through all the snow in the sky, they would then see that snow was also starting to spread from the source of the demon wave, but at a far more explosive speed.

"Margaret's copied version of Ice Aeon? Have they started already? Donatis is undefeatable in the midst of the demon wave, but if he's no longer in the demon wave…"

Several of my allies had been missing from the very start. Adam, Margaret, and the other members of my party had also come here together with us in the airs.h.i.+ps. Yet, they had separated from me not long ago.

When calculating time and distance, they should have arrived even before us as they had taken smaller a.s.sault airs.h.i.+ps. Of course, their destination was different from mine.

Their mission was a sudden attack when it was necessary, interfering with the dimensional portal bringing demons into the mortal plane and temporarily cutting off the source of the demon wave.

This was our Plan B that we'd previously made as insurance. It couldn't be helped that we could only do things this way. After all, what would happen if I kept Adam's party by my side as outstanding combat strength?

Since Ice Aeon would create an anti-magic zone like all forbidden spells would, Margaret would instantly become useless as she was a pure mage. Little Red was of the fire element, and still currently in infant dragon form, so it was likely that she would even freeze to death here. Elisa was at the peak of the inferno demon job cla.s.s, so it would likely be the same for her. Adam, who should have originally been in the best condition in Ice Aeon, just happened to recently install a dual element phoenix heart in himself, with wind and fire elements. He would also be greatly weakened by the ice, and it was possible that his heart might even stop beating.

The final result was that one of the strongest adventuring teams in the land would be forced to fight the Chaos War G.o.d while they were in their worst possible condition, which meant that they would easily be slapped to death.

Oh, now that I thought of it, those Elven G.o.ds had truly died wrongful deaths. Everyone knew that elves were more skilled with magic than physical fighting. Yet, the Elven G.o.ds were forced into melee against the Chaos War G.o.d due to the anti-magic zone. This would be the equivalent of forcing a human to fight weaponless against a gorilla… I suppose that Anslo probably wasn't as weak as I thought, after all. So I had been the terrible teammate this time!

Cough, cough, of course, trying to cut off the source of the demon wave would also be incredibly dangerous. I wouldn't have sent the message to do so unless it had been absolutely necessary.

Did I forget to mention something? That was right, Elisa had also arrived. Since she had sent Anslo the message, and since Anslo had been able to use the natural dimensional portal to come to the mortal plane, it was obvious that Elisa, a Demon Lord, would also be able to use this portal. Currently, she was guarding the Chaos Abyss entrance of the dimensional portal. When Adam's party attacked the dimensional portal from the mortal plane's side, she would join them for a pincer attack from the other side.

Permanently closing an already stable natural dimensional portal would be impossible. However, simultaneously disrupting the dimensional portal's connections from both sides and temporarily cutting off all teleportation was something easy to accomplish, according to Margaret.

Although the Chaos Faction had indeed left some powerful Demon Lords to protect the dimensional portal, Anslo had killed them all as he used the portal. This made Margaret's plan go very smoothly. For the time being, the demon wave's source had truly been cut off.

How long could the demon wave be cut off for? 30 seconds? One minute? Three minutes? n.o.body could make any guarantees. However, it would be possible to stall for at least several dozen seconds before the will of the Chaos Abyss realized what was going on.

I could immediately sense that right after this, Donatis was obviously weakened. Yet…Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"There's still no change in the situation. Even if an elephant is suddenly halved in weight, it can still easily crush a mouse to death…"

The Chaos War G.o.d's expression didn't change one bit. Meanwhile, the change in the situation caused him to wake up and stop admiring the performances of the elven souls around him. He instantly started charging towards the Borealis again while beginning to slaughter elves in large numbers by using AOEs.

"No, there is indeed a change in the situation… Oh, glorious Order Main G.o.ds, your mortal enemy Donatis has been cut off from the demon wave. He's now greatly weakened. Will you all possibly let go of such an opportunity?"

I didn't need to do anything else. Countless G.o.ds' eyes had been on this location ever since the demon wave had started. If the Order Main G.o.ds really wanted to do something, they definitely wouldn't miss this opportunity!

"Good job, youngster."

This praise came from a white-bearded old man who suddenly appeared in the sky. He raised his staff and pointed at Donatis, creating a mystical cage that suddenly locked the Chaos War G.o.d within it.

This old man was Kalumandas, the G.o.d of Wisdom who had long since allied himself with h.e.l.l. Of course, he was nowhere near strong enough to be Donatis's opponent, nor would he risk his life for our cause. But, according to our previous secret agreement, he would appear whenever we needed him the most to slightly interfere with our enemies.

This was known as beating up on someone while they were down. This was also known as scamming others into fighting for me!

Kalumandas' incarnation instantly vanished right after appearing. The next instant, a chain lightning attack from somewhere struck Donatis. A gigantic hammer descended from the skies and smashed into his head. A tiny tree root suddenly tangled his feet. As Donatis was still reeling from these attacks, the reinforcements I wanted the most finally arrived.

Just like before, the G.o.d of Holy Light arrived in a golden incarnation that was impossible to see clearly. However, he was now far stronger than when he'd descended in h.e.l.l eight years ago.

As the G.o.d of Holy Light was an Order Main G.o.d who would only make decisions in a computerized fas.h.i.+on, he would naturally never miss the chance to slay a powerful Chaos Main G.o.d while the latter was weakened, as this would greatly help the G.o.d of Holy Light to gain even more power of belief with this achievement.

Perhaps this was all a vicious trap set by me. However, my trap wasn't only targeted at the Elven G.o.ds!

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