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Chapter 1500: Leisure and Pleasure

Tian Jian Dragon Lord already had a glowing reputation on the Great Void Immortal Path. Besides, he was smart enough not to jump on the Astral h.e.l.l bandwagon.

He had emerged from the Great Void Immortal Path with a great bounty, and favored with rewards from the Sky Heart tribe, only to lose to baby Luo Pin!

Not just a defeat, but even his life was in her hands now. The Sea G.o.d's Halberd of Eternal Night nailed his skull firmly to the floor. The slightest twitch of it sent spikes of screaming pain down his nerves, and had him s.h.i.+vering from the pain. He longed to crush Luo Pin, and yet he could not.

Luo Pin's ability was astonis.h.i.+ng indeed. Especially in terms of aura, the might of the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon was an invisible danger that s.h.i.+mmered in coexistence. He was confused. It did not seem like Luo Pin who was controlling him, but an elder.

And now Luo Pin was using Tian Jian Dragon Lord's life to threaten Tian Que Dragon King.

Aurora Dragon Lord and Tian Ming Dragon Lord were all scared silly now. Even with 10,000 more imagination skill points they would never have come up with this situation. They were absolutely aghast.

Over at Wu Yu's side, he had not actually gotten down to fighting with Tian Que Dragon King properly, and already victory was decided. He chuckled dryly. He himself was still thinking of a plan, but it seemed like Luo Pin had solved their conundrum by herself.

It was up to Tian Que Dragon King now.

As for Tian Jian Dragon Lord, he wanted to struggle, to fight back. But the slightest movement was supervised by a twist of Luo Pin's Sea G.o.d's Halberd of Eternal Night, which had him gibbering in pain again.

"Open the Tian Que Dragon Palace, and I wil let him go." Luo Pin said again. Although her voice did not ring out particularly loud, but no one would doubt the strength of it.

"He is the son of the Sky Shadow Dragon Queen. You dare to kill him?" Tian Que Dragon King inquired coldly.

Luo Pin did not answer. She met his eyes, her claws flexing as the Sea G.o.d's Halberd of Eternal Night turned obediently. As it twisted, Tian Jian Dragon Lord's skull started to split, and he curled up with a miserable scream.

"See how well he can hold on then. He might die or not." Luo Pin answered, still twirling Tian Jian Dragon Lord around indifferently like an earthworm on a fork.

Tian Que Dragon King's eyes were icy.

"Big Brother, my brother, he......" Tian Jian Dragon Lord Aurora Dragon Lord rambled. Although Tian Jian Dragon Lord was not dead yet, but that was even more unbearable to watch.

Luo Pin had a way to torture him without killing him.

Tian Que Dragon King must be beyond furious, but his hands were tied. With Tian Jian Dragon Lord in such a state, it did not seem possible to deal with these two right now.

But the enmity was laid down deep this time.

He flicked his hand, and the Tian Que Dragon Palace flew back into his hand, becoming a dragon palace. The dark and oppressive aura lifted accordingly, and light was restored.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin looked at each other. In a flash, both left swiftly. As for Tian Jian Dragon Lord, Luo Pin had flung him far in the other direction.

Tian Que Dragon King ignored Tian Jian Dragon Lord and gave immediately chase.

Luo Pin s.h.i.+fted to human form and dived into Wu Yu's Floating Dreams PaG.o.da.

Only Wu Yu was left now.

That made things easier. Wu Yu's speed was already faster than Tian Que Dragon King's. He did not need the Somersault Cloud. He simply had to keep ahead of Tian Que Dragon King, and head towards Mystic Sun Immortal City. As long as he entered, they would be unable to act with such impunity. There were many immortals there, and he could hide easily as well.

Wu Yu rushed into Mystic Sun Immortal City before long.

"Don't celebrate too early. I will make you pay." Tian Que Dragon King said from behind.

"I can't wait to see you try." Wu Yu mocked. After running circles around him in Mystic Sun Immortal City, Wu Yu vanished before his eyes. He had not even used Replicate or Somersault Cloud, and had already shaken him off.

Now that he had been shaken off, Wu Yu was much more relaxed. With a shake of his body, he now looked like another immortal. Having shown himself here at Mystic Sun Immortal City, however, meant that he could not possibly linger at Mystic Sun Sky. He should leave as soon as possible.

This time they had met, and Wu Yu had shown off Luo Pin's transformations to them.

However, they were ultimately no threat to Wu Yu. He changed an ident.i.ty and left Mystic Sun Sky.

Luo Pin's fight had also left her with new insights. Wu Yu decided it was a good time to find a new place. After all, Princess You Xue, Wu You and Su Yanli had just come to the sky palaces, and Wu Yu naturally wanted to show them around.

