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The opportunity to get a Mark of an Immortal King was right before their eyes. Everyone from the Ancient Ink Camp gave it their all and charged towards the Endless Immortal Army.

Wu Yu knew about the comprehensive strength of the Ancient Ink Camp. Although the other party was stronger and the Ancient Ink Camp couldn't hold them back, it would be daunting for them to defeat the Ancient Ink Camp rapidly and get the Mark of an Immortal King.

There might be experts lurking in the surrounding areas. If they couldn't do so swiftly and the commotion caused on the star was huge, it would be c.u.mbersome if these experts arrived before the battle was settled.

This might very well be the best opportunity for the Ancient Ink Camp within the next 100 years.

Before clas.h.i.+ng with the Endless Immortal Army, who donned suits of white destinable armor, Xu Zidong said to Wu Yu, "Your movements are fleeting and you can break away from here easier. Let us hold back the Endless Immortal Army while you search for the Mark of an Immortal King. What do you think?"

This was indeed a great plan. Now they had to keep a low profile. Considering that they couldn't defeat their opponents, holding them back might be a great plan too.

Therefore, Wu Yu broke away from the team abruptly. First, he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink his body to the smallest possible. Immediately after, he used Fulgurating Shadows of the Somersault Cloud to land behind the immortal city.

Within the Ancient Ink Camp, Wu Yu wasn't an eye-catching figure. Therefore, what he just did had likely escaped the eyes of the Endless Immortal Army, who was focused on Xu Zidong and the rest.

Just as Wu Yu had left, the immortal lords from the Ancient Ink Camp unleashed all their tricks above the immortal city as they clashed with the dozen-plus members of the Endless Immortal Army.

The commotion of the battle was huge as the autonomous realm powers shrouded almost the entire immortal city. Autonomous realm powers from over 20 immortal lords were full of destruction, sinking the entire immortal city into absolute disarray. In the first instance, the immortal city was heavily damaged. Although the city walls and buildings were protected by immortal designs, it was still inevitable that they crumbled and debris was swirling around under the destruction of the autonomous realm powers.

Now that Wu Yu had shrunk his body, he could move rapidly at ease. He knew it wouldn't be easy for Xu Zidong and the rest to hold their ground; therefore, he accelerated and dived into the immortal city immediately.

With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he surveyed the area. At the same time, he protected himself with the fifth tier of the Somersault Cloud, the Sky Cloud Realm, similar to an immortal lord with his autonomous realm power. The Sky Cloud Realm was like a lesser realm wrapping around him with an external layer with similar properties as cotton. When the boundless autonomous realm powers struck on Wu Yu, they were reflected or dissipated to the surroundings.

With the Sky Cloud Realm and the Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu was highly effective. He moved around the city swiftly, searching for any suspicious locations. When found one, he would just destroy it directly with brute strength.

"Where is the Mark of an Immortal King?"

The immortal city was constantly being destroyed. Even if Wu Yu held back, the city would still be damaged by the ongoing battles.

Xu Zidong and the rest had pinned all their hopes on Wu Yu, making him feel the stress. He knew it wasn't easy for them to have the luck they had today.

"If only I could use my 100,000 doppelgangers to search. In the immortal city, their battles were everywhere. With their autonomous realm powers filling the s.p.a.ce, my doppelgangers would likely not even last a breath of time."

Within the immortal city, there were also numerous large palaces, buildings, and corners. It was really difficult to find the Mark of an Immortal King, which Wu Yu had no information about.

Wu Yu gave his all while sweeping and searching through the immortal city like a frenzied man. Since this was a Great Void Immortal Treasure, there had to be something extraordinary about it.

At the very least, it couldn't be destroyed!

When Wu Yu eventually flattened all the buildings, he would be able to find the Mark of an Immortal King!

At this point, every second counted. Time truly waited for no one.

Once the Ancient Ink Camp was overwhelmed and injuries or even deaths occured, the losses wouldn't justify the gains.

Wu Yu stole a few more glances. The Ancient Ink Camp specialized in team battles and had a battle formation as their foundation. Their chemistry and collaboration was great. However, the Endless Immortal Army, being an army of the sky palaces, specialized in the same aspect. When the two battle formations clashed, it was like watching two superpowered t.i.tanic beasts clas.h.i.+ng in the sky.

"Mark of an Immortal King, Mark of an Immortal King...."

As time pa.s.sed, Wu Yu was getting restless. The immortal city was colossal. If he was alone, no matter how fast he was, it would be daunting to be successful if he was unlucky or he couldn't see how the Mark of an Immortal King was hidden.

"Wu Yu, hurry up!"

After searching for roughly 15 minutes in vain, Xu Zidong was getting a little anxious and started rus.h.i.+ng Wu Yu.

"I'll do my best!"

It was undoubtedly difficult to find the Mark of an Immortal King within the immortal city.

Wu Yu accelerated across the city, withstanding attacks with his Sky Cloud Realm while scanning around with his Eyes of Fire and Gold!

"Hold it there!"

Wu Yu had caused quite a commotion within the immortal city. In the end, he was discovered by the Endless Immortal Army.

At this point, one soldier separated from the battle formation of the Endless Immortal Army to deal with Wu Yu and to also hinder Wu Yu from searching for the Mark of an Immortal King.

