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Chapter 1485: Hundred Years, Thousand Time Talisman

In 25,000 years, she had reached the 5th tier of Immortal Lord Realm from being the most ordinary heavenly immortal. Moreover, she also cultivated her physical body and immortal spirit at the same time, reaching the fifth tier of Immortal Lord Realm on both fronts. Throughout the entire Heavenly Domain, this was an unbelievable pace.

However, this was because she received Wu Yu's Imparting. As such, her pace was in fact ordinary. After all, her starting point was a little lower than Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had long received Wu Yu's Imparting.

However, in the aspect of natural Mystiques, Luo Pin was more outstanding and approaching the level of Wu Yu's standards.

Now, it wasn't a problem for her to face a 9-realm immortal lord.

Since she advanced from the 1st tier to the 5th tier of Immortal Lord Realm, the metamorphosis had brought drastic changes to her appearance and disposition. Wu Yu's disposition was unyielding and domineering. However, even he vaguely felt he couldn't suppress the authority and dominance exhibited in every action and word of this autocratic empress.

Obviously, when she was facing Wu Yu, she always had a gentle and caring side that was charming.

When both of them were together, they were the exemplification of immortal companions and match made in heaven.

Wu Yu felt more a.s.sured after witnessing her metamorphosis. Previously, she was worried Wu Yu had left her in the dust. Now, she wouldn't carry the same worries. After regaining her confidence, she was in a better mood. The strength that could be seen from her eyes and her conviction for the future were both unprecedented.

Of which, the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon Avatar probably caused the greatest change in her appearance. It was the same for Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. One of them was becoming more and more unearthly like the Nine Cycles Imperial Immortal while the other was becom becoming more mysterious and dark like the h.e.l.l's Incarnation.

Within the vast sea, the girl would transform into dragon at times to traverse between the sky and earth. She was like the ruler of the world and wherever she visited, the beasts surrendered and the living creatures wors.h.i.+pped her. Her silky clothes flew in the wind, her black hair flowed down her shoulders like a waterfall, her skin was silky-white and her eyes were bright. She was the fairy that all mortals had imagined.

Over this period, Wu Yu had not lagged behind. Although it was just a short 250 years, he had devoured too much when he was in h.e.l.l. Many problems he encountered were solved readily. Although it was just over two hundred years, he had a smooth progression to become a 7-realm immortal lord.

In the aspects of his Invincible Vajra Body and immortal spirit world nucleus, he made progress at the same time. In the short two hundred over years, he had undergone another metamorphosis and his battle strength exploded once again. His link to Chifeng Immortal Lord was getting more remote as he progressed and this helped him clear suspicions that others might have.

Now, only he was a 7-realm immortal lord while the other three were all 5-realm immortal lords. Without the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da's effects, it wouldn't be possible for the quartet to make improvements again in a few hundred years. Even devouring would require a substantial amount of time to digest.

Luo Pin spent 250 years to reach the fifth tier of the Immortal Lord Realm. Moving forward, even if she received Imparting from Wu Yu, she would probably need a few thousand years to reach the sixth tier and eventually catch up to Wu Yu.

Nonetheless, she was satisfied with her current progress.

"The only thing lacking will be a suitable weapon. We can't be hiding like this forever. It's about time we head out and loiter around."

Within the vast sea, after their entanglement, Wu Yu said beside her ears.

"The days of training in seclusion are over?"

"That's because you have completed the target I have in mind for you. With your strength, you would have the ability to keep yourself alive in the sky palaces," Wu Yu chuckled.

Wu Yu thought about it before answering, "Have you forgotten my adoptive parents inform us that Tian Ming Dragon Lord and his brothers and sisters are looking for us a hundred years ago? It's fine for us to hide here. What if they manage to locate us once we get out?"

Wu Yu replied with a smile, "With our current strength, do we have to be afraid of them? Only they would grossly underestimate us."

Luo Pin blinked slightly before answering, "That's not the worry. It is just that I've improved a little too quickly. To them, only a short 250 years have pa.s.sed. They are well aware of my previous cultivation realm. In that case, this would definitely caused a ruckus and perhaps some undesirable outcome."

A heavenly immortal reaching the Immortal Lord Realm in just 250 years would definitely be shocking news to the sky palaces. Even if one would like to boast, they wouldn't have made such exaggerated claims.

Wu Yu smiled sheepishly and said, "I definitely have thought about this. However, what makes you think I didn't have a way to resolve this problem when I dare to facilitate your progress? When I quickened your progress, it wasn't my intention to hide you for several tens of thousands of years after your cultivation."

"What's your plan? Tell me quick! Stop leaving me hanging," Luo Pin was overjoyed from his teasing.

