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Chapter 551: Holy Light

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing the unchanging expression of the Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation, Raymond said calmly, "Rebraca, you should already know of these things. Why don't you explain the specifics to everyone here!"

"Yes, Sir!" The Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation nodded respectfully.

After having escaped Iron Edge Castle and received a substantial amount of resources, the Dark a.s.sociation had strengthened their connection with the Dimension of Death. Both the magnificent prayers of a million people, as well as the summoning of Dark Knights from the Dimension of Death, have created huge activity. While they had no problems hiding it from an average person, it was extremely difficult to hide it from a powerful fighter like Raymond.

"According to the information obtained by the Dark a.s.sociation, the Graveyard of Deities and Demons have undergone a huge change in this period of time. It is rumored that not only was the divinity and Core Divine Weapon of a Core Deity found deep within the graveyard, but people have also found a Mother Nest that had just been created." The Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation paused for a moment before continuing, "After obtaining the news, powerful fighters who had gone into a recluse for countless years had started to resurface, allying to unseal the tunnels leading to the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. If this is the case, we not only have to deal with the evil demons, spirits, and Magical Beasts in the Graveyard of Deities and Demons after we enter, we might also encounter powerful fighters from the other dimensions. This trip is much more dangerous than those we had taken in the past!"

"What is a Mother Nest?" The Golden Lion Barker asked the Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation, confused. The Chief Elven Priest, Yang Ling, and the rest of the group also had the same question. The divinity and Core Divine Weapon of a Core Deity were extremely precious and will definitely invite a bloodbath once one was found. However, judging from the words of the Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation, the so-called Mother Nest seemed to be even more precious!

"A Mother Nest is rumored to be a nest of a kind of Magical Beast. It will evolve continuously as long as it was supplied with enough resources, creating countless Magical Beasts with immense Battle Capabilities. After evolving to a certain stage, it could create Level Surpa.s.sing Magical Beasts and Divine-level Magical Beasts. In fact, it can even create terrifying Wandering Divine Beasts!" The Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation had a grave expression. He said slowly, "Legend has it that anyone who owns a Mother Nest will become an unparalleled Dimensional Wanderer!"

The expression of the Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation sunk when he thought about the King of Darkness's Divine Decree.

After receiving the news, Core Dimensions like Life, Nature, and Power had sent unparalleled fighters into the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. How is a mere Mid-level Deity like him going to compete with them? Even if they were fortunate enough to Mother Nest, the three of them might have been killed many times over before the Eight Great Battle Generals who served under the King of Darkness arrived!

However, he had no choice but to go no matter how perilous it was. No one could refuse the order of the King of Darkness!

A nest that could make great Wandering Divine Beasts?

The G.o.d of Swords, Chief Elven Priest, and the rest of the group trembled, looking at the grave Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation with disbelief!

The rumored Wandering Divine Beasts were powerful Magical Beasts at the same level as a Dimensional Wanderer, their abilities stronger than even the elusive Core Deities. They could roam freely within the s.p.a.ce Turbulence and fly through the countless dimensions. They were extremely powerful. Obtaining a Wandering Divine Beast was more precious than obtaining the divinity of a Core Deity or a Core Divine Weapon. It would be even greater if they managed to obtain a bunch of them!

A Mother Nest that could sp.a.w.n Wandering Divine Beasts was definitely able to make anyone mad over it!

"Tsk tsk, judging from your words, anyone who gets that Mother Nest would become undefeatable?" Yang Ling shook his head in disbelief. He had thought that he was powerful, being able to summon a large bunch of Magical Beasts using his Wizard Techniques. To think that there was something even more powerful out there.

They were speaking about sp.a.w.ning Wandering Divine Beasts. Who would be a match for someone who was creating several dozen Wandering Divine Beasts every day?

"The Mother Nest is not something everyone has the ability to obtain!" Raymond smiled, taking a sip of his chilled wine, "Even a Mother Nest that had just been born is guarded by a large number of high-level Magical Beasts. Even a High-level Deity with prime abilities would not be able to get close to it easily, much less a Low-level Deity like you. It would be even more difficult to subjugate it. Furthermore, not every Mother Nest can sp.a.w.n Wandering Divine Beasts. Without sufficient resources and a suitable environment, it might not even be able to sp.a.w.n Level Surpa.s.sing Magical Beasts and will never be able to evolve!"

"At the very least, even finding the location of the Mother Nest will not be easy! The Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation smiled bitterly.

Rather than call the Graveyard of Deities and Demons a graveyard, it might as well be a supersized, mysterious dimension. Its area is many times greater than the Tailun Continent. Without speedy flying Magical Beasts to carry them, even a High-level Deity with powerful abilities will not be able to circle the perimeter even if they flew nonstop for a full year. What's worse is that they had to deal with a large number of terrifying evil demons, undead creatures, and Magical Beasts along the way, danger lurking in every corner. If they were not careful, they might die before even finding the Mother Nest.

