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Chapter 428: Sorry Mrs Gu…

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Tang Mo’er wore a Korean-inspired pink V-neck s.h.i.+rt with a plaid skirt. The skirt just covered the top of her knees, revealing her fair legs and a pair of white sneakers. Ever since she had gotten married, her dressing was more feminine and delicate.

Huo Beichen couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her.

At this moment, a voice thundered. “What are you all doing?”

Li An turned back, it was Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan was clad in a custom-made white s.h.i.+rt with black trousers. He looked extremely and dignified. His presence was extremely strong, bringing forth a sense of oppression and fear.

He took a deep and narrow glance around, eventually setting his gaze on Li An. He pursed his lips, “Young Master Li, what are you doing? Surely not forcing my wife to drink with you?”

Li An’s gaze collided with the man’s penetrating gaze. At the start, the man looked indifferent. However, he was now extremely gloomy and cold, giving Li An the creeps.

“I… I…”

At this moment, Li Ju also came out. Pah! He gave his son a slap and hollered in anger, “You jerk, just because I don’t bother about you now you think you’ve matured? Apologize to Mrs Gu now!”

Li An was shocked. As the only son, his father had not dared to touch him since he was a child. Yet now he had the guts to give him a slap without even thinking.

He felt extremely wronged. Based on what the woman had said over the phone, Gu Mohan was nothing without the Fu Gu family. Why was his father so scared of him?

“Dad, what the h.e.l.l? Why did you hit me?! I don’t want to apoloー!”

Before he could even mutter the word… Slap! Li Ju gave him another slap. Li Ju kept looking at him, “You beast! You’d better apologize right now or I won’t let you off!”

Seeing his father’s insistent att.i.tude, Li An sneered. He bent down reluctantly, “So sorry, Mrs Gu.”

Tang Mo’er said generously, “Forget it. I’m not a petty person.”

“Thank you Mrs Gu. You beast, get lost now!” Li Ju pulled his son’s ear and left.

All the other playboys scattered. At this moment, Gu Mohan looked at Jun Chulin who was next Tang Mo’er and said indifferently, “Mo’er, come over”

“Oh.” Tang Mo’er got up and walked towards Gu Mohan.

“Mo’er.” Jun Chulin called her out too.

“Mm?” Tang Mo’er turned around and looked in Jun Chulin’s direction.

Jun Chulin looked at Gu Mohan and pursed his lips. He bent over a little and whispered, “There’s something I haven’t told you. I told your husband that we really did it in the hotel room that day…”

Seeing that Jun Chulin’s handsome face was very close to Tang Mo’er’s face, it was simply irking.

His deep and narrow eyes gazed at Jun Chulin. It was obvious Jun Chulin was outrightly challenging him.

Tang Mo’er turned stiff. Her brain wanted to explode. She was just putting on an act with Jun. How could he send such a wrong message to Mr Gu?

She knew how strong headed and overbearing Mr Gu could be. For this period of time, it must have been tough for him.

However, no matter how tough it has been for him, he still loved her and married her.

“Young Master Jun, I am very grateful towards you but you’ve gone overboard!” Tang Mo’er stamped her foot on Jun Chulin.

How dare he bully Mr Gu! That was so wrong of him!

Jun Chulin looked down, only to see his s.h.i.+ny shoes with an added food imprint on top. The woman in front of him had almost exploded from her anger and her face turned red. She looked extremely adorable, Jun Chulin pursed his lips.

In the next second, a muscular arm came over to grab Tang Mo’er’s delicate hands. Gu Mohan tugged her, causing her to fall into his arms.

His cool body temperature pa.s.sed on to her.

“Young Master Jun, I’m bringing my wife home. Let’s meet again when we’re free.”

Gu Mohan held Tang Mo’er’s hands and left.

“President Gu.” A beautiful voice sounded,

Jun Xiyan walked up graciously, she was wearing an elegant dress. She was 25 years old this year and a diplomat of the United Nations. She was an intellectual and capable woman.

She was born beautiful. She glanced at Gu Mohan, “President Gu, it’s been a long time since I last saw you, and you’re already married. This must be Mrs Gu, your wife is so pretty.”

Tang Mo’er could not see but was extremely sensitive to the woman’s voice. Her voice was extremely sweet and comforting. She could feel her gaze on her was extremely heartfelt.

Was this the eldest daughter of the Jun family?

The perfect candidate for Old Master Gu’s granddaughter-in-law?

Such a shrewd person like Old Master Gu would definitely choose a perfect granddaughter-in-law.

Tang Mo’er felt very sour inside, she immediately grabbed Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan turned around and looked at Jun Xiyan indifferently, “Hi Miss Jun, this is my wife, Tang Mo’er.”

After the extremely simple introduction, Gu Mohan immediately held Tang Mo’er’s hand and left.

Jun Xiyan had been watching Gu Mohan leave. When they reached the entrance of the bar, the cold wind from outside had blown over with the evening chill. Gu Mohan placed his black coat onto Tang Mo’er’s shoulders and straightened the collar of it, making sure Tang Mo’er was warm. The woman’s tiny face was buried in his coat, her eyes exuding joy as she was appreciative of his lovely gesture.

Although she could not see, yet her pair of bright and clear eyes stared at the man with love and intimacy.

At last, Gu Mohan held Tang Mo’er’s waist and left.

Jun Xiyan felt somewhat lost. A few years ago,when Gu Mohan went to the United Nations to give a speech, she was sent to be by his side. This elegant and poised man had left her with a deep impression.

At that time, many beauties, even all the mixed-blooded beauties in the United Nations kept staring at him. However, he seemed disinterested in all of them and did not bother to even glance at them.

He stood on the stage of the United Nations and gave his speech, looking disdainfully at everyone.

Never would she imagine that he would have a wife, much less be so doting towards her.

She did not misread it. A man like Gu Mohan who had little feelings, would only be so emotional the moment they felt touched.

This ruthless man had a heart that was incomprehensible.

Seeing Gu Mohan take Tang Mo’er away, Huo Beichen also wanted to leave.

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