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Chapter 1209: The Phoenix Flower on Her Face

“Master!” Ah Zhou’s face turned anxious as he quickly put a pill into Xuan Ying’s mouth. Xuan Ying’s throat moved up and down as he swallowed it.

“Master, are you alright?”

Xuan Ying shut his eyes tightly. His face paled before it darkened to an ugly shade of green. He remained silent.

Ah Zhou hesitated. “Master, your anger disorder has been recurring quite often lately. I don’t think it’s a good sign.”

Xuan Ying’s handsome features were tight. Three years ago, it wasn’t only his face that was affected and ruined. He had also developed an anger disorder that was triggered whenever he experienced fluctuating emotions.

Sometimes he really hated himself.

Half a face ruined and an anger disorder. He was like a monster that dwelled in the dark corners of the world, for people to look down on. Though he could easily acquire more power, status, money and women now, nothing could fill the hole in his heart.

“Master, you’ve been able to control your condition these past three years, but ever since you’ve met Miss Feng, you’ve started to lose control. Don’t you feel pain when you hit Miss Feng?

“Why not… just let Miss Feng go. Give her a sum of money and let her live the life she wanted. You will only be able to release yourself if you let her go.”

It seemed that Feng Lingxue was the root cause of Xuan Ying’s condition. On the battlefield, Xuan Ying was bloodthirsty and merciless, but he never hit women. He had no time for that and felt that it wasn’t worth his time. He would just throw them into the army barracks to become prost.i.tutes.

Feng Lingxue was the only one he hit.

Feng Lingxue had approached him with a fake hymen, which had triggered off his anger disorder, causing him to whip her savagely with his belt.

To make matters worse, whenever he hit her, his head felt as though it was splitting apart, and would only further aggravate him.

It was one of the side effects of his anger disorder.

The doctor had told him that he had to address the root cause of the issue and the only way he could be cured was if he let go of his obsession.

Xuan Ying slowly opened his eyes and spoke expressionlessly, “Ah Zhou, you’re speaking a lot today.”

Ah Zhou quickly lowered his head and stood down. “My apologies, Master.”

At this moment, the dance ended, and Feng Lingxue stopped. She had already enraptured the audience so much they forgot to clap.

Feng Lingxue walked down.

One of the rich ladies ran over and said, “Feng Lingxue, why are you wearing a veil over your face? Afraid that everyone will see the word ‘slave’ on your face?”

This rich lady had also been at Xuan Ying’s engagement party tonight and was extremely jealous of Feng Lingxue. Watching Feng Lingxue seducing these men made her seethe with anger and envy.

“Everybody come and look, Feng Lingxue’s beauty has already been ruined. She’s super ugly right now!”

The rich lady reached out to pull Feng Lingxue’s veil off.


Everyone gasped and stared at Feng Lingxue in shock. The rich lady was feeling particularly proud of herself. “Ugly, aren’t I right?”

The rich lady turned to face her and froze. The veil in her hand dropped onto the floor.

The word ‘slave’ on Feng Lingxue’s face had already turned into a phoenix flower. The vibrant red flower blossomed on her beautiful face, pulling everyone’s gazes to her.

Xuan Ying’s red-rimmed eyes narrowed as he looked at this scene. He was surprised.

Phoenix flowers were her favorite. It had been said that they were phoenixes reborn from fire.

She had said to him before in the past – Brother Ying, I’ve always wanted to be reborn, to have a second chance at life.

Xuan Ying’s irritation washed over him again, along with slight… unease.

Everyone stared in enchantment at Feng Lingxue. The flower seemed to come to life on her face.

So beautiful they forgot how to breathe.

Who knew that Feng Lingxue could look even more beautiful after her face was ruined? She had drawn a phoenix flower on her face.

After leaving the stage, Feng Lingxue returned to the bar. Xuan Mu was already drunk and pa.s.sed out. The few heirs there licked their lips and pulled Feng Lingxue over.

“Feng Lingxue, come to me.”

“Go away, she should be with me.”

“I’ve already spoken to her. I’m going to be the first today, so don’t you dare s.n.a.t.c.h her from me.”…

Feng Lingxue ignored them and looked at Young Master Zheng, swallowing down her distaste.

Young Master Zheng was overjoyed. “We’re all brothers here, so let’s not ruin our friends.h.i.+p over a woman. Come, have a drink.”

The Young Masters suppressed their desire and took a few sips of wine.

Within seconds, they were collapsed onto the floor.

“Lingxue!” Young Master Zheng quickly wrapped her up in his arms.

Feng Lingxue looked at the men collapsed on the floor and asked, “What happened to them?”

“I’ve drugged them.”

Feng Lingxue lowered her lashes. Mu Mu, Mommy will be coming for you soon!

“Lingxue, quick, follow me.”

“Young Master Zheng, let’s get a room here.”


The room door opened and Young Master Zheng carried Feng Lingxue in, pus.h.i.+ng her onto the bed. Lingxue, you’re finally mine. Come, let me kiss you. I can’t wait anymore.”

Feng Lingxue reached out to push him away. “Young Master Zheng, we have all night. Why are you in such a hurry?”

With that, she lifted her small hands and started unb.u.t.toning his s.h.i.+rt. Young Master Zheng was elated to see her so meek and delicate. He stroked her face and the phoenix flower on it, before asking, “Lingxue, is it true that you’re serviced the Silver Mask King before?”

Hearing his name, Feng Lingxue answered expressionlessly, “It’s true.”

“So tell me quickly, how are the Silver Mask King’s skills? Does he make you very happy in bed?”

As Feng Lingxue unb.u.t.toned his s.h.i.+rt, she said, “The Silver Mask King’s skills… ah… ah! Silver Mask King!”

Feng Lingxue suddenly shouted out loud and pointed to the door.

Young Master Zheng froze and quickly turned back.

Picking up the ashtray from the bedside table, Feng Lingxue smashed it hard against the back of Young Master Zheng’s head.

Young Master Zheng turned back and stared at her in disbelief. “You…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he collapsed onto the floor. Then Feng Lingxue kicked Young Master Zheng. There was no response from him.

Throwing away the ashtray in her hand aside, she stood up and walked out.

Mu Mu.

Her Mu Mu.

Many thoughts had flashed through her mind in a few seconds. She was going to go to the hospital and get Mu Mu’s whereabouts out of her father’s mouth no matter what it took.

She was going to hide now.

Once she found Mu Mu, she would leave with her. To a place far away, where they could start a new life.

Her limbs were all intact and she was not afraid of hards.h.i.+p. She believed that she would be able to sustain both of them.

Feng Lingxue opened the room door. This door was her gateway to freedom and happiness. It embodied all the hope she had for herself and Mu Mu. She opened the door and stepped out, before freezing on the spot. What greeted her was a set of black eyes.

Black-clad men were lined outside the corridor. Xuan Ying stood tall in front of them, in front of her, looking at her silently.

She had no idea how long he had been standing outside.

Feng Lingxue’s smile froze on her face. The hope and freedom she had just now had vanished in an instant.

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