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Chapter 925: Confrontation and a Small Show of Ability

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

An Lin stared at the woman in shock.

This woman, who was referred to as the Vermilion Bird Princess, had somehow instilled within everyone the mindset that they were going to lose for sure.

Except he was an arena newbie who didn’t know what was going on.

His divine sense told him that this woman’s cultivation base was at the Soul Formation Final Stage.

The bear lying at his feet was also at the Soul Formation Final Stage. In a battle of life and death, it should have some chance to win, shouldn’t it?

Just as An Lin was pondering to himself with his brows furrowed, the crisp footsteps had sounded again.

Pitter, patter…

The woman made her way over to An Lin, and even though her features were quite pure and innocent, she insisted on putting on a seductive smile. “Oh… What an exotic specimen. A human has come all the way to our arena?”

An Lin looked at the woman before him curiously. “You’re not a human?”

“Me?” The Vermilion Bird Princess chuckled as she blinked at An Lin. “Take a guess.”

An Lin pursed his lips. “What’s there to guess? You’ll be a dead person soon anyway.”

The Vermilion Bird Princess stood rooted to the spot, having been taken aback by An Lin’s words.

An Lin looked into her eyes directly. He had no intention of backing down.

All of the other compet.i.tors chortled with mirth.

“Hahaha… What a funny man. What gives him the confidence to think that he will win?”

“To be able to hear such a hilarious joke before I die. I must thank this human for his kindness and thoughtfulness.”

“Sigh, what a b*stard…”

A series of insults reverberated through the air.

A vibrant smile appeared on the Vermilion Bird Princess’ face. “It has been a long time since I’ve met such a confident opponent. This is why I enter these battles!”

She suddenly extended a finger and laid it on An Lin’s chin before speaking in a forceful voice, “I look forward to battling with you. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

An Lin rolled his eyes. Her words were too cliché, to the extent that he couldn’t even be bothered responding to them.

However, the Vermilion Bird Princess instantly flared up upon being ignored. A powerful aura erupted forth as she snapped, “Human, don’t get!”

Her aura really didn’t do anything for An Lin.

A golden light flashed before his eyes as he unleashed his Divine Might Technique.

It would be rude to not respond in kind.

Golden ripples instantly rippled outward, giving him the appearance of a paramount G.o.d looking down upon all those around him.

Boom boom boom…

All of the compet.i.tors either fell to the ground or collapsed to their knees. Some of them were frothing at the mouth. All of the ones that were still conscious looked up in shock at the man as the feeling of astonishment surged through their hearts.

How could this be? How could this aura be coming from that human?!

An Lin was also a little surprised. The Vermilion Bird Princess in front of him stood resolutely before him with two light dimples on her porcelain-like features.

She was still smiling with no hint of fear on her face.

A heavenly voice sounded again, “Human, you are indeed very interesting.”

An Lin also looked at the woman in front of him with a serious expression. “You’re very interesting too. It appears that I have underestimated you.”

This woman was definitely no ordinary being. After all, she was able to remain completely unaffected by his Divine Might Technique.

Just as the two of them were still locked in a confrontation, a gate suddenly opened, and a wave of cheers swept into the waiting area.

“Next, we have compet.i.tors number one and number thirty-three to take the stage!”

A thunderous voice erupted across the arena.

An Lin silently looked down at his number. Hmm, thirty-three.

He walked toward the arena stage and was faced with a bird opponent. His opponent had sharp, scythe-like claws, a tiger’s head, and a pair of bat wings.

“Compet.i.tor number one is the Ling Da Demonic Bat from the Dark Demonic Cave of the Southern Heavenly Wing Nation while compet.i.tor number thirty-three is Lin An1 from the Kingdom of the Nine States,” the MC announced some information about the fighters to the spectators.

This announcement was instantly met with a wave of cheers.

It had to be said that it was quite stimulating and thrilling to receive the enthusiastic cheers of so many spectators.

“How bizarre! To think that a human would compete in our arena.”

