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THE EARTH of this world has a seventy-thirty ratio of ocean to land. There were only five main continents. The continents were arranged in the shape of a pentagram. Thus the names; Northern, Western, South-Western, South-Eastern, and the East. But five hundred years ago, there existed a sixth continent. The largest one located at the center of the five continents - the Mythos continent.

It was the continent where the other three mythological races of this world roamed freely. The elves loved by the G.o.ddess Gaia, the beast kin with their explosive strength, and the majestic and all-poweful dragons. But five hundred years ago, a war broke out and these races barricaded themselves. Away from all the humans. Now, Mythos was basically invisible to humans. It became completely isolated from the rest of the world.

Argent walked down the port where Andromeda docked. They already arrived at the South-Western continent where the country of Amexem was. After almost two months of sea travel, they finally reached their destination. And thank G.o.d for that. She's starting to get bored of all the ocean she's seeing.

"We're finally here," Aurum said on her side, clutching at her arms. "Do you think Mother's friend will like us?"

"I'm sure he's going to like you. There's no way he can resist your charms."

"Well, I just wish there won't be another pest throwing themselves at you. Like that ugly girl," Aurum pouted.

Argent sighed. Her sister was no doubt talking about Viper. Aurum was in a very foul mood during that week that Viper followed her around. She only came back to normal when Viper disappeared. Considering the last time they talked, Argent was pretty sure that Viper will definitely appear in front of her again in the near future. And probably using different faces each time he does. She should probably make sure that Aurum was not around whenever Viper appeared.

"Children, Felicia," their mother called to them. She was walking in front. "We still need to travel to Warrshaw," she added referring to the capital of Amexem and the city where their mother's friend lived. "So what mode of transportation would you prefer, horses or gryphons?"

"Gryphons!" Aurum and Felicia answered almost simultaneously.

Anthea grinned. "I guessed as much. Now, let's go. As far as I can remember, there's a stable of them here."

She started to walk and they followed. It didn't take long before they reached the stable their mother was talking about. It was just like what she said, a stable. Only it was wider and infinitely larger. And inside were not horses but big creatures with wings. Argent couldn't help but walk closer to the nearest one.

This was the first time she saw a creature that didn't exist in the Earth where she came from. Staring at the head and wings similar to an eagle and the body, hind legs, and tail of a lion, she couldn't help but be amazed. What a glorious creature. She almost had the urge to drag one to an isolated room and disect it.

Argent turned and saw her mother talking probably to the person in charge. A few minutes later, they were bounded inside a carriage being pulled by a gryphon. Aurum immediately hugged her arm the moment the gryphon took off.

"Mother, how long will it take for us to reach Warrshaw?" Argent asked.

"Probably just an hour," Anthea answered.

Argent looked outside the window, down at the city they're pa.s.sing by. She could see factories and tall buildings, so unlike Albion's artistic architectures.

An hour flew by quickly and they reached their destination. The gryphon landed on a clearing down a hill. According to Anthea, she already contacted her friend. So a carriage was already waiting for them. They all got off. Anthea talked to the driver. Then they steered out of the way and the gryphon took off. They immediately saw the carriage and went inside it. They started to travel up the hill and after twenty minutes, stopped in front of a three-floors mansion.

They got off the carriage and Argent stared at the mansion in front. It was not as big as the Hanover manor. But it was still big and grand that there was no doubt that it belonged to someone rich.

"Thea!" a rich baritoned voice called.

Argent turned and saw a tall man walking down the steps leading to the mansion. He has dark blond hair arranged in a messy queue and a pair of emerald green eyes. He looked to be her mother's age. With an air of mischief around him.

"Jax!" Anthea hugged the man. It has been too long since she last saw him. Despite being annoyed at him most of the time, she truly did miss him.

"I've missed you, Thea. You should have visited much sooner," he said, letting go of Anthea.

"You know that's not possible. Considering the situation." His expression sombered because he knew what she was talking about. "Let's not talk about that now. Anyway, Jax, this are my children, Argent and Aurum. Kids, this is Jaxon McAllister, a very good friend of your father and I."

"Wow, they're like a pair of dolls," Jaxon said, amazed. "It's nice to finally meet the both of you," he added, smiling down at them.

"It's nice to meet you too, Mr. McAllister," Argent and Aurum said almost at the same time. Argent bowed and Aurum curtsied.

Jaxon's smile broaden. "Please, just call me Uncle Jax."

Aurum hid behind her and did not answer. While Argent just stared at the man. "Yes, Uncle Jax," she said, not really meaning it.

Because as she stared at the man, all she could think was if he would be able to help her with her plan.

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