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If before, the Demon Primogens remained civil, when that treachery-laced news echoed. None could keep calm, and chief among them was Ashara whose glower pierced his "celestial peers."

"Please do not jump to conclusions. On the one hand, those words are not necessarily trustworthy. On the other hand, even if they were, who is to say that this wasn't the Mortal Realm Will's doing?

Perhaps, all along, the sword remained in the Mortal Realm, but in one last-ditch effort, just like it sent the t.i.tan Domain over, it also threw the sword into our Realm."

Brihaspi, the Cardinal Light Lord intervened while animosity billowed in the demons' eyes. Their fury only burned brighter!

"Are you taking us for three years olds? Even if the Mortal Realm Will wished to s.h.i.+p the sword, it would send it to a place where neither demons nor devas could access it. How could it possibly leave it in Celestial Realm?"

Ashara retorted with his tone and pressure rising with every word. Although all considered Dolgron the leading Demon King, none could forget Ashara who once provoked could use his Infinite Blood Burning ability to unleash calamities on his foes. Of course, while in theory that ability made Ashara a contender for the "Strongest Primogen" t.i.tle, in practice, it wasn't that simple.

First, Ashara was a late-stage Legendary G.o.d while Dolgron was at the peak. Second, if his life was threatened, Dolgron could also burn his blood. Although, as a result, he would lose his lineage and watch his strength plumet, he could still butcher Ashara in the given timeframe.

For that reason, Ashara could never claim the t.i.tle of "Strongest Primogen." Still, that was an infernal matter. The Cardinal Lords aside, there wasn't one Deva Primogen on the scene able to joust with the Eastern King.

His surging momentum oppressed them all.

"And what makes you think the sword isn't within the t.i.tan Domain? Perhaps it has always been, and they're merely waiting for a new Legendary G.o.d's rise to unleash its strength!"

Durga, the Cardinal Void Lady countered, coating her words in the pressure of her cultivation to suppress Ashara's momentum. But alas, Dolgron chimed in.

"What a load of rubbish. The G.o.d Executing Immortal Sword is the arm of calamity. Without a Legendary G.o.d or above level expert to suppress it, across tens of thousands of kilometers it will lay waste to everything and make life impossible. How big is the t.i.tan Domain?

The Mortal Realm Will was trying to save, not obliterate them! If the sword really was in their hand, they would have no time to waste on you!"

This counter left the Devas without recourse, and they could only seek help in one another's glance. Now, Amrit desperately regretted his choice of bringing Nehal here. Alas, it was far too late. Cold sweat broke from his face while he kept his head lowered and his back bent to avoid calamity.


Talroth broke into a blaring guffaw while shaking his head from left to right.

"Hilarious. Well, infernal brothers and sisters, we no longer have a reason to a.s.sist those creatures. With the G.o.d Executing Immortal Sword within the Warden's sure hands, the t.i.tans are but a minor threat. They can wage war without our help."

Talroth declared, speaking the words none had yet to dare, then vanished in spiraling purple light.

"Indeed, This King has wasted enough time on this gross den. If This King must return, it will be with Infernal Legions."

Dolgron proclaimed, and vanished in white haze. The silent Urzul followed alongside all other Demon Primogens. Now, only Ashara remained.

"Do you think that when the news alert the Overlord, you will have any peaceful days ahead of you? Tss, tss, tss. I'm afraid that before the t.i.tans, you must first worry about our next Realm War!


Ashara burst into a peal of frenzied laughter and vanished in blood light. Now, only the Deva Primogens remained, with the feeling of being sandwiched on too many fronts oppressing their throats.

Incandescent with wrath, their eyes pierced poor Nehal with an intensity her body genuinely couldn't bear. Daksha provided no support for he too now wished to wrench that d.a.m.nable granddaughter's slender neck!

"What...what is going on?"

Nehal stammered, reminding the G.o.ds that she knew nothing of the source of their fury. But how could they care? Of the twelve, only Bhumi, the Divine Earth Lady, and Brihaspati the Cardinal Light Lord, didn't oppress Nehal with their eyes.

"The girl is innocent. If you want to blame something, blame yourselves for having her reveal her humiliations before foreigners."

Bhumi interjected, reminding all those Primogens that they were the only reasons why Nehal stood there and spoke the words she did. They could only blame themselves. And as men and women of paramount status, anger was one thing, but they certainly couldn't make things difficult for a junior.

All pulled in deep breaths and closed their eyes.

"What's done is done. Now we must cope with the aftermath. The twelve of us must unite to destroy the t.i.tan Domain and request an explanation from the Warden. If the Heaven Warding Temple will not stand up to fix the mess they made, we have no reason to care for anything beyond our domains' safety."

Daksha concluded while Nehal, Amrit and Konrad trembled no end. Only now did Daksha pay Konrad genuine attention.

"Why did you bring that boy?"

Daksha questioned Amrit while staring at Konrad. And indeed, as the second Son of Heaven, all deities across the Celestial Realm were but children in his eyes.

"He...he can attest to those creatures' horrifying ability?"

Amrit replied in a barely audible tone. Never did he expect his visit to end in such conditions!

"What ability?"

Daksha probed with slight interest. And again, Amrit floundered.



"They seem able to suppress Laws and cultivation."

Amrit rushed the words, before turning to Konrad for validation. For the second time since their arrival, the Deva Primogens were again filled with waves of consternation.

"They can what?"

They reiterated, with their eyes darting between Konrad and Nehal. Taking it as his cue to speak, Konrad stepped forward.

"I've witnessed it first hand. Though that ability seems restricted to Base Laws Wielders, those beasts can nullify cultivation and make a High G.o.d no different from a toddler. What more they can do...I dare not say."

Konrad stated, and Nehal backed him with an approving nod. Now the Deva Primogens felt as if ten thousand worlds were cras.h.i.+ng on top of them. An ability that enabled its wielder to invalid laws and cultivation. What heaven-defying catastrophe was this? And if even a random beast could use it to this extent, what was their sovereign capable of?

For the first time in untold eons, those ancient deities felt the situation beyond their ability to handle, and fright surged within their G.o.d-Hearts!

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