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Chapter 1362: A Deep Kiss Is Like an Attack!

Wen Xinya had a joyous meeting with Jill de Castei and he was also a very charming gentleman who knew how to respect others. Despite feeling disappointed about the fact that she had turned down the request of the Vogue International Jewelry a.s.sociation, he did not show any signs of anger or displeasure because of that.

Jill de Castei used cla.s.sic French humor, his rich knowledge, and eloquence to show his good aristocratic manners.

The French were friendly and talkative. Wen Xinya had managed to see that quality in Jill de Castei and he would often rattle on continuously whenever they broached a topic that they were interested in.

Wen Xinya had also taken the chance to ask Jill de Castei some questions about jewelry design. Jill de Castei was not petty with his answers, either. In fact, he even commented on the pieces of jewelry designs that Wen Xinya had submitted in the past. He also showed his admiration for her talent.

Wen Xinya gained plenty of knowledge.

They ordered some French specialties for lunch.

After lunch, Wen Xinya and Jill chatted for a while about French cuisine and culture, thus putting an end to the pleasant meeting.

Wen Xinya left the restaurant, after which a silver Rolls Royce pulled up slowly beside her. It was posh, exorbitant and ostentatious; a car that no other luxury cars could compare to. No one had tried to challenge the cla.s.sic automobile in terms of lavishness either.

The window was rolled down and Si Yiyan exclaimed, “Hop on!”

“What brings you here?” asked Wen Xinya, who did not expect that Si Yiyan would come to pick her up personally.

Si Yiyan leaned forward and put on the safety belt for her. “I happened to pa.s.s by, so I decided to pick you up too.”

Wen Xinya asked apprehensively with a smirk, “Is that so?”

Si Yiyan started the engine, after which the car slowly rolled off. “How did the meeting with Jill de Castei go?”

The meeting lasted for three whole hours from 10 AM to 1 PM. Si Yiyan naturally guessed that they must have had an enjoyable meeting. After all, the French were prideful and would never be able to tolerate the people whom they disliked.

The mention of Jill de Castei made Wen Xinya smile gleefully. “It was very successful. Teacher Jill is much more charming than I had imagined. Besides, he’s also very humorous and chatty. I get along very naturally with him.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Wen Xinya told Si Yiyan about the meeting that she had with Jill de Castei before praising Jill de Castei.

Si Yiyan pressed his lips together and asked coldly, “You even invited him to view Puerile Phoenix at the Wen Corporation tomorrow?”

He could tell that Wen Xinya respected Jill de Castei, for she kept singing praises about him and gave him at least seven compliments.

Unfortunately, Wen Xinya did not notice the change in Si Yiyan’s expression. She answered excitedly, “Yeah, Teacher Jill will be staying in Capital city for a few days. It’s his first time here, so he also requested me to play host and show him on a tour around the city!”

Si Yiyan squinted and asked austerely, “Did you agree?”

Si Yiyan sounded stern and threatening.

Wen Xinya answered self righteously, “Of course, why not? This is a good chance for me to get into the good books of Teacher Jill and he has also shown respect and empathy after hearing my decision. I have to repay him for his understanding. Showing him around the place is a piece of cake. I wouldn’t turn him down.”

Wen Xinya then sneakily observed Si Yiyan’s expression. She smirked as her eyes glistened.

Having understood that she felt good about Jill de Castei, Si Yiyan immediately felt upset.

Go ahead and pretend!

Continue pretending!

Let’s see how long you can keep it up for!

Wen Xinya suppressed her laughter and continued to add fuel to the fire. “I can even take this opportunity to consult Teacher Jill about jewelry design. I’ll definitely gain so much knowledge.”

Si Yiyan suddenly slammed the brakes after making a turn, causing Wen Xinya to instinctively shriek in terror. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

Next, she was pressed onto the chair by Si Yiyan, who then bent forward and kissed her lips.

His masculine scent and strength overwhelmed her senses and she had no choice but to raise her head and reciprocate the kiss.

Wen Xinya suddenly remembered that a deep kiss was like an attack!

The battle of souls was rather addictive and immersive.

Wen Xinya began latching onto Si Yiyan and let herself go.

Although she got to spend time with Si Yiyan every day, she rarely got to be so intimate with him because of Old Mr. Mo’s presence. She could not deny that she had begun developing s.e.xual needs after she fell in love with him.

At last, Si Yiyan let go of her before he lost his rationality, allowing his saliva and l.u.s.t to linger on each other’s lips. “Jill de Castei is not as young as I am.”

Wen Xinya’s panting was absolutely alluring and her rosy lips seemed to have been nourished. “Are you jealous?”

When she was picking out her outfit in the morning, Si Yiyan kept criticizing it and nitpicking. She knew since then, that Si Yiyan must have gotten jealous, as evidenced by his displeasure.

“Who’s better? Me or Jill de Castei?” Si Yiyan questioned while staring at Wen Xinya.

He could not tolerate the fact that she headed to the dressing room to pick out an outfit and even asked for his opinion, bright early in the morning.

No man in the world wanted to see their beloved woman putting in so much effort into dressing up for a meeting with another man. Not to mention, an unmarried one. Most importantly, Jill de Castei was very outstanding and charming, even though… he was a little old.

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