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Chapter 1562: Crimson Moon Kunpeng

There were many, including Wu Yu who was disguised as Green Fire Demon King who received a harsh scolding from the 7-heavens demon kings for the tribute collection this time.

Many 5-heavens demon king were naturally unhappy over the scolding and had much complains, but none of them would dare to voice out their displeasure. Even Green Fire Demon King and Golden Bee Demon King who were on good terms would not dare to badmouth the 7-heavens demon kings secretly in order to vent their anger.

Regardless of how close they were, there was no guarantee that the one party would not tell on the other of the complaints made behind the 7-heavens demon kings' back. If word got out, then he would be doomed. He would no longer have a place in the Fiendish Underworld Metropolis.

These demon immortals basically trusted no one, regardless of how close the friends.h.i.+p was. There was always a risk of being backstabbed, especially when the situation benefitted the other party.

Hence, all these 5-heavens demon kings who were scolded basically left alone and returned to their respective palaces.

Of them, there were two who were punished and had to hand over their tributes in order to make up the value. It was lucky that Wu Yu who was disguised as Green Fire Demon King did not need to do so. Previously, Green Fire Demon King had collected too much tributes and that coincidentally benefitted Wu Yu. Otherwise, he would be in trouble too.

That Golden Bee Demon King returned straight to his residence after being scolded. He did not say much to Wu Yu. Naturally, Wu Yu was only happy to be left alone.

Very quickly, he returned to the Green Fire Demon Palace where the Green Fire Demon King lived. This Green Fire Demon Palace was the place that the Green Fire Demon King had previously wanted to bring the fox demon beauty Zi Zhen Demon King to. In the end, he was ambushed by Wu Yu's group and devoured by Wu Yu.

Now Wu Yu conveniently inherited the Green Fire Demon King's wealth. The entire Green Fire Demon Palace became Wu Yu's territory.

There were many young demon girls serving in the Green Fire Demon Palace. They stepped forward and greeted the Green Fire Demon King upon seeing him return. Every one of them acted seductively, trying to serve him well. However, Wu Yu would not have the patience for these demon girls.

Hence, he asked all these demon girls to leave. Now Wu Yu needed to think of a way to prevent these demon girls from disturbing him.

Full Moon of Nanshan was instantly disappointed seeing how Wu Yu had chased away this huge group of seductive female demons. He l.u.s.ted for them, especially when he had not seen a beauty for so long after reaching the Demon Immortal Realm. He had this rare opportunity now but his dreams were dashed when Wu Yu chased the girls away.

Of course, Full Moon of Nanshan also knew that even if Wu Yu did not ask these female demons to leave, he would not have the chance to do much. Even so, he would enjoy the beauteous sight of having so many pretty serving girls.

"What a pity, what a pity!" Full Moon of Nanshan shook his head regretfully. He l.u.s.ted for the beauties but he knew what was more important.

"Are these all that you can think of? Big brother is now so nervous and your attention is captured by those female demons. You are too much!" Ye Xixi commented with disgust. However, she had known Full Moon of Nanshan's true character so she was not surprised too.

Of course, Full Moon of Nanshan was only being cheeky. He would not indulge at such a critical moment.

Wu Yu started digging into the Green Fire Demon King's memories and realised that it was impossible to find any shred of information about Jiu Ying from the Green Fire Demon King's memories and status. Hence, he still needed a way to get close to the three 7-heavens demon kings.

Spectral Fire Phoenix, Nightmare Ink Qilin, and Darkstrife Beast were the three 7-heavens demon kings closest to the Diabolical Dragon King. If even they did not know anything about Jiu Ying, then Wu Yu would truly be at a lost on how to find news of Jiu Ying.

He would be left with only the option to speak directly to the Diabolical Dragon King... ...

Currently, his status as the Green Fire Demon King was too lowly compared to the three 7-heavens demon kings. Green Fire Demon King's status was too low. He was not even qualified to take the initiative to pay a visit to the three 7-heavens demon kings. He could only wait for the three to summon him.

Also, he did not have the right to ask when would the three 7-heavens demon kings summon him. Basically, he could only do as he was told.

"I need to find a stepping stone."

Wu Yu thought. At present, this aim seemed to be the most practical and accomplishable. He would need to find a 6-heavens demon king, devour and replicate him. A 6-heavens demon king's status and position would enable him to have more opportunities to speak to the 7-heavens demon kings. Perhaps, he could learn something from their conversations.

There was also the possibility that a 6-heavens demon king would know about Jiu Ying. After all, their palaces were much nearer to the Diabolical Dragon Palace. They also had the opportunity to see the Diabolical Dragon King personally. Diabolical Dragon King would definitely have some important affairs for these 6-heavens demon kings to handle.

Previously, Full Moon of Nanshan had checked out the 6-heavens demon kings.

Now that Wu Yu had devoured the Green Fire Demon King, he knew more about the 6-heavens demon kings in the Underworld Dragon's Den of Fiendish Underworld Metropolis.

Wu Yu was now at the Green Fire Demon Palace and need not worry about danger. While this was a palace, it was as big as the entire Jambu Realm. It was truly a lesser realm. Other than those serving demon girls, there were no other living beings.

