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Chapter 426: I’m Not Concerned That You Have a Wife

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Tang Hai had headed outside for an investigation?

Tang Mo’er was stunned, she didn’t expect her dad to not be in.

It was such a pity, today was supposed to be a good occasion for them, she was prepared to register her marriage with Mr Gu.

“Mr Gu, my Daddy is not in, I have no idea where my household register is either. Let’s wait until my Daddy is back before we come back again.”

Gu Mohan held her delicate hand tightly, he looked carefully at the secretary with his deep and narrow eyes.

The secretary behaved suspiciously, seemingly having a guilty conscience and his gaze wavered about.

Gu Mohan’s handsome gaze riveted to the tightly shut door of the Mayor’s office, he replied gently, “Okay, let’s take our leave then.”

Gu Mohan then held Tang Mo’er’s hand and left.

In the Mayor’s office.

Tang Hai sat in his office, he wasn’t on a business trip. Hearing the fading sounds of their footsteps, he turned his head and looked at the woman behind. “I didn’t hand the household register over to Mo’er, Qin Yawen, are you satisfied now?”

Qin Yawen was pleased with the outcome but she was rather put off by Tang Hai’s att.i.tude towards her. “Tang Hai, are you blaming me now? Who am I doing all of this for, isn’t it all for our Qi’er. Look what Tang Mo’er did to Qi’er, Qi’er is your biological daughter, you’ve acquired your position as the Mayor only after sacrificing her. Don’t you feel even a bit of guilt towards our daughter? Is it because you don’t love Qi’er?”

Tang Hai furrowed his brows together, he didn’t reply. He was filled with remorse for Qi’er, not forgetting the fact that she was his biological daughter, but he paid no heed to her and didn’t play the part of a responsible father.


Tang Hai laid his eyes on Qin Yawen. “I’m also filled with remorse for Mo’er, Mo’er is the most innocent in all of this mess. She’s the real Elder Miss of the Lu family. Now that they’ve held their wedding, Mo’er will only be legally protected as Mrs Gu after they register their marriage. What are you planning to do by having me hide the household register?”

Qin Yawen’s eyes were filled with an evil gleam, she was never going to allow Tang Mo’er to become the rightful Mrs Gu. Never!

So what if they’d held a wedding, they still hadn’t registered their marriage!

Since Qi’er wasn’t able to make Gu Mohan hers, she would never allow Tang Mo’er to live a blissful life with Gu Mohan!

Qin Yawen was aware of Tang Hai’s feeling of guilt towards Tang Mo’er and so she couldn’t let Tang Hai know the truth. She had her plans and all she needed was time to execute it. She needed to stall for time.

“Tang Hai, I’m not asking for you to hide the household register forever. You shall just hide it for a few days, Qi’er is still in the hospital and just had a miscarriage. She has completely broken down and when I went to visit her secretly, she even wanted to jump off the building and commit suicide.”

“What?” Tang Hai was in shock.

Qin Yawen was an experienced actress and she speedily pinched her thighs and squeezed out two drops of tears. She started behaving pitifully and pleaded, “If Qi’er learns that Tang Mo’er and Gu Mohan have registered their marriage, she’ll definitely jump down the building. Tang Hai, you can’t be the one that leads our daughter to her death.

“Qi’er will follow Lu Jinwen back to the Capital soon, you’ll just be in charge of hiding the household register for a few more days. Once Qi’er leaves, you can return the household register back to Tang Mo’er so that she can proceed with registering her marriage with Gu Mohan.”

Hearing her words, they sounded reasonable enough and Tang Hai was completely convinced. Lu Qi’er was his biological daughter after all, he could only have Tang Mo’er put up with it for now. It was only a few days anyway.

Seeing that Tang Hai’s face had become less stern, Qin Yawen walked up front and her arms encircled his waist. “Tang Hai, Qi’er is our daughter. I love Qi’er, and I love you too.”

