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This time he would not have the opportunity to fight them properly either because he was much stronger than them, even though those who cultivated mental energy were usually stronger than those who cultivated qi, this was not true in the case of Zhang Yi who had the essence of the phoenix flame.

Even if they were on the same level, Zhang Yi would also have the mental energy to fight toe-to-toe if that was the case, but it was interesting for him to see how people with mental energy fought since he used it the way that was simpler for him.

It was interesting to see how they used mental energy by creating s.h.i.+elds around them to defend themselves, they tried to attack the opponent's mind, they created mental energy arrows to attack as Zhang Yi had already done.

Best of all, they had more freedom to use the laws in attacks without needing a sword or spear to make the attacks stronger or even martial techniques that were difficult to master for normal warriors.

With an advanced mastery of some law and the freedom that mental energy gave to use the laws, the disciples just had to think of the best ways to make the most of the attacks using the laws.

It was all that Zhang Yi already did on instinct and much more naturally with the help of his special eyes, the techniques of these disciples took a long time to activate and those of Zhang Yi were much faster.

But Zhang Yi could understand that it was because they were only in the tenth realm of mental energy, he remembered how the Sword Sect elder who had the eleventh realm of mental energy could attack much more naturally because he had learned more about mental energy.

So when Zhang Yi got stronger in cultivating his mental energy he would use it even more skillfully because of his special eyes, so he would always have an advantage over normal mental energy cultivators.

Warriors who cultivated mental energy also had an advantage because their mental energy was greater in quant.i.ty and was always pure unlike the qi of warriors who used cultivation resources to accelerate cultivation speed.

In the next phase, Zhang Yi faced one of the warriors who used mental energy and used his speed to attack before the enemy could create any barrier or s.h.i.+eld and thus easily won.

If there was a disadvantage that a warrior who cultivated mental energy might have was that because they were not good at using qi and martial techniques, they could not use movement techniques well and were, therefore, slower than their opponents.

In a fight between warriors of the soul refinement realm or emptiness realm this difference could be ignored in a fight, but against skilled warriors like Zhang Yi this was fatal and after the emperor's realm, it became even more apparent.

Even so, 5 other mental energy-cultivating warriors would qualify for the next phase among the top 8, if they had Zhang Yi they would be 6 mental energy-cultivating warriors.

This was not unexpected for cult elders because for someone to be partic.i.p.ating in this tournament with mental energy in the tenth realm, this warrior would already be a genius among the other disciples because everyone knew how cultivating mental energy was difficult.

Two of these 8 disciples were members of Sword Sect and yet the elders were happy because they knew that Zhang Yi would be the winner of this tournament, the amazing thing was that 3 disciples were from Serenity Sect who was the master sect of Zhang Yi.

He could see that it was true that his master's sect was one of the best in mental energy, if Wu Qinxin was still alive Zhang Yi would want to visit Serenity Sect with her, but as his master died that was not possible.

In the next phase, Zhang Yi fought another warrior who cultivated mental energy and struggled harder to preserve the dignity of his Serenity Sect opponent, so the top 4 were now all warriors who cultivated mental energy if Zhang Yi was to be counted.

After Zhang Yi won the next two fights with ease and that's how everyone expected the winner of the Soul Refinement Realm disciples tournament, the Sword Sect elders were very happy and proud and even the divine realm elders were very happy.

After all, it was not just a fact that Zhang Yi had won the tournament by being a Sword Sect disciple, but that Zhang Yi was under 60 and at the first level of the soul refinement realm and could win the tournament.

This showed to all sects that Zhang Yi could probably in a few thousand years possibly reach the emperor's realm and thus become one of the leaders of this divine realm in the future, especially with his fighting ability to fight against warriors of almost a whole stronger realm.

Zhang Yi received his reward and even if he wished he could not give it to anyone in his sect, if he gave such a prize to others he would raise the only suspicion and have no advantage.

Even more, the pill that could raise a level of cultivation unconditionally, this pill was rare even among Sword Sect's most prominent disciples, and Zhang Yi would have no reason not to accept this pill unless he had a better pill.

After receiving the rewards and respect from all Sword Sect disciples Zhang Yi had to start thinking about what he really wanted to do in this tournament which was to find elder Su Lian.

Now that he had won this tournament and brought glory to Sword Sect plus the fact that he was the only one who could find infiltrators from the Zhang Yi organization could be able to find elder Su Lian to know what he wanted to know.

First Zhang Yi called elder Lu and elder w.a.n.g to begin his plan to find elder Su Lian, the tournament between the disciples of the emptiness realm had not even started yet and it would take at least a week even if there weren't as many people partic.i.p.ating as the tournament between disciples of the realm of soul refinement.

So he had this time before the confusion that would be when Sword Sect had to find the disciples and elders infiltrated when elder w.a.n.g and elder Lu knew that Zhang Yi was looking for them, the two went to find Zhang Yi quickly.

"Elder w.a.n.g, I have something very important to tell you and elder Lu, but it has to be a secret and so I wanted to find a place where no one else could hear our conversation."

Knowing Zhang Yi elder w.a.n.g deduced that it was something really important and so he went to the emperors of the peak emperor's realm to ask about it, how was it a request from Zhang Yi the sect organized a room quickly and Zhang Yi knew it was really a secret place.

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