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Chapter 789: This is My Girlfriend

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Was it possible that Tang Chenyi was Lu Jinwen’s son?

Lin Xuanyin wanted to ask, but the call had already been hung up.

Lin Xuanji had ended the call. At this moment, the shower door opened and there was a gush of cold air. Lu Jinwen walked out.

He had on a white bathrobe, his short hair plastered to his head. The belt of the bathrobe was loosely tied, revealing his exquisite collarbones and tan skin. Now, he seemed even younger and more handsome than usual.

His deep, almond-shaped eyes landed on her hands, which were still clutching the cell phone.

“My sister called just now, so I picked up… sorry, if you don’t like it, I won’t touch your phone again.”

Lu Jinwen walked over and took his phone from her hands, throwing it onto the bed. “Let’s sleep.”

He got onto the bed and hooked his long arms around her waist, pulling her into his embrace.

He wanted to sleep with her tonight?

Great, he was still the same tyrannical young master of the Lu Family from all those years ago.

He had barged into her room at night, taking advantage of her body, before hugging her to sleep at night.

Lin Xuanji protested immediately. “This is my house. Get out, you’re not allowed in here!”

Lu Jinwen glanced at her briefly. “Keep making a fuss and the next place I enter won’t be your house.”

What did he mean?

She understood him ten seconds later. This pervert!

She s.h.i.+fted.

He knitted his eyebrows together unhappily.

“I want to turn around,” Lin Xuanji said as she turned to sleep with her back facing him. Being faced with her back, a crease between his brows. He was not happy at all.

He reached out to pull her blankets down, so she couldn’t hide under them.

It was spring now, so the nights were still pretty cold without any blankets.

“Are you feeling cold? Come over if you are,” he said.


How childis.h.!.+ He really was regressing more the older he got!

Lin Xuanji refused to go over to him. Not only did she not go over, she wriggled towards the side of the bed, to create more distance between them.

“I’m really tired so I’m sleeping first, good night.” Lin Xuanji shut her eyes and fell asleep.

Lu Jinwen was speechless.

He wanted to swear at her again.

The room was quiet, and she seemed to have fallen asleep quickly. He leaned lazily against the bedhead, and pulled the blankets he clutched in his hands over her.

What if she really caught a cold?

His phone sounded with a ‘ding’. It was a text message.

Reaching over, he unlocked it and it read: Sir, we’ve found a heart that matches Madam Xuanyin.


After all these years, they had finally found a heart that matched Lin Xuanyin. Lin Xuanyin had hope now.

Lu Jinwen handsome sculpted face was emotionless, and he threw his phone back. He inched towards her, and pulled her into his arms. His soft lips pressed against her hair, and he said in a low voice, “Baby, it’s fine if you’re here to seek revenge on me, as long… as you don’t leave me again.”

CC Bar.

King-back’s auction had ended perfectly. Tang Mo’er had come down to CC Bar. At the bar counter, she heard a familiar voice. “President Su, it’s been a while.”

Su Zhe turned around to look at Tang Mo’er. “Tang Mo’er, you’re here?”

Tang Mo’er’s full red lips curved upwards. “President Su invited me over to talk business. Of course I would come.”

Su Zhe hadn’t bid at the auction, because he knew that it was futile to do so.

He didn’t return to the Capital to fight for King-back’s partner’s collaboration rights.

The company he helmed, Universal Entertainment, dabbled in the entertainment industry, not jewelry.

“Mo’er, you’ve already set up your own office. I even heard that you’ve already signed a few fresh faces. Let’s work together. I have a highly popular fantasy drama on my hands right now.”

Tang Mo’er’s eyes lit up. She was still lacking resources, specifically in the looks department.

“Su Zhe, I’m open to a collaboration, but I want to be the main actress. Most importantly, I want all the roles in the show. I want to introduce the artistes with me to the world.”

Su Zhe looked at Tang Mo’er. Her gentle, supple face exuded both calm and intelligence. She had grown a lot in these three years, and was cultivating a queen.

“Alright.” Su Zhe nodded in agreement. He stuck his hand out. “Mo’er, let’s have a happy collaboration.”

Tang Mo’er reached out with her small fair arms to shake his hands. “President Su, happy collaborating.”

The two smiled at each other.

At this moment, laughter rang out beside them. “Hey, who’s this? Tang Mo’er, are you meeting your ex-lover secretly here?”

Tang Mo’er lifted her eyes. It was… Huo Beichen.

It was the tyrant of Karghalik.

Little Ling followed beside Huo Beichen, with security behind them. His appearance was wild. CC Bar was owned by the Huo Family, so Huo Beichen was the big boss of this place.

Huo Beichen stuck both hands into his pocket, his eyes glancing coldly at Su Zhe. “Tang Mo’er, you’re still not satisfied with the company you keep? Is my second brother not enough, that’s why you’re still out here looking for men?”

Tang Mo’er kept silent.

Was there something wrong with this tyrant? He was speaking so ambiguously and sarcastically.

Su Zhe pressed his brows together, and moved to block Tang Mo’er from his view. He was about to speak when a clear, sweet voice rang out. Tang Mo’er had already stood up and bright eyes landed on Huo Beichen’s handsome face. “Young Master Huo, are you angry because you weren’t able to acquire King-back’s partner’s collaboration rights in the auction? Don’t worry, even though you don’t have as much money as your second brother, you can still try your best.”

Hearing this, Huo Beichen’s features darkened. What? Did she just say that he wasn’t as rich as Second Brother?

This was all because of Second Brother’s dirty trick, which led to the old man freezing his accounts. Or he would’ve competed until the end!

This d.a.m.n woman!

Huo Beichen glared at Tang Mo’er’s beautiful face, then reached out suddenly to grab Little Ling who was beside him. “Tang Mo’er, look here. This is my girlfriend. What do you think, she’s prettier than you right?”

Tang Mo’er almost laughed out loud. This tyrant really had something wrong with his brain. He was actually comparing their beauty.

“Master, Little Ling is definitely prettier. All the women that Master fancy are G.o.ddesses.”

“That’s right, Tang Mo’er is no match for Little Ling!”

The bodyguards behind them immediately started flattering them.

Huo Beichen’s pink lips curved upwards. He lowered his eyes to look at Tang Mo’er’s rising and falling chest, and her slender waist, her hips. “Tang Mo’er, your chest isn’t as full as Little Ling’s. Do you feel inadequate?”

Tang Mo’er kept silent.

Where were his eyes wandering?

He was insane!

Tang Mo’er took two steps forward, and stood in front of Huo Beichen. She smiled and said, “Young Master Huo, you’re so concerned about my chest, Don’t tell me… you want to touch it?”

Huo Beichen’s face froze as he heard this. He stuck his chin up in the air and gave Tang Mo’er a cold stare. “Who wants to touch you? I wouldn’t do it even if it was free.”

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