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Regardless of background, there was no way a peak-stage High G.o.d could maintain a straight face before the twenty-four Primogens. To say nothing of a High G.o.d, even Amrit a Cosmic G.o.d couldn't. Therefore, to avoid betraying his cover, Konrad trembled for an instant, then seemed to struggle to maintain his cool as he bowed toward the Realms' rulers.

At the same time, Konrad probed their depth with his Devil Heart, establis.h.i.+ng a precise ranking while discovering all the demons within their hearts.

"Greetings, your eminences."

At first, they spared him no glance, focusing their eyes on Amrit who didn't dare raise his. Nehal, reinvigorated by Amrit's healing force, stood by his side with the same bow. As he saw her, Daksha's face twisted in a mixture of relief, confusion, and suspicion. Surya's however only showcased suspicion. Not just him, from the glances of the Primogens gathered, Nehal only faced two things, a majority of suspicion and a minority of indifference.

"Amrit, explain the incident."

Daksha ordered, and without delay, Amrit retold all he saw. Eyes then s.h.i.+fted between Nehal and Konrad before settling on the former.

"Nehal, what did you experience and how did you escape?"

Daksha asked Nehal, speaking the mind of his fellow Primogens. Having been granted permission to speak, Nehal slightly raised her trembling head, and while fiddling with her fingers, told the tale of the Celestial Hosts and Infernal Legions' destruction at the hand of a chthonian deity who, on a whim, spared Aakash and her to abuse them across the following centuries.

"Dasra, Mishri and Anharya now serve that depraved tyrant as Undead Puppets. As for Aakash, he currently serves as eunuch and court buffon. Amusing the tyrant's chthonian court at risk of life.

Because I feigned submission, and, and…"

Nehal's words trailed, but floundering on her feet, she couldn't finish them. Still, it didn't take a genius to understand what she meant. With their eons of experience, the Primogens naturally grasped the unspoken words.

"...I managed to obtain his favor, and enjoy high-level G.o.d-Fruits that allowed me to go from Divine Ascension to Nihility G.o.d in but two centuries. And after much planning, following one night of service, I robbed one of the Profane Prince's interdimensional cubes to run back to Heaven. Never did I expect that the tyrant would catch on so soon, and dispatch one of his Chthonian Dukes for my arrest."

Nehal retold the mix of truth and falsehood she'd settled on with Konrad. And as expected doubt and unease flared in the Primogens' eyes.

"If what you're saying is true, regardless of his actual cultivation, that Chthonian Primogen or Profane Prince is more than capable of stepping into our Realms. In fact, he can do so at any time. With the Underworld as his backing and enough strength to put down the Mortal Realm Will, why doesn't he carry on with his conquests?"

Surya probed. If knowing that one of his grandchildren currently served as eunuch and court buffon in some despot's court filled him with rage, he showed none of it, and remained focused on the issue at hand.

Again, Nehal quivered, and as she formed the beginning of a reply, her lips trembled no end.

"He said...he said...the fusion is incomplete. When it is, he will...s-sneak into the Higher Realms, rob the G.o.d Executing Immortal Sword, and destroy the Celestial Realm long before you can form any resistance or realize his presence.

You...are nothing but...still mouses awaiting his...s-slaughter. He will slay your sons, plow...your wi-wives...and put you all on your kn-"

Nehal stuttered, but before she could finish her words, Agni, the Divine Flame Lord, exploded!



And slammed the round table with his open palm, releasing a rumbling, deafening noise that blared within Nehal's ears. Her s.h.i.+vering intensified, and like a startled fawn, she raised her shoulders while lowering her head and avoiding the fury-laced gazes of the Primogens.

Daksha waved his hand, neutralizing Agni's outburst without s.h.i.+fting his attention from Nehal. As the Deva Primogen with the most daughters, perhaps he should have been the most incensed. However, his gaze remained cool and collected, still stopping on the important note.

And this time, Talroth's eyes opened, ignoring the various incensed Primogens to lay his purple eyes on Nehal. They blazed with unprecedented intensity, intensity he'd never shown till now. Not just him, Dolgron, Ashara, Urzul, the Four Infernal Kings. Surya, Brihaspati, Chandra, Durga and Daksha, the five Cardinal Lords. In that instant all set aside their indignation to seize the key word, or words in this case.

"Did you say...the G.o.d Executing Immortal Sword? The G.o.d Executing Immortal Sword, in the Celestial Realm?"

Daksha asked, with his grave words bringing the still fuming G.o.ds back to reality. And though trembling, Nehal gave an approving nod.

"He didn't say where, but the Profane Prince mentioned with more than one occasion...that...that G.o.d Executing Immortal Sword is here, in the Celestial Realm."

Nehal affirmed, and none doubted her words. The younger generation knew nothing of the G.o.d Executing Immortal Sword. Only Ancient Deities, of the Ancestral G.o.d Rank or above knew about it. For her to learn about its name, and speak of it with such candor showed she only took it as some overbearing artifact and didn't know the history behind it.

Now, Daksha cursed all that was holy for allowing Nehal to speak those four words.

In a flash, tension crashed the scene, with the Demon Primogens' eyes incandescent with ire while the Devas' mixed confusion and fright. All clearly remembered the battle of the past and how the G.o.d Executing Immortal Sword vanished from sight.

If that d.a.m.nable sword stood within the Celestial Realm, it could only mean two things:

Either the Mortal Realm Will played tricks, or a mighty Deva G.o.d cheated them all and brought it there! But who could? Under the gaze of all those Legendary G.o.ds, who could possibly get away with s.n.a.t.c.hing the G.o.d Executing Immortal Sword?

Only one possibly possessed enough skills:

The Warden!

That suspicion alone already fragilized the alliance. And as he bore witness to the soaring tension between the two parties, Konrad was forced to suppress a surge of glee.

"Divide and conquer at its best. Let the monkeys fall out."

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