However, with one soldier separated, the pressure on the Ancient Ink Camp was also relieved slightly. Perhaps they could hold on for a longer period.

The Endless Immortal Soldier donned the suit of destinable immortal armor and had a destinable immortal spear as a weapon. He descended before Wu Yu like a bolt of silver lightning.

"Power of a realm!"

The soldier didn't hesitate or say a word before cras.h.i.+ng towards Wu Yu with his autonomous realm power. With his body shrunk to the limit, Wu Yu's power had also decreased to the lowest extent. If he were to clash with the soldier now, he wouldn't have an advantage.

Therefore, before the autonomous realm power reached him, he s.h.i.+fted and came to the other end with Fulgurating Shadows to continue his search for the Mark of an Immortal King!

"You can't escape!"

The Endless Immortal Soldier was surprised. Wu Yu had to find the Mark of an Immortal King as soon as he could. The quicker he moved, the greater the commotion he caused. The soldier still locked on to Wu Yu quickly and started chasing.

After dodging a few times, Wu Yu realized the attacks from the pursuer were affecting his efficiency! Therefore, he made a decision to first defeat this opponent, who was roughly the equivalent of a 5-realm immortal lord.

For Wu Yu, a 5-realm immortal lord was really strong!

Or at the very least, he was still stronger than Yun Mo.

Fortunately, he now had eight immortal dao marks and his Dragon and Elephant Prajna Buddha Body had reached perfect mastery.


Before the eyes of that Endless Immortal Soldier, the initial minute existence expanded explosively! From less than two inches in size, Wu Yu became a giant in a split second! The might of his physical body had returned to him.

In his hands were the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da and the Floating Dreams Sword!

"So you are capable of this too!" That Endless Immortal Soldier wasn't worried and scoffed, "A meagre xuan immortal still dares to enter the Endless River of Stars? This is outright underestimating our Endless Immortal Army!"

As he spoke, he expanded his autonomous realm power towards Wu Yu. It was a realm dazzled with brilliant light, and those rays of light were shot towards Wu Yu like countless blades.

"Sky Cloud Realm!"

At this point, the Somersault Cloud had exceeded the extent of the Immortal Cloud Field to become a realm of its own. One could say that the current Sky Cloud Realm was similar to one's autonomous realm in terms of power and appearance. In fact, others would mistake Wu Yu to be at the Immortal Lord Realm because of it.

The Sky Cloud Realm expanded, deflected the silverish world, and ended up suppressing Wu Yu's opponent. Endless clouds enveloped the silver rays of light. The huge realm was filled with clouds, pouring down from the sky with the ferocity of waves while suppressing Wu Yu's opponent!

"You are an immortal lord too!"

The soldier's eyes widened in disbelief. From the beginning, he had not felt any autonomous realm power from Wu Yu.

"Sword-energy, burst!"

The Endless Immortal Soldier released a last-ditch attack. He didn't think he would lose to Wu Yu. When his autonomous realm was pushed back, he compressed the realm and materialized it as a colossal sword with exceptional sharpness. As such, he would be able to tear through Wu Yu's Sky Cloud Realm easily and split Wu Yu into two halves!

"I'll break your autonomous realm!"

He was pretty confident in his strength.

"Wishful thinking!"

Both parties were competing for the Mark of an Immortal King. Since they weren't at the level where one party wanted the other party to perish, this could be said as a fair contest!

Wu Yu threw the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da towards the sky, and its might enveloped the entire field immediately.

"Time Warp!"

Triggering the time immortal design with his boundless immortal energy, the might of Time Warp covered the entire area instantly. The Sky Cloud Realm and the enemy were both trapped within time disorder. However, Wu Yu wasn't affected by it.


All of a sudden, that silver, colossal sword was contorted by time at all parts. The compressed and materialized sword gradually collapsed.

"How is this possible!?" That Endless Immortal Soldier couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't understand the power of Wu Yu's destinable immortal treasure!

No matter how unwilling he was to believe it, Wu Yu had made his way through the Sky Cloud Realm and directed the Sky Cloud Realm to hold that soldier down. Wu Yu left three strikes through his body with the Floating Dreams Sword. If Wu Yu had wanted to kill him, he would have succeeded by now.


The other party fell and the raging sword qi was still rampaging in his body, attacking his five organs and six viscerals. At this point, he could only watch Wu Yu leaving while unable to do anything. Wu Yu would be able to continue his search, while his defeat would leave him immobilized until he was able to expel the destruction caused by Wu Yu's Floating Dreams Sword!


Seeing that Wu Yu had defeated his opponent, Xu Zidong and the rest heaved sighs of relief. It wasn't easy for them to target a specific individual in the battle formation. However, if one of them fell out of sync, it would be easier. Not only was Wu Yu able to continue his search for the Mark of an Immortal King, but he was also able to reduce the strength of the other party!

Moving on, Wu Yu could search for the Mark of an Immortal King at full steam!

Wu Yu was anxious too. Despite searching for so long, he didn't find any signs of it. Indeed, a Mark of an Immortal King wasn't easy to get a hold of!

What was more troublesome was that Wu Yu could see numerous immortal lords charging over like maniacs when he looked up at the sky.

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