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Chapter 881: A Slap

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He had actually kissed her in front of their son.

Tang Mo’er bit down on the tip of his tongue viciously.


Gu Mohan knitted his brows in pain and immediately withdrew his tongue, ending the kiss. Her red lips had already been kissed swollen by him, and there was a sheen of saliva on it, which made her look even more enticing and alluring.

Sliding his tongue across his lips, Gu Mohan felt his heart itching slightly for more. It felt like a kitten was gently pawing at his heart. He found the kissing experience very pleasant.

This woman was very special.

Every time he touched her, he would forget about the disgraceful scenes he had witnessed when he was young, and he would enjoy the experience of being intimate with her.

She tasted very sweet.

She was as sweet as a tender and fresh fruit.

“Gu Mohan, go away, I don’t want to be your woman!” She pushed him forcefully.

But Gu Mohan did not move. She looked like a rose with thorns, but her strength was nothing compared to his. Her punches on his cold and hard chest did not hurt him at all. He knitted his brows in impatience, grasped her slender wrist and slammed it against the wall. “Tang Mo’er, stop playing hard to get! Don’t think that I don’t know you have been after me for a very long time!”


Gu Xiao’er, you are that confident?

Her slender body was trapped between the chest and the wall and she could barely move. “Gu Xiao’er, I’m going to say it one more time. I don’t want to be your woman!”

Gu Mohan’s countenance turned grim and his thin lips were pursed sinisterly. He withdrew his palm and said in a low voice, “Tang Mo’er, don’t regret it, because there’s no use in regretting. I’ve already taken back the chance and you can never be my woman now.”

Tang Mo’er said, “Then I’ll have to thank you.”


Seeing that she was really unwilling, Gu Mohan’s face turned extremely glum. He snorted coldly and went into the room immediately to take a cold shower.

Ten minutes later, Gu Mohan emerged after his cold shower. He was wearing a set of black silk pajamas and his wet hair lay damply on his forehead. He looked exceptionally handsome.

Tang Mo’er was holding onto Little Munchkin’s hand and waiting. “Gu Xiao’er, why aren’t you letting us go?”

Just now she wanted to leave with Little Munchkin, but the bodyguards blocked her way.

Gu Mohan eyed her coldly. “Niuniu, you play here for a while. Tang Mo’er, you come with me.”

Tang Mo’er followed the man and arrived at the entrance of the door. Gu Mohan pushed the door open and a pitiful cry rang out inside the room.

“Don’t touch me, you poor beggars, scram! I’m the daughter of a prestigious family, if you dare to touch me, my Daddy will definitely kill you!”

Bai Feifei was curled up fearfully in a corner of the room. There were five or six filthy and smelly beggars in front of her, and she looked at them in fear and revulsion.

These beggars had never seen such a delicate lady like Bai Feifei, and now that she had been bestowed upon them, they were salivating over her in l.u.s.t.

One beggar lunged forward impatiently. “This lady is so tender. Everyone come over here quickly!”

Five or six beggars swarmed towards her.

Bai Feifei was unable to struggle at all. She immediately vomited after being kissed by the beggar. He stunk so badly!

“Gu Mohan, you are so cruel! Let me out now!

“President Gu, I’ve realized my mistake. I won’t dare to seduce you again. Please let me off!

“Don’t touch me, go away! No!”

Bai Feifei sobbed uncontrollably. It was then that she realized how ruthless and merciless Gu Mohan could be. She should not have provoked this man.

Tang Mo’er saw this horrific scene unfold before her. She swiftly turned around, ran into the washroom and threw up.

Gu Mohan stuck both hands into his pockets and leaned lazily against the door to look at Tang Mo’er. He smiled and said derisively, “So useless?”

Tang Mo’er turned on the tap and splashed cold water on her face before turning around to look at Gu Mohan. “Let Bai Feifei go.”

“Ha.” Gu Mohan gave a low laugh. “I’ve never thought you would be so compa.s.sionate.”

Tang Mo’er shook her head and said calmly, “Bai Feifei is not bad in nature. She comes from a rich family and is a little arrogant but she’s not a scheming person. She has never harmed me, and in fact, she has been used by me a few times. You can just give her a lesson and after today’s punishment, she will never dare to provoke you again. She’s only in her twenties, and if you let her be raped by these beggars, she will be contaminated for life.”

Gu Mohan’s eyes slowly turned cold. He held her slender waist, pulled her into his embrace and glared coldly at her face. “So you do know what is contaminated. Just now, that Bai Feifei disgusted me by straddling me, all thanks to you.”

Tang Mo’er smiled, placed her hands onto his muscular chest and pushed him to the wall. One hand was placed on the wall beside his body, and she trapped him there in a domineering manner.

“Gu Xiao’er, why are you acting all chaste? Haven’t I straddled you before?”


Tang Mo’er let him go and turned around to leave.

Gu Mohan’s eyes narrowed and several scenes flashed across his mind. They were scenes of her rolling in the sheets with Mr Gu.

Upon thinking of this, he felt his body temperature rising and he was getting aroused again. Sh*t! That cold shower did not work at all!

“Tang Mo’er, you’re shameless!” He cursed at the woman’s retreating back.

He asked her to be his woman and she rejected him, but she was so pa.s.sionate towards Mr Gu in the past.

He raised his leg and kicked the rubbish bin.


“Niuniu, where are you?”

Tang Mo’er returned to the room to look for Little Munchkin, but he was missing.

“Fairy Sister, I’m here!” Little Munchkin’s anxious voice rang out.

Tang Mo’er followed the direction of where his voice was coming from. Little Munchkin had been captured. There were a lot of people suddenly and they included Old Master Gu and Huo Yanmei.

Little Munchkin was now in Huo Yanmei’s hands.

“Fairy Sister…” Little Munchkin wanted to run to Tang Mo’er. But Huo Yanmei restrained Little Munchkin forcefully. “Niuniu, don’t go over!”


Little Munchkin grimaced in pain.

Tang Mo’er looked down to see that Little Munchkin’s arm had turned red from the force Huo Yanmei exacted on him. Huo Yanmei had used a lot of strength and did not seem to care for Little Munchkin at all.

“Madam Gu, let go, you’re hurting Niuniu!” she said coldly.

Huo Yanmei had also seen Little Munchkin’s arm turning red and froze for a moment. This was her grandson after all.

“Bad Grandma, bad Grandma, let go of me! I don’t like you at all!” At this moment, Little Munchkin struggled vehemently and glared at Huo Yanmei in anger.

Blood rushed to Huo Yanmei’s head. She did not like the child that Tang Mo’er had given birth to at all. Raising her hand, she wanted to slap Little Munchkin.

But Tang Mo’er rushed ahead and protected Little Munchkin in her arms.

Slap! The sound seemed to echo through the room as Huo Yanmei slapped Tang Mo’er viciously.

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