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Chapter 1511: Unbelievable Luck

Wu Yu had mingled into their circle. He would be able to know what Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was planning immediately.

"Father, why? Even if that was Wu Jun, he didn't have any influence. The Revered Dragon Council would also turn a blind eye to it. Moreover, uncle is around too and we wouldn't have to be concerned about the rumors. Why don't we just execute her?" Shortly after Wu Jun and others had left, Sky Shadow couldn't hold her questions anymore. Anxiety was clearly written over her face.

It was the same for the Sky Chariot Dragon King who were looking anxiously at his father.

When the crowd had dispersed, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor turned solemn instead. Sky Will Dragon King and Empyrean Revered Dragon were clearly perplexed too.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor answered faintly, "What I'm going to tell you today, just keep it within ourselves and should never get out."

Sensing the severity of the matter, the group nodded their heads in a hurry. Even Sky Shadow and Sky Chariot nodded their heads doubtfully.

Wu Yu furrowed his eyebrows. Could it be Sky Heart Dragon Emperor noticed something that others didn't?

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor looked to the sky and his eyes seemed to be gleaning in complicated emotions. He said, "It has been a long time since we heard about the Dragon Ancestor. No one could find its existence and even the 9 Great Dragon Emperors had no clue of its whereabouts. Perhaps this was a deliberate act by the Dragon Ancestor. Even our memories of him are vague and scarce."

"Dragon Ancestor? Does it really exist......" At the talk of Dragon Ancestor, even they felt especially lost.

Wu Yu was stumped. Indeed, this guy managed to see something from Luo Pin!

Among the four of them, almost no one could recognize the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, Marshal Tian Peng and Curtain Lifting General.

However, there were still lingering rumors about the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon, or rather the Dragon Ancestor. It was just the even Sky Heart Dragon Emperor didn't know the authencity of the rumors. What he was implying was that his memories were also tempered.

However, why would that be? What secrets are being hidden within? Where did the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal go?

Wu Yu was clueless about these too. All he could vaguely feel was there's seemed to be an alarming secret hidden around it.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor continued his explanation. "The Dragon Ancestor definitely existed. It is just that there's only a handful in the sky palaces who knew where it went and they had exceptional status and standing. It isn't convenient for me to ask them. As for us, we don't have a deep impression of it."

Sky Shadow questioned, "What does this has to do with Luo Pin......"

A glimmer of fear and respect gleaned in the eyes of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor. He answered, "I understand how you feel. Empyrean and others couldn't tell but I managed to. In my memories, I have some lingering feel towards the Dragon Ancestor. I'm certain that I feel the same from Luo Pin. I'm not sure when it happened but this child definitely received the legacy of an eternal immortal emperor. Furthermore, the source of this legacy is very likely from our Dragon Ancestor who imparted to her personally......"

"What!" At this point, everyone including Wu Yu, exclaimed.

Sky Shadow Dragon Queen's eyes were bloodshot and bellowed, "Impossible. She's just from a lowly bloodline of the mortal domain. Why would Dragon Ancestor impart the legacy yo her! Our children are so outstanding and the three of us are so close to becoming an eternal immortal emperor......"

"Shut up!" Sky Heart Dragon Emperor berated and glared at her. "You dare to doubt the decision of the Dragon Ancestor? Sky Shadow, don't let the deaths of your children cloud your rationality. Can't you even think of what you should and can say?"

He was stern and scared Sky Shadow Dragon Queen out of her wits. At this point, Empyrean Revered Dragon tried to de-escalate the situation. "Big brother, she made a gaffe only because she was overwhelmed by sorrows. That's forgivable."

However, Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King felt their world had collapsed.

They were griefing and could see the despair in the eyes of the other.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor snorted, "Listen carefully. Although I couldn't verify that's the Dragon Ancestor for sure, she definitely received a legacy from an eternal immortal emperor. Moreover, that's definitely an eternal immortal emperor of the mystical dragon tribe that wasn't from any of the current dragon emperors of revered dragons. I can also sense the aura of the Dragon Ancestor from her. Therefore, even if she's not the reincarnation or hasn't received the full legacy, she would at least be a disciple of the Dragon Ancestor! Therefore, don't ever raise the topic of killing her. From today onwards, no one should lay a finger on her. Otherwise, you should know of the consequences!"

His tone was stern and definitely wasn't joking. He even emphasized this to Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King.

Even Empyrean Revered Dragon chimed in. "In that case, both of you have to forgo the thoughts of exacting revenge on Luo Pin completey. First, Wu Yu had died with your children. The main culprit had died. Second, returning to the crux of the situation, there's no need to implicate Luo Pin in. Are you all clear?"

Two eternal immortal emperors had made their warnings and reminders clearly.

Sky Will Dragon King was the first to answer. "Rest a.s.sured, father and uncle. We understand. I'll definitely keep a close eye on both of them and wouldn't allow them to mess around."

"I don't need your promise. I want both of them to tell me!" Sky Heart Dragon Emperor stared at Sky Shadow and Sky Chariot.

