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Zhang Yi then changed clothes and thus left his world of mental energy to tell his wives that he had survived, however, contrary to what he expected he saw that everyone in his house was sad and nervous.

When Lu Bi and Lusserina saw Zhang Yi first they ran to him and hugged him and started to cry, Zhang Yi didn't understand what was happening and started to worry that something had happened in the time he was pa.s.sed out.

But soon all his wives showed up and Zhang Yi knew that nothing had happened, after they all cried some more Zhang Yi finally understood what was going on, without him knowing he was pa.s.sed out for a few weeks after surviving the last lightning of the celestial tribulation.

This had never happened after Zhang Yi went through tribulation, he usually returned after a few hours after the tribulation was over or at most a few days later, his wives knew how dangerous that tribulation was and so they started to worry that Zhang Yi had died.

But now that they saw that everything was fine with him, they all calmed down and were happy that Zhang Yi was in the Divine Realm now, Zhang Yi could go back to the divine plane and never have to hide anything from anyone because he was not afraid even of the elders of the Eternal Realm after this celestial tribulation.

Zhang Yi wanted to have another meeting with his wives and talk about his next plans, but Zhang Yi learned that besides them Qiu Xiang was also very concerned about Zhang Yi, he said he would close the store for just a few days, but after several weeks she had been unable to speak to Zhang Yi again.

So Luna and Solar suggested that Zhang Yi tell Qiu Xiang that he was back, but Zhang Yi denied it and thought it was better to talk to her at another time, the meeting with his wives was more important.

They went to the world of mental energy again to have the meeting and his wives were surprised because they realized how the spiritual energy had decreased in this world, they realized that it was recovering, but it would still take several years to get back to what it was.

Just because they realized how dangerous Zhang Yi's celestial tribulation had been, Zhang Yi gathered everyone in his castle to continue the meeting he had before going through the celestial tribulation to talk about his plans.

"I would like to continue saying what I started a few weeks ago, as I said maybe Lu Bi doesn't even know what I intend to do now that I'm on Divine Realm, so I wanted you all to know what it is."

"As soon as I return to the divine plan, I intend to start a war against the organization of soul-eaters once and for all, as you know, I have the ability to know who the members of the organization are."

"In my current realm, I can in a few months walk around the divine plane and find out the location of the organization's headquarters, but even if I can't do that it is important that we eliminate all infiltrators of the organization in the sects."

"I had to wait to get to the Divine Realm because I feel it will be much more difficult than I expect and it could involve the whole universe and not just the divine plane, I fear until it involves smaller worlds like the continent of the blue moon."

"Lu Bi already knows, but I have prepared myself in the past hundreds of years to do this, my reputation and the reputation of my masters and Sword Sect and Serenity Sect are greater than ever and we have allies everywhere."

"So I have the power and the influence to send across the divine plane, so this is the right time to fight against the organization of soul eaters."

All of Zhang Yi's wives were very surprised to hear that, even Lu Bi who has been with him all these years did not expect Zhang Yi to plan to do something this big, naturally everyone knew about Zhang Yi's hatred of the devourers' organization of soul.

But just as Zhang Yi himself said it could become a war that involved the entire universe and not just the divine plane, so Zhang Yi waited until he was confident enough to talk to them about it.

"How this war can affect the continent of the blue moon could also affect the world of hope as well, so I wanted to ask you if you think I should do anything about it."

"What do you mean, do something about it?"

"I could, together with Lusserina and Saphielle, try to convince the Forest elves and the Dark elves to take the elves into my world of mental energy and thus create some kingdoms for themselves until this war is over."

"I also want to see if I can bring Iron Sect and Rose Sect into my world of mental energy, you know how big my world of mental energy is, it can even be much bigger than the divine plane today."

"If Luna and Solar wanted to, I could even bring your village to my world, so I wanted to hear what you guys think about it."

Now his wives understood why Zhang Yi had said that this meeting was important, Zhang Yi was sure that he was able to bring everyone he said into his world of mental energy.

So they had to decide whether to try to save everyone from their family or just leave everything as it is in danger of everything being destroyed, Lusserina and Saphielle would certainly want to take the elves into the world of mental energy if they could convince the elves.

Luna and Solar did not want to bring the village into Zhang Yi's mental energy world, they suffered a lot because of the village in the past and yet nothing was recognized and in this life, the people of the village didn't even care about them.

Lu Bi had nothing to say because he knew the Sword Sect would be safe even if a universal war broke out, especially with Zhang Yi around to protect everyone, but she was impressed by how Zhang Yi cared about everyone and wanted to save whoever helped him.

"I would like you to bring the Dark elves into your world of mental energy, but you know that the elves are not that close, and you have to convince my father of that."

"I would also like you to save the Forest elves, but my father will have to accept that and when he knows that you are human I don't know what he would think."

"Solar and I don't care about the village, we only live for a few years and you don't have to care about them."

"Very well, I will try to convince the elves and the people of Iron Sect and Rose Sect, if I can't at least get a clear conscience, if I can just bring in Gantar, Bemere, and Falael will be very good already."

They all agreed with that, they couldn't be sure if the blue moon continent would really be affected by the war that Zhang Yi was going to start, and Zhang Yi wanted to do his best to help others if the elves or the people he wanted to help didn't if they wanted he could do nothing.

After deciding this Zhang Yi started to prepare to go to the divine plane, he first left his wives into the world of mental energy and went to speak to Qiu Xiang to warn that the store would close and that he would leave this village.

Zhang Yi found where Qiu Xiang's home was using his mental energy and went over there, he called Qiu Xiang who opened the door and Zhang Yi could see that it looked like she was worried and crying and was visibly relieved when he saw Zhang Yi.

She visited the store almost every day and saw that Zhang Yi would not open the store, in the store she always met Luna and she said that Zhang Yi would not open the store for a while, but with time Qiu Xiang realized that Luna she also seemed to be concerned about Zhang Yi.

So Qiu Xiang started to think that something bad could have happened to Zhang Yi or that he had left the village without speaking to anyone, as Qiu Xiang was in love with Zhang Yi any of these things that happened was a reason for her to cry.

So seeing that Zhang Yi was fine she was relieved, Zhang Yi naturally knew that Qiu Xiang could be in love with him, but he promised that he would not try to get close to anyone and so he would have to walk away from Qiu Xiang in those years.

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