After fooling around with her for some time, Wu Yu finally answered, "There's a great void immortal talisman known as the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman. It involves a delicate application of the Time heavenly rule into a talisman. It's rare but it definitely exist. When you paste the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman on someone, the person would have a thousand times more time within a hundred years. In other words, 100 years outside would be 100,000 years for that person. Although the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman is rare, it isn't something that is impossible to get. I just have to claim that I found it in the ruins of a certain immortal cave. You have used the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman to cultivate for a 100,000 years."

This was something that Wu Yu had prepared. Luo Pin was different from Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. No one knew about their background but many people in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm knew about Luo Pin.

"There's such a great thing? Anyone could use it? Wouldn't the creator create lots of them? This would save him lots of time......" Luo Pin was a little sceptical.

Wu Yu shook his head. "This isn't something great. Only those risking their life would use it. That's because of the major side effects. First, it couldn't be stopped once activated. Otherwise, one might die from the disorder in time. Second, other than accelerating the exhaustion of 100,000 years of one's life, one's body would also be worn down by the enormous powers of the talisman. Typically speaking, it would exhaust one's life by a further 50,000 to 200,000 years. In other words, when one uses the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman, he might lose 300,000 years. That's the equivalent of losing 30% of one's lifetime. Third, when in seclusion, one wouldn't be able to move an inch and wouldn't gain further enlightenment. One could only rely on his own deep thinking. Under such circ.u.mstances, the effects of cultivation would be less than 20% of an ordinary immortal cultivating for 100,000 years. Due to the three side effects, there aren't many who dare to use it. Only those putting their lives at stake or are in critical moments would they dare to stake so many years of their life to gamble."

Luo Pin understood. This was indeed not something great. It's not surprising that she had not heard about it. If there weren't any side effects, the talisman would have been well known. Moreover, it would be really precious and not something someone like Wu Yu could get. An ordinary immortal who found a great void immortal talisman like this might just throw it away. As such, Wu Yu had a better chance of finding one.

Luo Pin knocked his head and said, "Fool. If they know you let me use something so dangerous, they would probably kill you! This include those other dragon kings in the Sky Heart tribe."

"It's fine as long as your adoptive parents know the truth. As for the others, they have always wanted to kill me. Haha! As for me, aren't they curious how I'm cultivating so quickly. I can just let them know I've been using the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman as well. I got two talismans, one for you and one for me... Haha......"

Luo Pin was blissfully gifted and wouldn't have to resort to such growth by undue haste. Luo Pin knew if Tian Ming Dragon Lord knew Wu Yu was risking her life and damaging her foundation through the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman, he probably be infuriated.

Nonetheless, the outcome shown on Luo Pin was positive. She had reached the 5th tier of Immortal Lord Realm and could easily silence Tian Ming Dragon Lord in an instant. At the same time, there wasn't any visible side effects. Her vitality was robust and one wouldn't tell that her longevity and foundation had been damaged.

Moreover, she had indeed stayed in the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da for several tens of thousands of years. In terms of age, several tens of thousands and several hundreds were clearly different. However, several tens of thousand weren't too different from several hundreds of thousands.

A destinable immortal treasure like the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da was indeed rare. Great void immortal treasure that could change time would be even more scarce. Therefore, the value of the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da could even match great void immortal treasure.

In fact, the key to her improvements was still Wu Yu's Imparting.

"Let's head out and I'll find you a weapon. After which, let's visit the Great Ancient Ink Realm. My sister and the rest are about to become immortals. I'm prepared to bring them to the sky palaces directly."

Luo Pin pondered over it. The claim about the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman was viable and could also help explain Wu Yu's growth.

"Ok. It's been tough staying here all the time. Let's head out."

When they spent so long in this place, it was getting a little dry.

Speaking of the Great Ancient Ink Realm, Wu Yu still remembered his brothers and sister of Ancient Ink Camp were still currently within the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da.

Previously when he killed Gu Qiang Immortal Lord, they were captured by Gu Di Immortal Lord. Fortunately, only Gu Di Immortal Lord had seen them previously as they were imprisoned by her until Wu Yu rescued them. Therefore, the Primeval Mighty Miracle G.o.d tribe had not deduced Wu Yu's ident.i.ty thtrough them. This was a narrow escape. Therefore, Wu Yu convinced them that he couldn't let them out of the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da for a period of time.

Ancient Ink Camp also agreed to the proposal. After all, this was a grave matter. Moreover, Wu Yu had given them lots of resources so they could continue improving gradually within the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da. Now, they were just waiting to see how the event would unfold. Logically speaking, even if they came out, it shouldn't be an issue. This was because Xu Zidong and the rest were certain Gu Di Immortal Lord had imprisoned them all along once they were caught by her. No one had cared about who they were and no one knew who they were. Their target at that time was Wu Yu, or rather Chifeng Immortal Lord.

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