Both of them exchange a glance and were just like a deflated balloon. All they could do was to nod their heads and answered, "Father, rest a.s.sured. We wouldn't act recklessly. We understand this is of utmost importance and we couldn't err in it."

With their guarantees, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor finally felt at ease. It was easy to tell how much weight he had on the successor to the Dragon Ancestor.

Empyrean Revered Dragon added, "Since the successor, or perhaps just a disciple, of the Dragon Ancestor might very well be from our Sky Heart tribe, this isn't a small matter. Others aren't aware of it currently. Big brother, what are your plans?"

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor pursed his lips before speaking. "Keep this within ourself and let's not inform the other dragon emperors or revered dragons. Moving forward, I'll be observing in the dark to confirm my conjecture. If there's nothing suspicious, not only we shouldn't target her but we would need to nurture and groom her. We definitely couldn't let her have any animosity against us! We have to reverse this conflict completely and turn her into part of our family eventually!"

"Part of our family?" The group didn't understand. The quickest to react was Sky Will Dragon King. He said, "Father, you mean you want someone from our side to marry her and be her dao companion? That's logical. However, her husband from the mortal domain had just died and she definitely hates us currently. And Tian Ming is......."

Initially, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor still didn't know about the legacy of Luo Pin when he agreed to proposing the marriage for Tian Ming.

However, Tian Ming was now dead.

Empyrean Revered Dragon furrowed his brows and said, "Once she becomes an eternal immortal emperor in the future, her status and standing would definitely be exceptional. If we could let her become part of our family and tie her to our Sky Heart tribe, our influence would only expand greater. This would solidify our position as the number one mystical dragon tribe. After all, the nine great tribes are of comparable strength currently."

They finally understood why Sky Heart Dragon Emperor wouldn't punish Luo Pin. At the same time, he had to gain her goodwill so he could get Luo Pin to become part of their family in the future. If she really inherited the legacy of the Dragon Ancestor and become an eternal immortal emperor in the future, her authority would be completely different. This would be of great a.s.sistance to the Sky Heart tribe. After all, the compet.i.tion between the nine great tribes was intense in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. It was especially so for the compet.i.tion for cultivation resources. Between major tribes, forming alliances and competing openly and covertly were common.

A successor to the Dragon Ancestor would definitely place the Sky Heart tribe in a position where they wouldn't lose.

This was the consideration of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor.

Sky Shadow Dragon Queen definitely wasn't pleased. She said, "This is impossible. After this incident, she definitely hated us to the core. How would she be willing to become part of our family. Moreover, what other candidates do we have?"

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor answered, "She's still young and there's a long road ahead. She would bound to forget many things. Furthermore, that guy named Wu Yu was now dead. I've decided to isolate her for ten thousand years so she would forget about him. Moving forward, we have time on our side to reverse the current situation and win her over. As for candidate, don't we have one right in front of our eyes?"

For someone like Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, Luo Pin's several hundred years was no different from a blink of an eye. How strong could a relations.h.i.+p that was forged within this period be?

Furthermore, Luo Pin was still young and had a long life ahead. After several tens of thousands of years, she would have forgotten everything.

Therefore, he wasn't worried on this end. In his long life, many seemingly complicated issues were relatively simple to him. Time could change many things.

As for candidate, everyone's attention landed unisonly on Wu Yu just as they were done speaking.

Wu Yu had guessed their plan was to encourage Tian Que Dragon King to become Luo Pin's dao companion. What they didn't know was the current Tian Que Dragon King was in fact Wu Yu.

Wu Yu pretended not to understand anything and asked, "I'm the one who caused the death of his husband in the mortal domain. How would she be willing to be with me? This isn't likely......"

What was meant to be Tian Ming's marriage was now transferred to Tian Que. After all, Tian Ming would not be deserving of Luo Pin when one considered Luo Pin's current strength.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor looked at him with authority and said, "This is an ill-fated relations.h.i.+p. However, it's still better than being totally unrelated. Tian Que, your future is miles apart from hers. If you could conquer her heart and become her man, your future might not be worse than your dad. In fact, you could even have the opportunity to become an eternal immortal emperor. I understood clearly the difficulies but you are indeed the most suitable candidate in our family. This would be an arduous challenge but if you could succeed, it would greatly help the family. Therefore, are you willing to take up this challenge?"

Wu Yu was naturally willing. After all, he's Wu Yu and not Tian Que Dragon King.

He almost broke out laughing.

What a coincidence. From what it seems, the decision to impersonate Tian Que Dragon King then was too wise.

Obviously, he had to keep his cool. He frowned slightly and answered, "Although this is exceptionally difficult, who wouldn't be interested in a beauty like her. In that case, I'll do all I can. Previously, I still didn't understand why grandfather would want to isolate me for ten thousand years. So there's deeper meaning to that judgement."

The deeper meaning would be to provide them ten thousand years of alone time.

Wu Yu would even thank them for this opportunity.

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