"That's right. It's enough for you guys to understand the situation. With your abilities, it would already be good if you managed to enter the deeper regions of the Graveyard of Deities and Demons, much less find the Mother Nest." Raymond smiled and shot a meaningful look at the Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation, "You guys can move along the outer periphery of the Graveyard of Deities and Demons after you enter, try your best to not engage in conflict with the elites from the other dimensions."

"Oh yes, Sir Raymond, the Graveyard of Deities and Demons is enormous, and the tunnels are only open for half a year. What do we do if we do not make it out in time?" Yang Ling knit his brows. Even though, in theory, he should be able to freely enter and exit the Graveyard of Deities and Demons with the Teleportation Portal after he left behind a Soul Imprint. However, he should try to gain a further understanding in case any accidents were to occur.

There were terrifying evil demons everywhere within the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. Yang Ling did not want to become a snack for an evil demon before finding a Divine Weapon!

"There are two ways. You either find a safe place to train in and await the next opening of the tunnel a thousand years later, Or you can leave through the tunnel of another dimension and head to the other dimensions to train." Seeing the confused Yang Ling, Raymond paused before saying, "Basically, every tunnel opens only once every thousand years, however, the time in which the tunnel from every dimension opens is not uniform. Of course, it would not be easy for you to return to the Tailun Continent once again after you arrive at another dimension!"

"Brother Yang Ling, it's best not to head to the other dimensions in this period of time, especially the Chaos Dimension. Remember to make it out in time after gathering enough Magical Beast Essence Crystals in the outer perimeter of the Graveyard of Deities and Demons!" The Great Commander of the Dark Cavalries gave the still-confused Yang Ling a piece of advice, his expression showing rare gravitas.

"Brother Barbosa, why is that?"

"Don't ask. There are things that you are better off not knowing. Remember, don't go to any other dimensions in this period of time!"

The Great Commander of the Dark Calvaries maintained a tight lip, unwilling to reveal any more information, only repeatedly telling Yang Ling to be careful. The Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but immediately shut his mouth after the Great Priest of the Dark a.s.sociation pulled on his clothes.

The King of Darkness is ever-present. Freely revealing the confidential Divine Decree might invite death! Furthermore, he might even implicate Yang Ling and the rest of the group.

"A few days ago, I went to the tunnel of the Graveyard of Deities and Demons at the northern glaciers and set up an ancient Magical Formation there to prevent any powerful fighters from the other dimensions from making it into the Tailun Continent. This is a plaque that I created myself. The Elemental Guardians will let you pa.s.s after seeing this plaque. Otherwise, you will slip into a formation filled with raging flames. One for each of you and introduce your blood to make it recognize you as the master. Remember, don't lose it!"

Raymond spoke as he took out a few fiery-red plaques carved with complicated patterns. It seemed incredibly thin but was heavier than a large meteor. It released waves of warmth, and no one knew exactly what it was made of.

Fire G.o.d Token?

The Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation and the rest of the group trembled, bowing respectfully at Raymond after fetching over the token. Yang Ling did not know the value behind the token, nor did he know what the fiery-red token represents, but the old monsters who had lived on the Tailun Continent for millennia were extremely clear.

"So Sir Raymond went to the northern glaciers, it was no wonder that you did not make it in time to foil the schemes of the Pope and the Sea Demon King!" Yang Ling had an epiphany, closely examining the patterns on the token. For some reason, he had the feeling that he had seen a similar pattern somewhere before. He became even more unclear about Raymond's ident.i.ty the more he thought about it.

To be able to understand the situation at Evil Demon Island even though he was at the faraway northern glaciers. It was either Raymond had long sent someone to Evil Demon Island as his informant or that he had directly used his Divine Knowledge to sense the activity in Evil Demon Island. If the latter was true, then Raymond's abilities were too terrifying!


Just as Yang Ling was filled with doubts, a loud rumble suddenly came from the sky. Thunder was roaring. It was as if a s.p.a.ce Crack had been forcefully ripped open in the sky. The group charged out to have a look in their confusion, and all they saw was a blinding column of light releasing a majestic ripple of energy as it descended from the sky. Even at such a far distance, ripples of fervent prayers were clearly visible.

"The main body of a twelve-winged angel is descending here?" The Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation trembled, looking at the column of light in the air in disbelief, "Lunatic, he must be a lunatic. How many devout followers did he sacrifice to have the main body of a twelve-winged angel descend here?"

Remembering the large-scale rat plague that had suddenly erupted in the Holy Alliance in the north, the Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation shook his head bitterly, finally understanding the plan of the insane Pope. Summoning the main body of a twelve-winged angel required at least the soul of a million devotees; Even though he had long known that the Pope would not take the defeat lying down, he never expected him to be insane to such an extent!

Lunatic, he was definitely a lunatic who has lost his mind!

"More accurately, he did not just summon the main body of a twelve-winged angel, but a team of twelve twelve-winged angels!" Raymond opened his half-closed eyes, telling everyone an even more shocking piece of news, a disastrous piece of news.

A twelve-winged angel was already troublesome enough to deal with. How were they going to deal with twelve of them coming at one go, coupled with the fact that they were a team of angels who could complement each other in battle?

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