Basically, the entire Green Fire Demon Palace seemed very quiet.

Hence, Wu Yu hatched a plan and the target of this plan was one of the 6-heavens demon king called Kunpeng Demon King, a Crimson Moon Kunpeng. This was a dark shadow demon beast with an alluring crimson red moon in the middle of its forehead. Its whole body was blood red and gave off a gory feeling.

Wu Yu had noticed this 6-heavens demon king earlier on.

After receiving the Green Fire Demon King's memories, he realised that the Crimson Moon Kunpeng had another ident.i.ty. He was actually a fellow native of the lesser realm that Green Fire Demon King ascended from. They were both from the Grand Green Plains World. The only difference was in the timing of their ascension.

So Green Fire Demon King and Crimson Moon Kunpeng were fellow natives, even though in reality they were not on good terms.

The Crimson Moon Kunpeng had always looked down upon the Green Fire Demon King and in fact humiliated him a few times. He genuinely took the Green Fire Demon King as a joke.

This was mainly because of the Green Fire Demon King's own weak character. He always bowed low and sucked up to the strong while he was rude and demanding towards the weak. Crimson Moon Kunpeng felt that his drastic difference in att.i.tude was an embarra.s.sment.

Of course, the Crimson Moon Kunpeng only privately humiliated the Green Fire Demon King and the Green Fire Demon King did not dare to defy at all.

To the outsiders, Crimson Moon Kunpeng seemed to treat Green Fire Demon King well. It was also mainly because the other demon kings knew that they came from the same Grand Green Plains World.

Hence Crimson Moon Kunpeng always had to put up a farce and pretended to look after his juniors. No matter what, they were fellow natives of the same lesser realm.

In the Demon Immortal Realm, it was rare to into a fellow native.

This was because in the Jambu Realm, it was almost impossible for these living creatures to ascend to the sky palaces, h.e.l.l or Demon Immortal Realm based on their own abilities. Having one succeed in their ascension within thousands of years would already be considered very rare.

After ascending to the sky palaces, h.e.l.l or Demon Immortal Realm, the situation would be dangerous and it would not be easy to meet the predecessors who have ascended before. Furthermore, the Demon Immortal Realm was also not the same as the sky palaces. A disastrous battle which almost destroyed the entire Demon Immortal Realm had happened before. As a result, all the former demon immortals were killed.

Basically, there would only be a few demon immortals in the whole Fiendish Underworld Metropolis who came from the same lesser realm, so this relations.h.i.+p was still highly valued by the demon kings. Therefore, Crimson Moon Kunpeng would not treat Green Fire Demon King too harshly in public. At most, he would humiliate Green Fire Demon King in private.

"If we can lure Crimson Moon Kunpeng out, I can devour it and get a better chance in speaking to the three 7-heavens demon kings." Wu Yu thought in his heart. He still thought that it was important to reach out to the three 7-heavens demon kings.

Although he felt that he could fight against a 7-heavens demon king, he had not experienced it in a real battle before so he did not know the other party's exact strength. Moreover, it was three 7-heavens demon kings. Wu Yu had even lesser confidence going against three demon kings of that level.

If he could devour Crimson Moon Kunpeng and gain its memory, he might be able to gather more news on Jiu Ying. More importantly, he could speak to a 7-heavens demon king. With these opportunities, he might be able to hear some news that ordinary demon kings would not know.

The next critical thing now was how to lure Crimson Moon Kunpeng out. Anyway, it would be impossible to take any action in this Underworld Dragon's Den. Otherwise, he would be severely punished by the Diabolical Dragon King. Based on his disguise as Green Fire Demon King, he was also not the opponent of Crimson Moon Kunpeng.

And if Wu Yu used his real body in the Underworld Dragon's Den, he would just be seeking his death. Hence, he could not choose to do so.

After some thought, Wu Yu finally came up with an idea. He asked Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi to leave the Underworld Dragon's Den and go to the dark forest where they first received the eternal demon emperor blood to set the trap.

Full Moon of Nanshan used his Mystique Gone from the Skies and Ye Xixi transformed into a black sand. Both of them left the Fiendish Underworld Metropolis and went towards the dark forest without alerting any demon kings.

If they wanted to defeat Kunpeng Demon King, they had to lure him out. For the sake of their own safety, they must also kill Kunpeng Demon King with one blow. They could not allow him to send out any distress signals or information to the other demon kings.

Therefore, the difficulty level of their plan was still quite high. Wu Yu needed Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi to make the necessary preparations in advance.

The main reason was that once any news leaked out, Wu Yu and the others would never be able to return to the Underworld Dragon's Den anymore. Then they could not gather news of Jiu Ying. Therefore, their plan must not fail.

Both Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi laid out some traps and made arrangements to block out means of communication, such as the sending and receiving of immortal message talismans. After preparing, Wu Yu only needed to lure Kunpeng Demon King over and their plan would go smoothly.

After Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had left for a few days, Wu Yu turned into the Green Fire Demon King and set out for Kunpeng Demon King's Blood Red Demon Palace in order to lure him out!

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