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Chapter 1341: Old Mr. Mo’s Warning!

Si Yiyan called home bright early in the morning to inform the butler to move his clothes and belongings to the Mo Family where he planned to put up at throughout the duration that Wen Xinya would be nursing her injury.

He only acted that quickly because he knew that he had to strike while the iron was hot. It would be easier for him to move in while Old Mr. Mo had yet to realize what was actually going on.

Hence, when Old Mr. Mo found out that Si Yiyan had shamelessly moved into the Mo Family home, he could not help but be speechless.

At last, he had no choice but to leave him be.

After all, it was not like Si Yiyan had never lived in the Mo Family home before and Old Mr. Mo would never do something so rude like chasing him out of his house. Besides, Si Yiyan had frequented the Mo Family home in the past few years and even won Mother He and Mother Jiang over. They all treated him like Wen Xinya’s future husband.

However, he was still displeased with the scheming tricks that Si Yiyan had pulled to move into the Mo Family home.

He was rather glad to see Si Yiyan swallowing his pride to curry the favor of Uncle Zhang and the other servants.

However, that was also the reason he had become alienated in the Mo Family home! It felt terrible!

Grampy, do you know how conflicted you’re feeling now?

Old Mr. Mo glanced at Si Yiyan sternly before saying, “I have something to ask you.”

After finding out about the chandelier incident during his visit to the hospital, he had a hunch that it was not purely an accident. Later on, Si Yiyan’s conversation with Old Mr. Wen had further verified his conjecture.

Since he had already found out, he naturally wouldn’t sit back and do nothing.

Being extremely intelligent, Si Yiyan obviously knew the reason behind Old Mr. Mo’s decision to speak to him. Hence, he followed Old Mr. Mo to the study.

Old Mr. Mo said, “Have a game of chess with me!”

Apart from Si Yiyan, he had yet to meet his match. Si Yiyan was the only one who could give him the thrill of competing.

Si Yiyan naturally agreed. “It’s been a while since I played chess with you.”

Old Mr. Mo was the only person who could defeat him in chess. He had never lost to Wen Xinya before too. Of course… except that once.

Since Old Mr. Mo was his elder and a master at chess, he chose the white chesspiece.

Si Yiyan took black because he was the junior.

After exchanging numerous moves and making several setups, there was still no clear winner. “What exactly happened when the chandelier fell from the ceiling during the exhibition last night?”

In the past three years, Si Yiyan and Wen Xinya’s relations.h.i.+p had been rather stable and they shared good chemistry too. Apart from asking about Wen Xinya’s academics, he rarely asked about anything else.

However, that did not mean that he knew nothing about their relations.h.i.+p.

Wen Xinya and Si Yiyan were difficult to guess and, after the entertainment city project got implemented by Wen Corporation, Old Mr. Mo could acutely sense that things were not that simple.

Si Yiyan recounted everything that happened last night. “Although we don’t have any evidence to prove that this was not an accident, I am certain that someone is out to kill Xinya.”

He did not explicitly mention that the culprit was Wen Haowen because he did not have concrete evidence yet. Hence, it was not appropriate to name names, even though he knew that Old Mr. Mo was well aware.

However, that did not mean that Old Mr. Mo had no idea. “Was it that beast Wen Haowen who did it?”

He naturally paid attention to the Wen Corporation while paying attention to Wen Xinya. Given how much Ning Shuqian resented Wen Xinya, she would have definitely manipulated Wen Haowen into harming Wen Xinya, especially since her talent in jewelry design had already posed a threat to Wen Haowen.

Throughout all these years, he had already understood how cold Wen Haowen was towards Wen Xinya, and how ruthless he could be. He was certain that Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian were the ones who were out to harm Wen Xinya, for Wen Haowen would not hesitate to kill her.

Si Yiyan said, “He’s the greatest suspect for now, but I’m not ruling out the possibility of there being another instigator.”

Just like Wen Xinya, he did not wish to tell Old Mr. Mo about the Korean-Chinese Alliance because the truth about Mo Yunyao’s death would surface once Old Mr. Mo found out about the alliance. Old Mr. Mo was already old in his years and Wen Xinya was his only kin left. Having lived alone for so many years, his body was beyond damaged and could not take huge blows or agitation even though Wen Xinya had nursed his body back to health. Hence, he was unsure if Old Mr. Mo could accept the cold hard truth.

However, he could not hide it from Old Mr. Mo forever. It was only a matter of time before the latter found out.

Staring at the chessboard with a sullen expression, Old Mr. Mo remarked, “The Wen Family has gotten even more complicated over the years.”

Ning Shuqian alone had disrupted the peace in the Wen Family. Clearly, it was important to have a virtuous wife.

He had never taken Ning Shuqian seriously because Ning Shuqian was not his match at all. But after witnessing everything that she had done in the past years, he could guess that she had some unknown trump card.

Wen Xinya and Si Yiyan were definitely aware too.

Si Yiyan placed his chess piece down and said calmly, “There’s bound to be separations and closings. The Wen Corporation can’t escape that law of nature, either. The mess in the Wen Family may not necessarily be a bad thing for Xinya.”

Although he had his qualms about the Wen Family, he did not plan to tell Wen Xinya because he felt that she would understand it in due time.

However, one thing was for sure. The Wen Corporation had to belong to Wen Xinya in order for him to protect the Wen Corporation while attacking the alliance.

Being an intelligent person, Old Mr. Mo naturally understood what he was hinting at. “Your chess playing skills have improved.”

Not only was Si Yiyan his most talented student, but he was also the most outstanding one in all the theories and studies that Old Mr. Mo had taught to him.

If he was to focus on literature, he would definitely make incredible achievements and possibly even outs.h.i.+ne Old Mr. Mo.

Si Yiyan fiddled with the black chess piece and said calmly, “It’s all thanks to your patient teaching, Old Mr. Mo.”

Staring at the chessboard, Old Mr. Mo suddenly felt like he was no longer in the mood for chess. “You’ve devised a great strategy this time. Wen Haowen, Ning Shuqian, Old Mr. Wen, and the entire Wen Corporation are within your control!”

Si Yiyan had devised it especially for Wen Xinya and he was the player at the same time. In the end, it was all for Wen Xinya.

Not surprised to see that Old Mr. Mo had guessed his intentions. Si Yiyan said, “I won’t hesitate to do my best as long as Xinya benefits from it.”

Old Mr. Mo glanced at him coldly and said, “I hope… Xinya won’t be one of your p.a.w.ns someday!”

He sounded like he was warning Si Yiyan.

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