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"What happened that you have to talk to us in secret?"

"While the tournament was taking place I have already prepared a complete list of the disciples and infiltrated elders who are in the smaller sects, but I did not risk investigating the sects that are protected by a divine realm elder."

"Do you know which sects have an elder in the divine realm?"

"Yes, I can know about that somehow."

This made both of them very surprised, Elder Lu and he were surprised that Zhang Yi could make this list in just over a month since there were billions of warriors in every minor sect.

Elder w.a.n.g was also surprised because he is from the emperor's realm had information about which sects had an elder in the divine realm, but that was a secret only the elites knew, and Zhang Yi somehow knew about it as well.

"So you want to pa.s.s this list to both of us and then you want me to give it to our sect elders?"

"No, elder w.a.n.g, if we do that some divine realm elders will realize that you have this information and then it will only be a matter of time before the organization kills you both."

"They already suspect that someone from our territory somehow has the ability to find the infiltrators in their organization, so I think you better discreetly tell some emperor realm elder who has the strong mental energy to ask me with mental energy his quietly over the list and I'll tell him."

They both thought this was a good idea because those with the mental energy could use some kind of telepathy and so Zhang Yi could tell who it was quiet, even if the organization is suspicious of a ninth-level elder in the emperor's realm they can't do anything about this.

"So what was the secret you wanted to tell us?"

"In the tournament round I was able to investigate the sects that had a divine realm elder because they watched the fights, so I found something shocking to me, contrary to what I expected some of the larger sects have infiltrated the organization."

"I saw that even two sects that are in the top 10 also have infiltrators of the organization in those sects, so I would like to ask your opinion if I say this to the elders of our sect or not?"

They were also surprised to hear that, they never expected that the soul-eater organization could even infiltrate even the largest sects of the divine plane Elder w.a.n.g also understood what Zhang Yi was afraid of.

It could happen that after this tournament Zhang Yi was killed by an untrustworthy Sword Sect elder, or he could end up causing some war if Sword Sect tried to kill an infiltrated elder from these larger sects.

"I understand your concern, Zhang Yi, I know an elder who cultivates mental energy and this elder has very strong status in our sect because he is a genius in mental energy and can refine pills and armaments as well."

"You can pa.s.s this list on to him and say this concern you have for him, if he wants to know about it you tell him and whether or not after Sword Sect will try to eliminate these disciples and elders this is no longer his responsibility and you'll know you did the right thing."

Zhang Yi had thought of doing just that, he knew that the most influential elders of the biggest sects would not only be executed through Zhang Yi's words but at least he could have a clearer conscience.

This was also part of Zhang Yi's plan to meet elder Su Lian and talk to her in person, but it could only happen after pa.s.sing the first part of the list of disciples and elders infiltrated by the sects.

After that the three of them returned to the tournament naturally, elder w.a.n.g after a while went to tell the elder that he had spoken to Zhang Yi and after what Zhang Yi said he felt that there were many people watching him at that time.

So he just disguised that he was greeting the elder who was a friend of his and quietly told the elder to talk to Zhang Yi, the elder naturally realized that elder w.a.n.g was disguising and just said he understood.

Elder w.a.n.g walked away soon after and as he spoke briefly no one suspected anything, Zhang Yi had not even looked in the direction that Elder w.a.n.g went and was just cultivating with his eyes closed.

[Zhang Yi, Elder w.a.n.g has already told me that you wanted to talk to me about the list, you can say the names and sects these warriors belong to and I will remember everything.]

Zhang Yi just started saying names fast enough that normal people wouldn't understand, the elder didn't understand why Zhang Yi was doing it and it didn't matter because he could still remember everything the same way.

But after Zhang Yi kept talking the names for a few days the elder finally understood why Zhang Yi had already said over 700 million names, if he said that normally they couldn't catch the infiltrators until after the tournament was over.

After Zhang Yi said all the infiltrators, the Sword Sect elder was even more shocked than Zhang Yi, they were actually much more infiltrated than he could imagine, and the elder knew that not everyone had come to this tournament.

[Elder, there is one more thing I wanted to say, I found that some disciples and elders of great sects are also infiltrated by the soul-eater organization.]

This surprised the elder just as it surprised elder w.a.n.g and elder Lu, so he understood that the divine plane situation was more serious than he imagined, so he would first need to talk to the other elders to see what they could do.

[You can tell me those names too, I'll still have to talk to the other elders in a meeting about what we can do, but at least it's better that we already know who these people are.]

[Yes elder, the problem is that I can't give the full list before I personally see all the people of these sects in this tournament, so I thought some elders might take me to meet the elders and disciples of the big sects as if it were some event to introduce myself to the other sects so I can make the full list.]

The elder thought for a moment and saw that it made a lot of sense, as Sword Sect was organizing this tournament it was acceptable for them to visit all major sects, and Zhang Yi was for sure Sword Sect's greatest genius and tournament winner between disciples of the realm of soul refinement.

So some of the Sword Sect elders could take Zhang Yi to these sects to show education and at the same time Zhang Yi could find out who the organization's infiltrators were for these sects and thus make a complete list for Sword Sect.

[I thought your idea was valid, Zhang Yi, but I'll still have to talk to the other elders about it in a quick meeting and then we'll see if we can do what you suggested.]

After that the elder stopped talking to Zhang Yi through mental energy and soon began preparing an urgent meeting between the sect's most influential elders, he now had most of the list of infiltrators of the soul-eater organization in the sects and n.o.body noticed that.

Zhang Yi was sure that Sword Sect elders would want to know about it, even if they did nothing it was good to know how who they should be careful about and information was a power that all sects wanted to have.

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