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Rhys always silently laughed to himself whenever he heard those rumors about the second Princess being ugly. Ugly? Lyn? When they finally meet her, they will be in for a surprise.

Lyn looked over at him briefly, "Will you be the one teaching me?"

"Who else could?"

"I suppose so..." Lyn suddenly wrapped her arms around him. "I miss Kazuya, but I don't think I can be with him now."


"I know this is strange, and I don't get it either. But lately, I'm so tired. I've resolved myself to take the throne, and I'm busier because of that. Yet," she trailed off. "..these days I'm feeling so very sad and lonely. Rhys, can I truly become the Queen?"

Rhys gently caressed her hair before wrapping a few strands around his fingers. He brought those strands to his lips. "If you don't want to be the Queen... Lyn, I will take you away."

"Take me away?" Lyn repeated.

"Yeah, I will bring you to a place without suffering. Where the two of us can live together as husband and wife."

"You want to marry me?"

"I want you to be my wife," Rhys kept kissing her black locks. "Do you not desire it? You're always calling for me."

Lyn immediately snapped. "I'm not calling for you. You just happened to react to my words before anyone else does."

'This girl is so stupid.' Does she think she can deceive him with that? "You know, your futile attempt to deceive someone with high-level magic is amazing."

Lyn averted her gaze, but Rhys immediately let go of her hair. He stood up and walked over to the girl's desk, intending to search for some spare paper.

But then he saw many scriptures. 'So, she has access to this stuff now? That Silver guy gave it to her. "Hey Lyn, do you understand this stuff on your desk?"

"I do."

"You're not planning on asking for a witch to help, right?" Rhys questioned.

It was a casual remark from him, but he watched as Lyn awkwardly looked away from him. 'So she intends to?' Good grief, this woman. Rhys walked back over to her and cupped her cheeks. She honestly looked like a G.o.ddess just sitting there.

"I don't want you getting hurt," Rhys admitted. "If you want to contact a witch, I'll do it for you."

Lyn's gaze softened. "Alright, then I will count on you there. But Rhys, you must promise me something too."

"What is it?"

"Promise me you'll stay safe."

His eyes widened when he heard the girl's words. "I understand it's impossible to go into a fight completely unscathed. However, as much as possible. Please avoid a serious injury. I can't bear it if something bad were to happen to you again."

"Alright, but keep this." Rhys removed the necklace from his neck and placed it on the girl's hand.

Lyn looked at the item curiously. "A jewel?"

"A special jewel that grows in the Sound Kingdom lands. It has high magic properties. It will protect you when I'm not around."

"I will wear it then." Lyn looked around. "I want to give you something too. But I don't have anything on me right now."

Rhys chuckled. "Don't fret too much. I won't be going anywhere dangerous for a few days. Just give me something before then."


Rhys would rather do something dangerous right now. His gaze fell on the large stack of paperwork that just arrived from the Sound Kingdom. 'Isn't this too much?' Surely somebody at home could do this work for him. But then again, considering how his role in the Kingdom is a unique one. Normally, n.o.body else could do his work.

"It seems you're having fun." A voice commented at the door. He didn't have to look up to know who it was. Only one person would make such a remark.

Lyn's so-called brother 'Zepher.'

Rhys sighed, "Does it look that way?"

"Indeed, aren't you glad? You can take advantage of this moment," the person telling him these things was bone other than Zepher. The same Zepher who supposedly has a gentleman image.

"I'm surprised you're not doing that."

Zepher chuckled, "I've had my chance."

He raised his eyebrow at that comment, "Your not the type to surrender easily. What's the catch?"

At that comment, Zepher placed a small box in his hand. "Look into this for me."

"Is it the jade?"

Zepher shook his head, "It was a dead-end for me too. But I found something interesting in place of the jade."

"Interesting, huh?" Rhys glanced down at the small box in his hands. He placed it in his pocket. But even then, Rhys felt it, 'there is negative magic surrounding that box.'

It can't be the jade. According to the rumors that jade has light magic properties. But isn't it odd that a similar jewel was placed in the place where the jade was supposed to be?

"You didn't take a look?" Rhys asked.

"I figured that you would do a better job for something like this. Dark and forbidden magic is your specialty, I hear."

"Hah, says the guy who got kicked out of the castle using something forbidden..." Rhys trailed off. "I won't open this here. But judging from the weight and size, it's another jewel."

"Not the jade?"

"Yeah, you would notice if it were."

Zepher nodded. "Indeed. So? Any updates from your side on the front lines? Andrew is trying to be very secretive, but surely you know what's happening?"

"There isn't much to say. But there is a brewing conflict among n.o.ble households right now."

"I heard about that, aren't you getting criticized for accepting that fallen household?"

Rhys sighed, "Not like I had much of a choice there. Lyn intended to save them even if it meant revealing her ident.i.ty. Those two brothers are part of her current group of Knights. So it's normal for Lyn to get defensive. However, due to the recent events of their brother conspiring with Princess Lethia. The Queen and First Prince wanted to punish them."

"And your stance?"

"I didn't have one. But if Lyn wants to defend them, I will do that."

"You sure it's because of Lyn?"

He didn't say anything and glanced down at the doc.u.ment he was in the middle of signing. Rhys can't say that it was because of Kazuya. He doesn't want Kazuya to take such reckless actions, especially with his current position.

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