The 6000-plus levels of Heaven was not too suitable a place for an orientation. Wu Yu headed downwards, below 2000, where the heavenly immortals roamed.

They had just arrived, and even seeing the 2000th level of Heaven was breathtaking.

"The four of them will probably continue to think of ways to hunt and kill us right?" Luo Pin said.

"Indeed. Given their nature, they will not rest until it is done. But it doesn't matter. We need time, and I'm waiting for the matter of Chifeng Immortal Lord to die down as well. At that time things will be easier. When I truly reach the immortal king realm, there will be no problems."

After all, it was fairly dangerous for him in the sky palaces, with no background.

And his true enemies were Mighty Miracle G.o.d and the Four Heavenly Kings......

As for Tian Que Dragon King and the others, they were a minor threat in comparison. Wu Yu simply needed to be a bit more careful not to reveal his true strength in battle.

Wu Yu would also take more care from now on, so that they would not be able to find him so easily. After all, discretion was the name of the game for now.

After changing ident.i.ties, he brought the three heavenly immortal beauties back down below the 2000th level of Heaven. Firstly, he took them around on the Somersault Cloud, pa.s.sing many an idyllic day in amus.e.m.e.nt. They toured many places below the 2000th level of Heaven, and saw many wondrous sights.

Even Luo Pin was envious.

Of course, they knew that Tian Que Dragon King must be tearing his hair out looking for them, and so Luo Pin was content to abide in the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da. Because after Wu Yu brought them out to play, he would definitely have to bring them back to the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da and cultivate in seclusion. They would only be able to roam once they could protect themselves.

Perhaps the Nine Xuan Dao Realm at least.

With Wu Yu's legacies and the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da's time, it was not difficult. Perhaps a few hundred years would be enough.

Wu Yu spent five years bringing them around.

Everything was magical for Wu You and the others, who were new to the sky palaces. They gasped at everything, lost in wonder. There were immortals here everywhere, and it made them envious. For a moment, they forgot that they too were immortals themselves.

However, after five years, they had been to very many places. There were not many places under the 2000th level of Heaven left unexplored, and they had met all sorts of people already. They too realized how weak they were in the sky palaces. It was time to settle down and cultvate in all seriousness.

Therefore, the three of them returned to the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da, enjoying Wu Yu's cultivation resources and legacies, properly beginning their cultivation.

Seeing them gradually grow stronger, Wu Yu's worries were also put to rest. As long as they cultivated properly, it should not be difficult to gain 9 Yuan of life.

Wu Yu had basically fulfilled his promise to give Wu You longevity. She had 100,000 years of life now, and there was no need to worry that she would pa.s.s in a mere century.

As the three of them began cultivation, Luo Pin came out from seclusion.

The two continued their lives as immortal companions, playing and living without care.

Luo Pin had a petty side to her as well. She said: "You spent all that time with them, going to so many places. I, too, want to go with you, and I want to spend even more time, and go to even more places. The sky palaces are so huge, but I've only been to a few places before."

"That is no problem at all. Back when we were in the mortal realm, did we not dream of longevity spent here in the heavens? Living carefree lives and entertaining ourselves, and also having children?"

Wu Yu laughed loudly, and then his palms began to itch. After all, they had been five years apart, where it had been inconvenient to do the deed.

Another intense writhing battle. Luo Pin's body quality was getting better and better. How else could she withstand Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body otherwise?

Wu Yu wanted to explore the 8,000 Sky Palaces further too. Therefore in the next dozen years, he and Luo Pin went to many sky palaces, the unique places, the places worthy of a visit.

During that time, he also met with Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

Full Moon of Nanshan was still snug as a bug in a rug. He was drunk when awake and dreaming when asleep. He always had a few beauties by his side. In less than 15 minutes, he was ready to say farewell.

As for Ye Xixi, she had been to many places and gotten to know many people. She had initially planned to follow Wu Yu again, but seeing Luo Pin by his side, she had slipped off again. She did not want to see them all lovey-dovey.

Wu Yu did not want to keep her either. If there was nothing pressing, she was better off roaming freely. Before, they did not have time, and now they had plenty of it. And in this critical time, Chifeng Immortal Lord was still a name on many lips. There were people searching for them everywhere, and it was best that Wu Yu keep his low profile.

These days spent with Luo Pin were some of the happiest days of his life. He had only eyes for this beauty, and no other care in the world worth his attention.

Wu Yu knew that Tian Que Dragon King and the others must still be thinking of a way to chase him. Those people were indeed annoying gnats that were not easy to swat. Therefore, Wu Yu took extra care to avoid them.

However, they were finally discovered again, and this time Tian Que Dragon King came prepared.

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