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Chapter 1951 - Holding A Traditional Han Wedding

Once her pregnancy was stable, Wen Xinya's morning sickness worsened. She was often nauseous and vomited. Her appet.i.te had changed completely as well—she began craving for food she normally disliked, yet turned them down the moment they were delivered to her. As for the food she usually liked, she would vomit them out with the slightest taste.

Mother He and Mrs. Tan changed their food preparations accordingly. On top of that, with the dark plums prepared by Mother Wan which alleviated the symptoms of nausea, there were not many issues.

Except that Wen Xinya had suffered so much that she lost tons of weight.

Si Yiyan's heart ached for her as he watched from the side.

He would often caress her belly as he pretended to be a strict father and reprimanded the baby, which Wen Xinya found both funny and annoying. However, every time Si Yiyan finished scolding the little rascal who liked to torment its mother, her morning sickness would strangely become better. Who knew if this was just the placebo effect.

After staying in the hospital for a few days without any huge issues with her health, Wen Xinya was finally discharged.

Mrs. Tan and Mother He were still packing up her things as they waited for Si Yiyan to pick her up.

Wen Xinya sat on the sofa and ate dark plums in boredom.

Old Mr. Wen entered and asked, "Are you done packing? Did you leave anything behind?"

Back when Yunyao was pregnant with Xinya, she suffered terribly. As such, he had been really worried since Xinya got pregnant. Fortunately, Xinya's baby was finally stable. With Old Mr. Du's skilled medical knowledge, there was not much for him to worry over even with her leaving the hospital.

"Mother He and Mrs. Tan are still packing, but they're almost done."

During this period, the hospital had pretty much become her home and her belongings were continuously moved in. Luckily, this hospital was an investment of the Wen Family. She was staying in a luxurious VIP room which covered around 200 meters square, so it was still s.p.a.cious even with many items.

Old Mr. Wen nodded. He looked at her lovingly and said, "You've lost quite some weight recently."

The older generation believed that no matter what, one would have to be chubby and round to deliver a healthy baby. Seeing how skinny Xinya was now, he didn't know how she was going to get through the remaining 6 to 7 months.

Xinya was strong just like Yunyao but had to go through these sufferings.

Wen Xinya smiled and replied, "Mother He and Mrs. Tan said that normally, after 3 months of pregnancy, the morning sickness will go away. My current condition will not continue for long. Once I get through this and my appet.i.te returns, I'll gain weight in no time."

Usually, a pregnant woman would slowly gain weight after their first trimester.

Mother He told her that even though her pregnancy was risky and her body was extremely weak, her body did not have that big of a problem after her pregnancy stabilized. Compared to her mother in the past, she was doing much better.

Wen Xinya guessed that this definitely had something to do with Si Yiyan.

Whenever she felt unwell, Si Yiyan would always find a way to solve her problems. His professionalism exceeded even that of the experienced Mother He and Mrs. Tan, who was knowledgeable in medicine.

With his love and care, she had something to depend on.

This was unlike in the past where her mother had n.o.body to care dearly for her. No matter how much agony she was in or how tired she was, she had to bear the burden alone. Her spirit, mental state, and body had all suffered greatly. It was not something an ordinary person could go through.

Old Mr. Wen said, "You'll be going to the Mo Family to nourish the baby for six to seven months. Remember to call me often and update me on your health so that I don't have to worry."

He was not against Xinya going to the Mo Family to take care of her health and the baby. In fact, he supported it.

Xinya's body was weak, and with the old woman always scorning at her, there was no way she could handle it.

However, there were still some regrets left in him.

Wen Xinya held onto her Grandpa's arm and said, "Grandpa, you can come and visit me often at the Mo Family!"

She had led a wandering life for 15 years after her mother's death. As such, her grandpa had always felt guilty towards her grampy and would try to avoid him. Although the knot in Grampy's heart had been untied in the past few years, Grandpa still did not have the confidence to face him.

Old Mr. Wen smiled. "Okay!"

For his granddaughter, he could give up his dignity.

Anyways, at his old age, there was no need to save face.

Wen Xinya was very happy.

"Oh, yes. Now that your pregnancy is stable, when are you planning to hold your wedding with Ninth Si?"

He was worried that since Xinya and Ninth Si were both young, they might not have carefully considered some things. The earlier the wedding was planned, the better. Once Xinya reached her later trimesters, she would be having a hard time again.

"Si Yiyan said that the wedding is still in preparation. He estimated that it'll be done within two months."

Si Yiyan had already thought things through. When the wedding arrived, she would be around five months pregnant and would not look too heavy. When she put on the wedding gown, she could still be a beautiful bride without carrying a huge belly.

As such, she was very satisfied with his arrangement.

The only thing she was discontented with was that Si Yiyan did not let her partic.i.p.ate in the planning.

Old Mr. Wen was content. "That child is rather capable and has considered everything carefully. However, I can't just let him handle the wedding as he likes. I'll have to watch him by the side."

Normally, the elders of both sides of the family would come face to face to discuss the wedding. However, Ninth Si did not have an elder on his side. Hence, he wanted to help them as much as possible to plan a wonderful wedding.

Ninth Si and Xinya were both young, so they wouldn't understand all the complicated rules of marriage. If they messed up their wedding ceremony and ended up being taken lightly by others, Xinya would end up holding regrets over her ruined once in a lifetime wedding forever.

Wen Xinya was delighted. "Thank you, Grandpa."

With Grandpa's help, she was naturally overjoyed.

This meant that Grandpa acknowledged Si Yiyan.

Old Mr. Wen still had his focus on their wedding. "Are you two planning to have a western wedding or Chinese wedding?"

A Chinese wedding was lively and meaningful. However, it would be too troublesome. Now that Xinya was pregnant, it would not be suitable to hold such a c.u.mbersome wedding.

As for a western wedding, it was simple and formal, which seemed like a good idea. Nowadays, youngsters all favored western weddings, and he also leaned towards it.

"Si Yiyan wants to revive the traditional Han wedding ceremony. It will be strict, serious, and dignified."

A traditional Han wedding was not popular in the current society. Firstly, the ceremony was strict and formal, unlike the romantic weddings that modern people desired. It was extremely different, out of place, and was not the least bit romantic.

On top of that, the cost of a traditional Han wedding was too exorbitant. Whether it was the wedding costume, the settings and decorations, or the special tools needed, it would be an extreme test of one's wealth. Even for an extremely wealthy person, a large traditional Han wedding was not something they could easily afford.

From their knowledge, a traditional Han wedding cost over six times that of an ordinary wedding.

However, compared to a western wedding, the traditional Han wedding was more magnificent. It was stricter about the concept of marriage and much more meaningful than other Chinese style weddings.

The reason why Si Yiyan adored the traditional Han wedding was that he believed that it was the true treasure of the wedding culture in Country Z. It emphasized greatly on the yin and yang of heaven and earth, as well as the harmony between men and women, unlike the later wedding styles. Although it was tedious, it carried the constraints the feudal society held towards women.

Old Mr. Wen was utterly shocked. He was against it but was at a loss for words.

Ninth Si was willing to spend a fortune to hold a grand wedding.. This would raise the status of Xinya and the Wen Family. There was no way he could stop his heartfelt sincerity towards Xinya!

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