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Rarely did stupor serve any purpose. On that night, as Chandra failed to process his disciples' words, stupor didn't help. The same words left the disciples' lips.

"The Cardinal Light Lord is leading the full force of the Radiant Light Mountain for an all-out attack! Please give us instructions!"

This time, Chandra knew he couldn't change reality by feigning ignorance, and looked left and right, seeking a reason for this turn of events. He found none. Therefore, he turned back toward his disciples.

"Why? It's not even been twenty-four hours since he helped mediate the Sea Dream situation. We have neither grievances nor enmities. Why would that pedantic Ris.h.i.+ f.u.c.k lead troops to our gates? It makes no b.l.o.o.d.y sense!"

Chandra cursed, but behind the door, the disciples wore an "if you ask me, who do I ask?" expression. The boldest of the two, however, replied.

"It seems to be...because of your eminence."


The naga disciple had just finished his words that the door flew open, and Chandra smashed his head into meat paste!

"Bold peon! How dare you incriminate your Palace Lord?! Do you have proof? Hum? Hum?"

Chandra snarled. Alas, the gored disciple could no longer give any reply. And though his partner heard Brihaspati's bellow and had come up with a solid hypothesis, he didn't dare open his mouth.

Annoyed by the lack of intel, Chandra swept his sleeve and cast his G.o.d-Sense toward the outside. It didn't take long before the sight of the Radiant Light Mountain's invading troops filled his eyes. This was not a petty squirmish force, but a "you die or I perish" host with no room for compromise!

Instantaneously, Chandra floundered!

"For the love of Heaven what is wrong with that Ris.h.i.+ f.u.c.k? Did Surya offend him and drag me down with him?"

Chandra couldn't help but wonder. Surya had always been trying to add the Radiant Light Mountain to his alliance. In fact, he wished to unite the five Cardinal Sects. Alas, even a harebrained toddler wouldn't dare court an alliance with Durga and her Eternal Void Sect. Therefore, he could only pin his hopes on the more reasonable Ris.h.i.+. For that very reason, considering Chandra was one of his few (his only) friends, Chandra didn't cause trouble within the Radiant Light Domain.

Even during his l.u.s.t frenzies, he endeavored to either remain within his domain or sneak into some Divine Lords. Those were consequences he could deal with. The l.u.s.t Frenzy was the pinnacle of the curse he'd received from the Warden. Every decade, he'd turn into a rutting bull with an insatiable craving for female touch and plow all the ladies kindling his appet.i.te. With eons of training, he managed to awaken a sliver of lucidity during the frenzy, and encode "Inviolable Targets" within his mind.

However, he'd still forget everything once the frenzy ran out. With the Nagas already being l.u.s.tful creatures, this curse from the Warden wrought Chandra a plethora of problems. Fortunately, he'd yet to violate a daughter of an existence he couldn't afford to offend. But as Brihaspati's host descended upon his gates, Chandra couldn't help but think that perhaps, just perhaps, he'd gone astray.

"That Warden is really a petty individual. For such a tiny remark that pedantic c.u.n.t actually doomed me to an eternity of calamities, without hope for redemption! Now I don't even know what I'm guilty of! Hateful!"

Chandra spat, then realized a disciple still stood by his side. Having heard words he shouldn't have, the poor chap trembled in desperation. Chandra's lips curled into a smile, and the Naga Primogen stretched his hand toward his disciple.

"Your eminence I swear I will ne…"

The disciple began, but before he could finish his words, Chandra squeezed his face within his large palm, and squashed his head into blood and gore!

"Disciples nowadays are so witless. As if I didn't have enough problems already. How dare you listen to such treasonous words?"

Chandra sighed and turned into a beam of dark-blue light to meet Brihaspati's invasion.

As he landed within the night sky, vast moonlight erupted from his form and his eyes locked on the 300,000 deva-strong heavenly host. Chandra waved his hands, and as if answering a silent command, hundreds of moonlight beams erupted from the Moon Refining Palace to land behind him. Unlike the invading Brihaspati, Chandra only summoned elders, protectors and deacons. Of course, the remaining disciples stood ready to attack at any time.

Heaven's night sky was a sparkling icy-blue. However, when Chandra's elite nagas unleashed their dark moonlight, that icy blue dimmed to earthly darkness.

"Brihaspati, what is the meaning of this? You and I have neither grievances nor enmity. Why then do you bring your Radiant Light Mountain's full troops to my Moon Refining Palace? What? Do you think that just because you rank third among the Cardinal Lords, you can bully me?"

Chandra inquired with his arms crossed beneath his back, and his protruding belly sticking out. On the scene, unaware of the root of the Ris.h.i.+ Primogen's ire, many found those words reasonable. But in Brihaspati's ears, they sounded like nothing more than cruel jeers.

"Neither grievances nor enmities? Hahahaha! Neither grievances nor enmities?!"

Brihaspati began in a cacophony of demented laughter that frightened all the gathered troops. Never in billions of years had the Ris.h.i.+ Primogen showcased such an appearance! Now, even Chandra was scared. The deeply-rooted rancor he saw in Brihaspati's sparkling eyes convinced him that regardless of who mediated today, rivers of blood would flow.

"Chandra, you snuck into my sect to violate my wife, harvest her cultivation and abduct her from my land! Yet you have the nerve to say...that we...have...neither grievances nor enmities?! Chandra, today if I do not gore you like the pig you are, I am not worthy of being the Cardinal Light Lord!"

No! I must butcher your children, extinguish your house, and ensure your vile naga seed no longer stains the Celestial Realm!"

While Brihaspati's rage-reddened figure pulsed with veins, the full might of his cultivation base and laws erupted in an explosion of blinding light!


Brihaspati howled, causing three hundred towers of pure light, each high of nine kilometers, to appear within Heaven's sky and fire three hundred light beams that condensed into a gargantuan light orb to rain holy judgment on the Moon Refining Palace!

"How can he be so...strong?"

Chandra stammered, for faced with this formidable display, he no longer doubted that if push came to shove, he couldn't withstand one of Brihaspati's moves! Although it'd been billions of years since he'd seen him fight, never did he expect that such a gap now existed between them!

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