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When Zhang Yi left everyone was surprised that Zhang Yi had won and because it all ended so quickly, this was not the early round, but it was one of the fastest rounds, and Zhang Yi was just level 1 of the soul refinement realm which was more surprising.

So all the sects would not forget to remind their disciples to be careful with Zhang Yi, elder w.a.n.g and elder Lu had expected this, and even the Sword Sect elders were not so surprised.

After almost 3 weeks of qualifying thanks to some stronger disciples like Zhang Yi who quickly ended the fights the first round ended, the second round was again with a thousand disciples entering each island.

But this time no one expected it to end quickly because only the winners who defeated 999 disciples considered genius was in this knockout round, yet this time there were less than 100,000 disciples in the second round and only 100 rounds would happen at most.

When it was Zhang Yi's turn to fight again few dared to belittle him, some still thought that Zhang Yi might have used tricks or that his opponents were too weak because Sword Sect was the one who organized the tournament.

But in this second phase, it was impossible for Sword Sect to manipulate Zhang Yi to win, so everyone waited to see if Zhang Yi was really a genius and could win again.

Zhang Yi didn't care what others thought, and upon entering this island still used the same method last time to win this round more, he had to admit that the disciples this time were stronger, but even his clones had one. stronger attack power than a level 4 warrior of emptiness realm.

And the defense of his clones was even bigger because the clones had the same defense that Zhang Yi had, so Zhang Yi with his clones could beat thousands of disciples of the same realm if they didn't join.

Zhang Yi was even faster than last time because the disciples on the island this time were more active and had already fought and eliminated several disciples before Zhang Yi eliminated them all, so elders from the other sects understood that Zhang Yi was even more genius than they thought before.

The qualifiers this time was over in a few days and only 96 disciples remained in the tournament among the soul-refinement realm disciples, with only 96 disciples remaining and more than 1 month past the elders would not make another round on the island.

Especially because many elders from almost every sect wanted to see Zhang Yi fight the disciples who were considered geniuses of the best sects who were in the top 100 in a compet.i.tion in which over 1 million disciples partic.i.p.ated.

The fights this time was that 32 groups with 3 disciples in each group would fight each other in various fighting arenas, the disciple who won the other 2 would qualify for the next phase after that phase would be only individual fights until the end.

In the 32 groups had almost 14 Sword Sect disciples showing the strength of one of the 10 strongest sects, Sword Sect had more disciples in the top 100 than any other sect.

Zhang Yi also realized that there was no infiltration among the disciples of the top 100 sects, Zhang Yi knew this was intentional because even in the last phase there was no infiltrative disciple among the winners.

But that was pointless because in that first month of dispute Zhang Yi had already gotten a complete list of the disciples infiltrating almost every sect, just near the biggest sects he didn't approach because he wouldn't dare to investigate near the divine realm elders.

But from his experience it never happened to have an infiltrate within the major sects, so far it has always been so, Zhang Yi also noted which sects had no infiltration of the organization because that was striking from his view.

Zhang Yi had investigated among more than 100 billion disciples and elders from all sects and territories and neither had investigated among the largest sects, he had to a.s.sume that he had been shocked by the total number of infiltrated disciples and elders he had encountered.

They were more disciples than even the 10 largest sects that had several territories with millions of disciples, and some of those infiltrators were elders of the emptiness realm and the emperor's realm.

It was not enough to kill all the disciples as Zhang Yi feared would happen, and with the divine realm elders, it was difficult for the sects to make much loss by eliminating the infiltrators from the soul-eater organization.

As the next phase of the tournament began, Zhang Yi could easily beat the other two disciples with just a few common attacks with his king-rank sword, with the ease that Zhang Yi beat the other disciples the elders of the largest sects accepted that Zhang Yi could win against 999 other disciples.

While the other disciples struggled Zhang Yi can finally investigate a portion of the disciples and elders of the major sects, including Serenity Sect who was his master's sect who fought for his master Wu Qinxin not to be killed, this made a good impression on Zhang Yi.

He can also see the Sacred Phoenix Sect that he had so hoped to see when Zhang Yi checked some of these sects he was really shocked by what he saw, in the Sacred Phoenix Sect and also in another of the 10 largest sects had infiltrated the soul-eater organization.

This is because not all elders and disciples of these sects were partic.i.p.ating in this tournament, other very powerful sects had also infiltrated the organization among the elders and disciples of these sects.

Zhang Yi didn't really expect it, what he saw confirmed how the organization's influence was increasing on the divine plane and it could be a matter of a few thousand years for any of these infiltrated elders to reach the divine realm.

Zhang Yi could see that several high-level emperor realm elders were also infiltrating the largest sects if Zhang Yi were not discreet the elders of these sects could realize that Zhang Yi was a.n.a.lyzing them.

He didn't know how it seemed to elder Su Lian that he wanted so badly to talk about why she did what she did to his master Feng Ran, so he hoped that if he won this tournament he could talk to the Sword Sect elders to get him to talk to some elders of the biggest sects.

He could use as an excuse that he wanted to make better connections with the elders of the biggest sects for the sake of the harmony of the sects or he could say other things, but if he won this tournament with the importance he had for this tournament he could get what he wanted.

Soon the 32 best disciples were decided and Zhang Yi would have to fight again, he easily beat his opponent again and advanced to the top 16 of the tournament, it no longer impressed the other sects who already expected Zhang Yi to win this tournament.

What Zhang Yi was aware of was that 9 of the 16 disciples who won the fights just as he practiced mental energy, this was the first time he had seen disciples of the soul refinement realm who cultivated mental energy.

This was not because mental energy was less popular on the divine plane but rather that mental energy cultivation took longer and when the disciples reached the realm of emptiness they were at least 2,000 years old and no longer disciples.

These disciples were almost a thousand years old and soon would no longer be disciples and had not entered the realm of emptiness, yet they were the greatest geniuses who cultivated the mental energy of all sects.

Zhang Yi had never fought anyone who cultivated mental energy because they were rare, he might have faced some in the qualifiers but defeated them very quickly to realize that they cultivated mental energy.

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