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John and Catherine were perusing the display of bridal gowns inside one of the wedding boutique shop that offers bride and groom clothing and accessories. John decided to buy a new suit for the wedding and Catherine also wanted to buy a new wedding dress. They had decided that the clothes they will be wearing on the day of their wedding have to be brand new.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When Catherine asked her OB-Gyn if baby James is safe to be brought outside the house, the doctor forbid saying that the newborns immune system still developing and may not be able to fight, germs, bacteria or other airborne diseases that may result to infections so they should keep the baby inside the house for the meantime, crowded public places is not good for newborn babies.

The couple left baby James under Minerva's care.

It's the first time that they were away from baby James presence, they were both feeling apprehensive.

"I miss baby James already," Catherine said.

"Me too," John said.

He swipes at his phone and called Minerva to check on his son.

"h.e.l.lo...Sir John," answered Minerva.

"Minerva, how is baby James?" he asked.

"He's still sleeping until now since the time you two left," Minerva said.

"Okay, we're going home any minute from now. Take care of the baby," he said.

"I will, Sir!" replied Minerva.

John ended the call.

"How is baby James doing?" Catherine asked.

"He's still sleeping until now," John answered.

"We should do our shopping for our wedding clothes quick," said Catherine.

They spent another fifteen minutes inside the bridal shop and when they finally bought everything they needed, they immediately leave the place heading to the Mystic Bay Twin Tower.

As soon as they arrived in the Mystic Bay Twin Tower condominium building they hurriedly went inside the elevator very much craving for baby James presence.

They found Minerva in the living room holding baby James in her arms, he was already wide awake.

Catherine smiled broadly upon seeing her son's widening eyes. "h.e.l.lo, my love! Mom and Dad, miss you so much!"

She prevented John from approaching their son. "Let's change our dress first, we might have caught some germs outside," she said to John.

The couple went straight to the master's bedroom bringing along with them their purchases.

John was able to change his dress quicker than Catherine, he exited the room to get his son, while Catherine was arranging their wedding clothes in the hanger and put it inside the cabinet for dry cleaning tomorrow, she will have Allan brought it in the dry cleaning shop a few meters away from the condominium. The corner of her mouth lifted in a smile upon gazing at their wedding clothes, she runs her fingers on the soft fabric of her princess cut bridal gown color pink which the hem falls a few inches below her knees. It's an elegant type wedding gown, her cleavage is well covered.

She can't help but remembering the past...

There have been two wedding attempts in the past and each time she was the reason why those wedding always got canceled. This is now the third wedding attempt for them and she's very much determined to wed John this time even if h.e.l.l freezes over.

She closed the door of the cabinet.

John entered the door carrying baby James in his arms. He put the baby in his crib in the bed and continuous playing and talking to his son for the next twenty minutes.

Catherine decided not to disturb the father and son bonding. She gets out of the room and went to the kitchen to check the ingredients for her dishes for supper. She plans to cook Beef with Broccoli, Creamy Vegetable Soup and Garlic b.u.t.ter Fish. When she checked the ingredients in the fridge she was lacking with broccoli and some herbs.

No problem, on the ground floor of the condominium there is a store, that sells fresh vegetable, she doesn't have to go out of the building. She went back to the master's bedroom and change her clothes. She took her wallet picking up a five hundred peso bill and put the money inside her jeans pocket, she's ready to go.

Out of the corner of his eyes, John saw Catherine putting some money in her jeans.

"Where are you going, Cath?" he asked, his brows knitted together.

"I will just buy broccoli and herbs downstairs for my cooking preparation later," she said. She almost had forgotten that she must inform him first if she goes out of the building and his bodyguard was guarding the door of the condo unit.

"Okay, bring Allan with you to hold your purchases for you, I don't want you to get tired," he said and brought his attention back to his son.

Catherine shrugged her shoulders and got out of the room. She knew that he just wants his bodyguard to watch over her every move. Maybe he's afraid that she will run away and the wedding won't take place again next week. She can't blame him though, only when she finally be able to say her 'I Do!' in front of him in the presence of the Judge his fear will finally subside.

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