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"A great prodigy who managed to achieve the impossible, attempting three consecutive tower challenges within the same day and even jumping to top of the achievement ranking. Quite an amazing feat for someone who barely spent 10 days within the sect if I were to say so myself…"

Listening to the young looking sect master recounting the words that seemed to have taken over the sect due to my 'outstanding feat' with amus.e.m.e.nt, I couldn't help but feel as if my skin was currently being peeled as his eyes kept staring at me…

"However, just as we both know, that's not all, within the same 10 days you have also done a few more feats that could count as even more extraordinary than what the public knows of…"

'This sect…'

"Activating the true 'Archaic Guidance', something that only I and a few Division masters could achieve, breaking to the essence stage, becoming a weapon dominator and replicating the breakthrough phenomena for 4 more times, possibly not even being a replication as you did use a spear technique for the tower challenge… I believe these are even more fascinating, don't you think?"

'Is a huge rabbit hole?'

I already had a hint after experiencing the effect of the disposition formation that hid this place. It seemed like the whole sect was a very big formation on its own…

It looked like I was somewhat foolish to consider that what I did in that courtyard would be hidden just because it had a closed roof, making it inaccessible to the public's eyes. I missed the point that it was still part of the lion's den.

Even though it was unlikely to have the same effect of a cctv system, it seemed like this huge formation made one capable of observing limited situations, probably limited to sensing using elements, weapon energy and mentality as the indicator.

Besides, not only that, but even White approaching me and leaving such a great technique for me seemed to be part of the whole scheme. I had originally thought it would be okay as sword energy could almost get used on bladed weapons to emulate a similar effect to the weapon's original energy, however, since he managed to notice my repeated breakthroughs, it would be hard to deny it...

"You needn't worry, I'm just fascinated by how talented you are, even if there was a secret behind your achievement, it's just a simple factor to it and doesn't lessen from your value as a genius. Everyone has their own secret after all…"

As the piercing golden eyes of Blade kept staring at me trying to prope me, I finally calmed my heart down as I noticed that while I did lose to him in terms of weapon and elemental practice, my mentality was actually almost of par with him, so he shouldn't be able to view the special products that were hidden inside my heart.

"Now then, the question is… what is it that you want to be rewarded for by being such a magnificent apprentice of my sect? I would have immediately taken you as my personal apprentice and possibly even advanced your seniority, but I doubt that's what you want as a guest, so do tell… The thing that you wanted, what might that be?"



"My lord!"

"No need to overreact, just receive your instructions in silence."

"Yes, my lord…"

As the black bearded man sat before the dark orb, he wiped his sweat as he was scolded at the very start of the conversation… he merely wanted to report that he was a step away from success for the task he was a.s.signed to…

"Listen well, as most of the keys have been delivered and successfully received, unlike the one you were unlucky enough to mess up, the spatial call was successfully established and we have finally set the date for the first wave. The sacred cleansing shall commence 20 days from now!"

"Acknowledged my lord!" Hurridenly standing up from his chair, the man bowed deeply to the point of kneeling.

"Other than that, did you deal with that 'hunter' already? The head commander of the operation had confirmed his descendants' death and is fuming with anger… He won't dare do something to miss up, but it would be better to deliver that pest to him for the sake of a better performance. There is no longer any need to consider corrupting him forcefully if he readily refuses to accept the corruption himself, he probably knows too much which can cause us major disturbance… the operation takes priority!"

"My lord! This is exactly what I wanted to report to you as soon as possible, that idiot thought he found a perfect hiding spot by joining that sect, but he doesn't know what he stepped into! He did do some crazy stuff but he still hasn't escaped from my grasp, I will have him in my hands by the end of the week at the very most, he simply won't know what hit him…"

The black bearded guy's evil smirk spread on his face once more as he looked at the dark orb frantically, he may have an established position that garners respect from 99% of the domain's people, but he would whatever was needed to satisfy his lord!

"Good, do it and being forgiven won't be the only reward for you, I will allow you to receive my blessing once more since you did most of the preparatory work for the operation."

"Thank you my lord! I shall see to this task's end personally!"


'Back to waiting once more…'

Having already achieved my target by meeting the sect master and telling him what I needed to, I had already returned to my lazy life which I continued for another two days.

Sleeping for 12+ hours, spending the rest of the time playing with Light and reading books from the sect's general library was quite a good rehab after going through the recent grind!

Just like the recent step, it was a step that I had already done the initiating steps to it earlier, for now all I could do was also to wait for it to happen.


"Personal apprentice candidate Lan Storm, the Sect Council has decided to send you on an urgent extermination mission. Please step forward to receive your mission order!"

It seemed like two days was all I could get.


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