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Li Muyang got to his feet after finis.h.i.+ng his words, then smiled and said, "Let's go, I'll take you out for a walk! The suns.h.i.+ne is nice out today, and the air quality is excellent too!"

Ten hours!

Li Muyang had gone through so much effort for the chance to interact with Lin Nuan for ten hours, so why would he let Lin Nuan waste her time in bed?

"Take a walk in these pajamas?" Lin Nuan asked in turn.

"Victoria, help Ms. Lin change into a set of clothes!"

After giving instructions to Victoria, Li Muyang said to Lin Nuan in a gentle voice, "I'll wait for you outside!"

Only after Li Muyang left the room was Lin Nuan able to feel relaxed. She then felt that her body was weak and sore, though she wasn't sure whether it was due to the side effects of the drugs.

Victoria asked someone to push in a clothing rack, on which were sets of clothes, all according to Lin Nuan's usual style.

Victoria respectfully showed Lin Nuan each set and asked her which set she fancied.

Lin Nuan casually pointed at a white T-s.h.i.+rt and black pants, which came with a long, black knitted coat.

Victoria gave a slight smile and took the set over, wanting to help Lin Nuan change. However, Lin Nuan rejected her offer.

"Thank you, but I'd like to put them on myself!"

Lin Nuan's clear voice made one feel comfortable.

Victoria didn't insist and merely said, "Then I'll be waiting outside. If Ms. Lin needs any help, feel free to call me!"

Lin Nuan nodded and watched as Victoria left. Once alone, she raised a hand and pressed upon her aching temples. She wanted to call Fu Huai'an again, but when she pulled open the bedside cabinet, the satellite phone was no longer in it.

When Lin Nuan was changing her clothes, she thought about the situation.

Although she didn't ask clearly, from what Li Muyang said, she was abducted, and it was Li Muyang's men who discovered this and rescued her…

Lin Nuan wasn't a silly girl who knew nothing; on the contrary, she was clear-headed!

If Li Muyang truly meant to rescue her and wanted to take the initiative to contact Fu Huai'an, he could very well have made a last-minute application to land at a nearby airport, then had his men go to the hotel to look for Fu Huai'an!

Even if it wasn't possible for him to apply for landing elsewhere last minute, he could have contacted the hotel and instructed them to inform Fu Huai'an.

His claim about only managing to contact Fu Huai'an after much effort was only good enough to deceive a young lady who hadn't entered society!

Lin Nuan b.u.t.toned her pants and turned her head, looking at the vague reflection in the French windows, which displayed both her slim and long figure and her cold and calm expression.

From the start, when Li Muyang invited Fu Huai'an and Lin Nuan to dinner, Li Muyang had expressed a keen interest in Lin Nuan. However, Li Muyang was a hard man to read; Lin Nuan had no idea whether he was interested in her because her voice resembled his deceased lover's or whether his target was Fu Huai'an from the beginning.

Lin Nuan knew that Fu Huai'an hid some dirty business dealings from her, but he had rea.s.sured her that all these years it was Gu Qingcheng who was dealing with everything and that he hadn't been personally involved for a long time, and she believed him!

However, even if Fu Huai'an wasn't personally involved, it didn't mean that others would believe that was the case.

Lin Nuan heard Fu Huai'an say that the De Niro Company… was a company that dealt with army ammunition and weapons. She made a bold guess—if Li Muyang's target was Fu Huai'an, could it be that the shady business that Fu Huai'an didn't wish for her to know about involved army ammunition and weapons?

She even worried whether Li Muyang had brought her to America to make use of her to lay a trap for Fu Huai'an. If so, what should she do?

Should she return to her home country after Gu Qingcheng came to fetch her and not let Fu Huai'an come to America for her?

Lin Nuan thought so much that it made her head hurt. She shook her head, then put on a cold expression, determined to get her spirits up. After all, there was still a Li Muyang that she had to deal with!

The more Lin Nuan worried about Fu Huai'an, the more she thought about it.

Only when Victoria knocked on the door and, in a low voice, asked Lin Nuan whether she required a.s.sistance did Lin Nuan take a deep breath and walk to the door to open it.

Lin Nuan saw Li Muyang standing behind Victoria, frowning, his expression darkened. It wasn't clear whether he was worried or displeased.

The corners of Lin Nuan's pale lips turned up as she apologized to Victoria, saying, "Sorry, the drug seems to have some side effects, so my actions were inevitably slower. I apologize for making you worry!"

Victoria looked a little overwhelmed after hearing Lin Nuan apologize to her, and she hurriedly said, "You're too kind. I was merely concerned about whether or not I managed to serve Ms. Lin well!"

"I'll take you out for a stroll in the Gla.s.s Garden…" Li Muyang stopped frowning when he saw Lin Nuan come out. "Take in some fresh air, and you'll be fine soon!"

Li Muyang was very experienced in this area.

Lin Nuan nodded and thanked him, "I'll trouble you then…"

The smile in Li Muyang's eyes intensified when he saw that Lin Nuan was friendly and didn't attempt to repel him. He nodded. "Let's go…"

Lin Nuan and Li Muyang walked shoulder-to-shoulder to the elevator as Li Muyang said, "Because my health is in poor condition, I sometimes get tired when climbing stairs. Your body isn't fully recovered either, so let's take the elevator when going up and down, shall we?"

Although he appeared to be asking her for her opinion, the way he was already leading her in the direction of the elevator didn't seem like he was truly seeking her approval. It wasn't hard to see that Li Muyang was used to giving instructions from a high-and-mighty position.

Lin Nuan cooperatively nodded as she observed her surroundings…

Li Muyang's house was a manor and occupied a large area; the house in the center was built in the style of a European castle.

It was huge… and very magnificent.

Looking out from the large French windows, Lin Nuan could see that ten or so gardeners were replanting the greenery on the two sides of the driveway, as well as four gra.s.s mowing machines that were moving along at a slow speed.

After exiting the elevator onto the second floor, Li Muyang led Lin Nuan through a long corridor lined with famous paintings. As he pushed open two exquisitely carved wooden windows, the vast Gla.s.s Garden appeared before Lin Nuan's eyes. Oxygen-filled fresh air invaded the senses, making one feel instantly refreshed.

The vast dome-shaped room enveloped the entire garden; Lin Nuan could only see its top when she looked up.

In the center was a vast and ancient tree that had greenery climbing all over it, and on its branches was a curtain-like waterfall, flowing down gracefully. Beneath it was an oval-shaped virid pool, which had ripples and bubbles on the surface…

In this season, the flowers in the nursery were in full bloom, and colorful b.u.t.terflies were dancing around. It was such a beautiful scene that it felt like a dream.

The tropical plants that lined the man-made river were lush and exuberant, with species of all sorts. Taking a glance, Lin Nuan even saw some rare species that usually only appeared in picture

Rare and colorful birds were perched on the slim and long branches, and there was a little blue macaw dancing high up in the air. Red and green macaws, toco toucans, and northern cardinals were also chirping merrily. Even a red flamingo could be seen standing amidst the trickling waters.

In the vast natural oxygen bar, these brightly colored birds shuttled back and forth through the varying shades of green. It was unbelievably beautiful, a feast for the eyes.

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