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Chapter 1342: Sweet Times (2)

Fu Qinglun looked at those two red sashes. “What kind of treasures are these?”

“There’s no need for you to know more about that.”

With that, Lin s.h.i.+yu gripped his large hands and tied them to the head of the bed. Although Fu Qinglun wanted to move but was unable to. “s.h.i.+’s.h.i.+, my dear. What are you doing?”

Lin s.h.i.+yu kissed him on the lips and smiled. “I am doing something… unsuitable for childrens’ eyes.”

Three hours later.

Lin s.h.i.+yu collapsed onto the soft bed, drenched in sweat. That pale purple dress had been all torn up and tossed onto the sheepskin rug on the floor. Her fan-like lashes fluttered as she felt too tired to even keep her eyes open.

Laying beside her, Fu Qinglun reached over and pulled her by the waist into his arms. The two of them were wet and sticky. But after having such a wild time over so many hours, all that was left was an exhausted contentment.

The two of them were too lazy to move.

Fu Qinglun kissed Lin s.h.i.+yu on the forehead. His firm chest heaved, overspilling with love for her. He was still enjoying the lingering sweet taste from their earlier encounter. His most beloved wife said she wanted to punish him, but had instead given him the sweetest kind of punishment.

He had managed to escape the red sashes on his own in the midst of their wild romp.

“s.h.i.+’s.h.i.+, you got these from Mo’er?”

Lin s.h.i.+yu hugged him, her body soft and limp. “Do you like it?”

“Yes I do. Get more of these treasures from her next time!”


Fu Qinglun murmured in a raspy voice. “No wonder I feel like Gu Mohan has become a changed man. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Mo’er the entire time. They really know how to play. s.h.i.+’s.h.i.+, you must learn more from Mo’er in future.”


Lin s.h.i.+yu opened her eyes and gave his muscles a hard pinch. “Fu Qinglun, you have become so gutsy now? You are not allowed to be bad!”

Fu Qinglun smiled and kissed her. “Alright, I won’t be bad. You can be bad though. The badder you are, the more I like it.”


Lin s.h.i.+yu’s little hands slowly moved downward. “I’m worried that you won’t be able to handle me if I turn bad.”

“Aiya, s.h.i.+’s.h.i.+ my dear, have mercy…”

Flipping over, Fu Qinglun pressed himself onto her. The two of them started to move in tandem again.

Very quickly, Lin s.h.i.+yu started pleading. “Don’t… I am so tired…”

“Call me Hubby.”


“Quick, call me that. I am sure Tang Mo’er calls Gu Mohan hubby when there’s no one else around. Just look at Gu Mohan’s smug expression.”

“Mm… Hubby.”


Lin s.h.i.+yu raised one brow at him before calling him in a coquettish manner. “My Hubby Lun’lun.”

Sweet lord. Fu Qinglun’s body went limp at that. He buried his head in her neck and shut his eyes blissfully.

“s.h.i.+’s.h.i.+, you have been constantly worrying over the children all these years after we got married. My heart aches to see you like that. Don’t worry about them anymore, let’s go out for some fun. I will take you to watch Mr. Ben’s concert, just the two of us, hm?”

“But Little Lemon…”

Fu Qinglun held her soft, fair hands and gave a chuckle. “The children have me. You also have me.”

The next day.

Lin s.h.i.+yu got out of bed and came out of the bedroom. She asked the maid, “Did a boy come over today?”

No, Madam.”

So the boy from last night didn’t come.

She had lost.

Lin s.h.i.+yu stood at the top of the stairs and looked down. Clad in a white s.h.i.+rt and black pants, Fu Qinglun was standing in front of the floor-length windows as the butler reported to him on some matter. As if he could feel her gaze, he immediately turned to look up at her.

Under the warm sunlight, he gave her a loving smile.

Lin s.h.i.+yu met his eyes and returned his smile.

As for General Lu and family, they had a good reason for being late to the party.

Inside the army residential area, An’an started to get dressed after speaking to Mo’er on the phone. She had changed into a black dress that ended just below the knee, revealing her slender and shapely calves.

“Wah, Mama is so beautiful.”

Pink and soft, Little An’an was also a delicate and dainty little girl. Hopping up and down and clapping, she truly was a very sweet little girl.

An’an also changed Little An’an into a black lace dress. “Aiya, why are your Daddy and Brother not back yet? We are going to visit Uncle and Auntie today, we cannot be late.”

The moment she said this, a military jeep came to a screeching halt outside. The sound of a car door opening could be heard. “General, goodbye.”

“Mmm.” A low, magnetic voice rang out, as rich and smooth as premium-aged French wine.

“Mama, Daddy and Brother are back.” Little An’an skipped out merrily.

The door was pushed open at this moment, and a tall, strapping figure filled the doorway. With an almighty and powerful aura, he looked like a Guardian G.o.d.

Lu Yan was back.

Lu Yan and Little Yan had gone to partic.i.p.ate in some training. Like father, like son. From a very young age, Little Yan could already pierce through two targets with just one arrow. He had just started learning how to fire a gun, and was a natural marksman. All the senior generals in the military treated him like a precious treasure.

Lu Yan let go of his son’s hand and Little An’an immediately stood on her toes to wipe the sweat off Little Yan’s forehead. “Brother, you must have had a hard day.”

“Not at all. Sister, look at what I’ve brought you?”

Little Yan took out a sweet.

Little Yan doted on his little sister a lot. No matter where he went with his Daddy for training, he would always bring a small gift back for Little An’an.

“Wah, thank you Brother.” Little An’an happily took the sweet from him and took a bite. She then offered it to Little Yan. “It’s so sweet. Brother, have a bite too.”

Little Yan also took a small bite. “Mmm, delicious.”

An’an smiled when she saw how good the siblings were with each other. Reaching over, she helped Lu Yan take off his military coat. “General, quickly go take a bath. Your clean clothes are already on the bed. You can get dressed after your bath.”

Lu Yan gazed at An’an’s little face, which was as fresh and radiant as a flower. He reached out and hugged her soft waist.

An’an ducked and said in a small voice, “The children are here.”

Her little face was already red from blus.h.i.+ng.

Lu Yan loved seeing her blush. They had been married for so many years, but she still blushed as easily as a young girl.

So he didn’t hug her waist anymore, but reached out his large, rough hands to pull her delicate little ones into a pocket in his uniform.

An’an touched something in his pocket.

She took it out. It was also a sweet, molded into a little figure.

Little Yan gave Little An’an a sweet, while Lu Yan had also given An’an a sweet. But An’an’s was in the shape of a doll wearing a pink princess dress. It was very girly.

An’an blushed an even deeper red. With the sweet doll in hand, she turned to enter the bedroom.

Lu Yan hurried after her and closed the door. “Don’t you like it?”

“I do. But don’t buy me such things anymore. Otherwise, people will tease us.”

He was a great general in his forties. She wondered how many people found it amusing to see him parking his military jeep by the roadside to go buy a sweet doll for her.

Lu Yan hugged her from behind. “Who doesn’t know I have a sweet little wife at home?”

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