Tang Hai was staggered, it wasn’t clear whether it was because of the ‘I love you too’ or because of Qin Yawen throwing herself at him. He lowered his eyes and took a look at Qin Yawen, he remained calm and tried to make an objective judgment. Qin Yawen had maintained herself well all these years. She was a beauty in her younger days and was still attractive after all this time. Now, she was around 50 years old and still had the appearance of a beautifully married woman.

His current wife Su Yan was from Jiangnan and was a gentle, virtuous woman. This type of women would be desirable for marriage as their wives, but in the eyes of men, virtuous women like Su Yan could never be compared with beautiful, charming women like Qin Yawen.

Moreover, Qin Yawen had an irrefutable presence in his heart, he could never forget about her.

Tang Hai’s body tensed up.

Qin Yawen’s eyes were filled with joy, she knew him well, Tang Hai was aroused.

She was confident in herself, Tang Hai would never forget about her.

She was Tang Hai’s first love and his first woman. Moreover, she was his most loved woman though he wasn’t able to keep her by his side. Men would never be able to resist a woman like her.

“Tang Hai, I really missed you.” Coming up on her tiptoes, Qin Yawen kissed Tang Hai.

Tang Hai quivered, he instantly regained his sense of rationality and pushed Qin Yawen away. “Qin Yawen, stop it, what are you trying to do? I’m a married man with a wife.”

“Tang Hai, I’m not concerned whether you’re married or not. I’ve figured out that you’re the one I love the most and I can’t stop thinking about you. I don’t need you to get a divorce with Su Yan, you can just keep me as your lover, I want to be your woman.”

After speaking her mind, Qin Yawen’s hand ran over his body with familiar ease.

Tang Hai shut his eyes, his breathing messy and ragged. Though he had a short marriage with Qin Yawen, his happiest moments in life was the honeymoon period he spent with Qin Yawen. He had married the G.o.ddess of every man on earth. On their wedding night, he was her first man. Her sensual moans while she was under him…

Tang Hai couldn’t resist the temptation, his hands wrapped around Qin Yawen’s narrow waist and the pair fell on the sofa.

“Tang Hai, take me now! Quickly!” Qin Yawen straddled herself on Tang Hai and tried to unbuckle his leather belt.

Just as they were about to take things to the next level, the office door was kicked open with a loud bang.

Tang Hai was stunned, he immediately pushed Qin Yawen off him and looked in the direction of the door, evidently displeased. “Secretary Yeー”

His voice jolted and he paused, the person standing by the door wasn’t his secretary, but it was… Tang Chenyi.

His son, Tang Chenyi.

Tang Hai hurriedly got up and tidied himself up. His gaze was awkward. “Chenyi, why are you here? Why didn’t you knock on the door first?”

Tang Chenyi’s cold gaze was slightly covered by his loose fringe. He looked at Tang Hai, completely expressionless before s.h.i.+fting his gaze onto Qin Yawen.

Qin Yawen was rather displeased after being interrupted. She had been so close! She glared at Tang Chenyi furiously. However, when she made eye contact with Tang Chenyi’s menacing eyes, she shuddered subconsciously.

Why was his gaze was so cold and sharp? The way he looked at them without an expression on his face… He had caught her in the act of seducing a married man, caught his father Tang Hai red-handed, having an affair.

Tang Hai and Qin Yawen’s faces were dark and they were clearly uncomfortable.

Tang Chenyi had entered the office and he stood in front of Tang Hai, spreading his palms wide open. He was asking for something.

Tang Hai instantly understood his intentions, Tang Chenyi was asking for the household register.

“Chenyi, children should not interfere in adults’ matters. You should focus on your studies instead. Moreover, the household register isn’t here.”

Hearing the response, Tang Chenyi turned around and left.

After witnessing the youth leave, Qin Yawen was still planning to continue her pa.s.sionate affair with Tang Hai. However, it didn’t go as planned. A swift figure flashed past her and a vice-like grip landed on her arm.

With a single yank, Tang Chenyi had thrown her out of the office.

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