“Hmph! This is a core region of the Southern Heavenly Wing Nation. A mere human wants to battle all of our powerful beings? What a joke!”

“I remember the last human was swallowed whole by that dragon falcon, right?”

“Wait… That human’s name is Lin An? Could he be An Lin from the Four Nine Immortal Sect?”

“Haha, I know An Lin is your idol, but forcefully recognizing everyone as An Lin is a delusional disease that has to be cured!”

“That’s right. Shouldn’t that An Lin be at the Heavenly Court? Why would he come here to fool around at our arena? Furthermore, even if he were here, with his flexing tendencies, why wouldn’t he use his real name?”

“You’re thinking too much! It’s just a coincidence!”

Just as all of the spectators were discussing among themselves, the battle erupted.

“Howl! Human, I know you’re very powerful, but you’re going to die by my hands!” the Ling Da Demonic Bat roared as it flew toward An Lin like a wraith moving at extreme speed.


Sharp black blades erupted from its body, creating a realm of powerful shredding force within a radius of a hundred feet around it.

“It’s the power of a domain! My G.o.d! That bat is a Half-Step Soul Formation Stage powerful being!”

All of the spectators let loose cries of surprise upon seeing this.

It was quite an exciting thing for a Half-Step Soul Formation Stage powerful being to appear in the arena.

The cheers from the crowd became even more enthusiastic, and some birds even began to chant the Ling Da Demonic Bat’s name.

“Die!” The Ling Da Demonic Bat was extremely fast, and its domain roared as its scythe-like claws tore through the air, creating a sharp screeching noise.

In the face of the bat’s full-force attack…

An Lin clenched a fist and extended it toward the Ling Da Demonic Bat.

He didn’t use any spell techniques, only the power of his divine body.

The air before him instantly compressed and twisted with the force of his fist.

The demonic bat’s eyes widened. Its domain was crushed before it had a chance to react, and its body was then twisted and pulverized.


An earsplitting boom erupted!

The earth shattered violently in that instant as the power of An Lin’s fist erupted forth.

As for that Half-Step Soul Formation Stage demonic bat, it had been reduced to dust already.

Countless beasts stared at this incredible scene as their cheers came to a grinding halt. The battle hadn’t even begun before it ended. This was extremely difficult for them to accept.

“My G.o.d! The Ling Da Demonic Bat was insta-killed?”

“What a terrifying punch! Even the ground that has been fortified by the spell formation was shattered by it…”

Right at this moment, the MC’s voice sounded again. “Lin An is the victor!”

All of the spectators finally came to their senses as raucous cheers erupted forth again.

At this moment, they finally figured out that this Lin An was extremely powerful and was definitely a strong contender for the champions.h.i.+p t.i.tle.

The Heavenly Flame Vermilion Bird judge looked deeply at An Lin before delivering a comment, “Contestant Lin An’s fist has reached the pinnacle of his power and has gone back to the basics. That one fist was launched with the power of his body alone, and to unleash the Soul Formation Final Stage power in an instant, it epitomized extreme power and speed. He is truly an exceptional Fist Immortal!”

All of the spectators erupted again upon hearing this. Some of them were even yelling Lin An’s name, while others were chanting “Fist G.o.d Lin An”.

An Lin’s lips twitched. Exceptional Fist Immortal, my f*cking a*s… That was only a casual punch…

Even so, he didn’t show any sign of dissatisfaction on his face.

A faint smile appeared on his face, and he bowed to the enthusiastic audience before exiting the stage.

“Next up, we have compet.i.tors number two and number thirty-four! Please give them a round of applause!”

The MC’s voice had only just fallen when a young woman in a colorful dress and a pair of red high heels appeared before everyone.

Her emergence immediately triggered the loudest wave of cheers yet.

Many of the birds present were screeching as loudly as they could as terrifying sound waves erupted, sending tremors running through the entire foundation of the arena.

This was a cheer of unprecedented enthusiasm.

An extremely synchronized voice erupted into heavens.

“Sun Tree War G.o.d!”

“Vermilion Bird Princess!”

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