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Chapter 1428: I Want Xia Ruya—Dead!

At this moment, Wen Xinya was raging uncontrollably and anger seemed to have consumed her rationality. Anger burned within her like firewood on flames.

She and Xia Ruya had been at war for two lifetimes.

In her previous lifetime, she ended up dying.

In this lifetime, Xia Ruya seemed to be harder to deal with compared to the previous one. This time, Wen Xinya was careful with every move she made and would plan her schemes against Xia Ruya meticulously. However, Xia Ruya was way too intelligent and seemed to be able to grasp the opportunity to come back to life again every single time.

It was not that she had never thought of hiring someone to get rid of Xia Ruya completely before.

However, she did not do it for the sake of taking revenge by ending the life of her despicable and immoral enemy, because that would make her the same as Xia Ruya and Ning Shuqian.

She was not willing to do it, nor could she bring herself too. If Old Mr. Mo were to find out, how was she supposed to face him?

Old Mr. Mo had always been highly esteemed, admired, respected and idolized by many!

As his granddaughter, how could she stain his name?

She finally decided to drop the idea.

Later on, she found out about the Korean-Chinese Alliance and discovered that her destiny had been controlled by them, just like Xia Ruya’s. The Korean-Chinese Alliance had manipulated the two of them into becoming destined enemies!

The Korean-Chinese Alliance had been secretly controlling Xia Ruya and manipulating her into going against Wen Xinya. Hence, Xia Ruya would often manage to escape the ordeal despite facing a terrible defeat.

In fact, Wen Xinya was certain that they were also the reason that she could become the successor of the Li Family!

Did the alliance have a part to play in instigating Xia Ruya to harm Grampy?

Si Yiyan held onto her hand and said, “It takes more than just a devious scheme to deal with Old Mr. Mo. Apart from Xia Ruya, Ning Shuqian was also involved in making the plan seamless, together with the Korean-Chinese Alliance!”

Xia Ruya mainly dealt with Old Mr. Mo because she wanted to take revenge on Wen Xinya whose only weakness was Old Mr. Mo. Once Old Mr. Mo was dead, Wen Xinya would definitely be grief-stricken for the rest of her life.

Ning Shuqian’s involvement was probably because of the fact that the Korean-Chinese Alliance was afraid of Old Mr. Mo. After all, they painstakingly plotted Mo Yunyao’s death by making Wen Haowen commit adultery to anger Mo Yunyao, all because they wanted to make the Wen Family cut off all ties with the Mo Family. Since Wen Xinya was the last thread that was holding the two families together, they decided to make her go missing. Clearly, the Korean-Chinese Alliance was absolutely terrified of Old Mr. Mo.

The Korean-Chinese Alliance got involved this time because they wanted the plan to be carried out smoothly.

The first move they made had hit Wen Xinya in her weakest spot. If it weren’t for Uncle Zhang who called Si Yiyan as soon as he found out about Old Mr. Mo’s condition, he wouldn’t have sensed something fishy and proceeded to make arrangements at the hospital. The alliance would then get what they wanted.

Wen Xinya’s eyes were bright and watery, but her gaze was like burning flames and she seemed to be glaring icy-cold daggers. “To Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya, I would be alone and easy to control once Grampy is dead. To the Korean-Chinese Alliance, Grampy’s death would mean that they would be able to act without hesitation.”

Hence, they meticulously devised such a plot to harm Old Mr. Mo.

Wen Xinya suddenly thought about her previous lifetime.

She wondered, Could it be that Grampy’s death in the previous lifetime was also caused by the Korean-Chinese Alliance?

Wen Xinya felt cold and clammy all of a sudden, seemingly having gotten certain of her own guesses.

Anger consumed her and filled her heart, seemingly waiting for her to deal with her enemies coldly and ruthlessly.

Wen Xinya clutched her chest and said miserably, “Si Yiyan, my heart aches. They actually had the nerve to be so heartless as to harm Grampy. Ning Shuqian caused my mother’s death, but Grampy has never taken revenge on her. Xia Ruya and Grampy had never been close, but she decided to harm him just to take revenge on me. How could they… bring themselves to do it?”

Old Mr. Mo, the modern Confucius, was highly admired, respected and seen as a saint by many in this world. Despite having plenty of supporters, he did not have many family members and had spent most of his life alone. He was reserved, kindhearted and not just focused on benefits.

Yet, such a wonderful man like him had to end up in a pathetic and sad miserable plight in her previous lifetime.

In this life, he still could not escape the torturous destiny.

Be it in the previous or present lifetime, Old Mr. Mo was extremely innocent, and the person who harmed him ruthlessly for their own benefit, shall not be spared.

Si Yiyan noticed how angry and agitated she was. He said coldly, “Humans will retaliate when provoked, just like scaled dragons. They must pay a painful price for everything that they’ve done.”

Dragons were a symbol of Si Yiyan’s ident.i.ty and the Xiasi Group’s totem.

Since he was prestigious, prideful and commanded great authority, he would not allow anyone to challenge him.

Those who had the audacity to challenge him would have to bear the consequences!

“Pay the price? You’re right… they must pay the price for harming Grampy. Only then can my anger be appeased,” Wen Xinya said with a menacing gaze.

Old Mr. Mo almost lost his life because of his heart condition. Although he was already out of critical danger, he still had to recuperate in the Intensive Care Unit. The thought of Old Mr. Mo having to go through all that pain and torment at such an old age, made her feel like her heart had been stabbed by a million daggers. She would only be appeased when revenge was taken.

The fact that Old Mr. Mo almost lost his life because of Xia Ruya’s scheme constantly reminded her that Xia Ruya had already begun targeting Old Mr. Mo and she could not let Xia Ruya get away with it.

Si Yiyan put an arm around her shoulder and gazed at her. “Xinya, how would you like to take revenge on Xia Ruya? What kind of consequence do you want her to bear?”

For the time being, they could not deal with the Korean-Chinese Alliance yet. However, it would be a piece of cake for them to deal with Xia Ruya. They had to let her know that she had to pay the painful price for harming people and doing the things she shouldn’t have done. No one was an exception.

It was a warning, as well as proof of their stand!

It was to a.s.sert dominance, as well as to declare their purpose!

“I want Xia Ruya dead!” Wen Xinya yelled in a cold and terrifyingly murderous voice.

Xia Ruya’s death was the only thing that could appease her and make her anger vanish. Xia Ruya’s blood was the only thing that could make up for what she had done to Old Mr. Mo.

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