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Chapter 519: Fu Qinglun Had Stood Lin s.h.i.+yu Up

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zi Jun had written her a letter, asking to meet at nine o’clock under the pavilion.

Zi Jun had set up a meeting with her.

Lin s.h.i.+yu took a look at the clock, it was half past eight, she still had half an hour to prepare.

And so she quickly entered the bathroom and took a warm shower before getting changed and heading out to the designated meet up point.

She was finally going to meet Zi Jun in person after exchanging letters with each other for three whole years.

She would find out if he was really Fu Qinglun once she met him in person.

Under the pavilion, Lin s.h.i.+yu was seated while waiting for Zi Jun’s arrival.

It was cold at night, especially since they were at a higher alt.i.tude. She wore a black overcoat and her damp, wavy hair was let down, complementing her tiny face and she was indescribably beautiful.

She lowered her eyes to check her phone for the time, it was already nine o’clock and yet he hadn’t arrived.

He was late.

Lin s.h.i.+yu walked out of the pavilion, stretching out her hands, feeling the tiny drops that were starting to drizzle down from the sky.

It landed on her palms, those transparent rain drops.

Why wasn’t he here yet?

Was he really Fu Qinglun?

If he really was, then what exactly was Fu Qinglun planning?

She had started exchanging letters with Zi Jun since she was 16 and when she turned 18, Fu Qinglun had forced her to get married to him.

He knew who she was then.

What was in his mind when he married her?

Lin s.h.i.+yu was not only intelligent but also very a.n.a.lytical, she pieced the events that happened over the past few years together and had understood almost everything.

He had hugged her tightly while muttering in her ears—- s.h.i.+’s.h.i.+, I like you, I really like you very much…


Oh, she was suddenly reminded of something again.

He had claimed that her mother told him about her nickname, he was actually lying!

She spotted a black umbrella in her peripheral vision, someone had arrived and sheltered her with it.

Zi Jun had arrived, at least she thought so.

She fluttered her eyelashes and slowly turned around.

But it wasn’t Fu Qinglun in front of her, but rather… Fu Jingtong.

Lin s.h.i.+yu paused for a moment. “Jingtong, why are you here?”

Fu Jingtong wore a black coat and had a navy blue scarf around his neck. He appeared very much like a prince charming.

He had sheltered Lin s.h.i.+yu from the rain with the umbrella in his hands while looking in her eyes affectionately. He had noticed that she her eyes were gleaming with expectation when she first turned around but when she realized that it was him, it quickly dissipated and she seemed disappointed.

He wasn’t the one she was waiting for.

There was a moment of awkwardness and Fu Jingtong quickly smiled. “I accompanied my friend here to visit the hot spring and noticed you from afar. It’s currently raining, are you waiting for someone?”

Lin s.h.i.+yu checked the time again, it was already half past nine.

He didn’t turn up.

He had stood her up.

“I’m not waiting for anyone, let’s go back to the hotel together.” Lin s.h.i.+yu laughed it off.

Along the corridors.

Lin s.h.i.+yu and Fu Jingtong were walking while discussing the alb.u.m when Lin s.h.i.+yu suddenly jolted. She saw two familiar figures in front.

It was Fu Qinglun and… Lu Qi’er.

Lu Qi’er was holding onto Fu Qinglun’s arm, trying to tell him something but Fu Qinglun had flung her away heartlessly.

Fu Qinglun lowered his eyes and took a look at his luxurious watch.

He was checking the time.

Lin s.h.i.+yu noticed him doing that.

“s.h.i.+yu, you’re back?” Lu Qi’er had spotted Lin s.h.i.+yu.

Fu Qinglun’s body stiffened and he slowly turned around when he heard Lu Qi’er calling out Lin s.h.i.+yu’s name. Lin s.h.i.+yu and Fu Jingtong were walking over.

He instantly pursed his lips.

Lu Qi’er had held his arms again while looking at Lin s.h.i.+yu provocatively. “s.h.i.+yu, the court is going to rule in just two days, I’m sure your divorce with Qinglun will be granted. By then, you’ll regain your freedom. Moreover, things seem to be going well between Jingtong and you, you’re both influential figures in the music industry and totally compatible with each other.

“I’ll also be getting together with Qinglun then, he even bought me a villa in Karghalik and has provided for me all this time.”

Fu Qinglun bought Lu Qi’er a villa and kept her hidden away?

Lu Qi’er had already turned into a target of scorn in Karghalik after being dealt with by Gu Mohan and Lu Jinwen. Everyone detested her and wanted her to scram, she wasn’t able to continue with her entertainment career.

But at that point, Fu Qinglun decided to protect Lu Qi’er?

Lin s.h.i.+yu felt like throwing up when she saw Lu Qi’er’s smug face. She stretched her legs out, wanting to enter her own room.

But someone grasped onto her wrist, it was Fu Qinglun.

Lin s.h.i.+yu was forced to stop, but she didn’t bother to lift her eyes and even look at him. She cast his hand way, returning to her own room.

Bang! The room door was slammed shut.

Lin s.h.i.+yu had left and that was exactly what Lu Qi’er wanted. She started to stick to Fu Qinglun just like glue. “Qinglun…”

Lu Qi’er was just like plaster that clung onto him tightly. Fu Qinglun had lost all the patience in him and his expression darkened. He whipped out his cell phone. “h.e.l.lo, I need two bodyguards here immediately. There’s a crazy woman who needs some dealing with!”

“Qinglun, please don’t, please don’t chase me away! Why are you being so brutal towards me, you refused to meet me in Karghalik and now that I’ve chased after you to the Capital, you’re still unwilling to talk to me, even having bodyguards chase me away. Qinglun!”

Two bodyguards had appeared in no time and pulled her out of the place.

Lu Qi’er felt indignant, she started screaming loudly like a banshee and had displayed her worst ways.

It was only after Lu Qi’er got chased away that Fu Qinglun finally regained some peace. He walked over, arriving in front of Lin s.h.i.+yu’s room door.

He lifted his hand, preparing to knock on it.

But at that moment, a melodious ringtone sounded. He had an incoming phone call.

His secretary, Bei Chuan was calling him.

He answered the call. “h.e.l.lo.”

Bei Chuan sounded panicked and said, “President, something bad has happened!”

Bei Chuan continued speaking in the phone and Fu Qinglun’s expression changed, his pupils contracting. He replied, “I’ll be there right away.”

Fu Qinglun left.

There was only one person left behind along the corridors, it was Fu Jingtong. After watching the good show Lu Qi’er had put up, the corners of his lips were raised into a cynical smile.

The next day, at night.

Tang Mo’er and Lin s.h.i.+yu were going to meet up for lunch. Lin s.h.i.+yu had gotten ready and was waiting for the elevator to arrive.

Two men were having a conversation behind her—-

“Have you heard? Something happened to the ever-so-powerful Fu family in Karghalik!”

“What happened?”

“It was revealed that the young master of the Fu family, Fu Qinglun, isn’t Madam Fu’s biological son. Madam Fu actually gave birth to a baby girl back then, it was the older President Fu who hid the truth and swapped the baby girl with a baby boy. That baby boy is Fu Qinglun.”

Lin s.h.i.+yu’s pupils contracted, she was stupefied by those words.

What in the world?

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