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Chapter 1568: It's A Trap

After thinking for a while, Diabolical Dragon King came up with a good plan.

"Regarding the immortal design, no one is to say a word, or I will kill you! The immortal design will be put on hold for now. Act normal. No one is to reveal anything."

Diabolical Dragon King's warning had released them from their work temporarily, until the issue of 10,000 Eyed Taotie and Bloodsucking Scourge had been resolved. Of course, this did not mean they were about to go to war. Rather, they were just waiting until the suspicions blew over, and then they would resume work.

They all heaved a sigh of relief. Finally they could go about their own business for a while.

After this all blew over they would have to get back to building the immortal design, but for now they could take a breather. 10,000 Eyed Taotie should still be in the dark. They simply had to get him off their back.

Wu Yu guessed from Diabolical Dragon King's decision that he was rather worried about being interrupted by Taotie Demon King. But that alone was not enough to go on with.

Diabolical Dragon King also advised caution to the demon kings if they planned to leave Underworld Dragon's Den. Because Bloodsucking Scourge might be watching nearby. His small body made it easy for him to conceal himself, and difficult to discover. They might inadvertently leave traces for him to follow.

There was something else. The other demon kings were free to go about their own business, and could leave Underworld Dragon's Den at will. However, Wu Yu as Kunpeng Demon King had been confined by Diabolical Dragon King for 10,000 years.

Therefore, Wu Yu felt the pressure to think of something.

Most of the demon kings returned to their own residences. Many did not choose to go out, afraid of being ambushed by Bloodsucking Scourge. The prospect of being interrogated for information was not a pleasant one.

If they revealed it, they would be sworn enemies with Diabolical Dragon King. If they did not speak, they might well be sucked dry by Bloodsucking Scourge.

In order to avoid that situation, many of the demon kings decided to rest and cultivate in their residences. Underworld Dragon's Den was huge, and many of their palaces also had female demon companions to relieve the boredom. Besides, Underworld Dragon's Den was where the Fiendish Underworld qi was densest, and the most conducive place for cultivation.

Therefore, all of the demon kings returned to their own palaces, and Wu Yu too retired to Crimson Blood Demon Palace to think of a plan.

"The ident.i.ty of Kunpeng Demon King seems pretty unusable. It's too restricted, and already incurred the attention and wariness of Diabolical Dragon King. I can't ask abut too many things. It's time to change my way of thinking. Perhaps the Bloodsucking Scourge will be useful?" Wu Yu mused.

He thought about it for a while, and then waited for a moment when the other demon kings were all not paying attention. He used Somersault Cloud from within Crimson Blood Demon Palace, and leaped out of Underworld Dragon's Den!

His movement was undetectable by even Diabolical Dragon King himself, let alone the other demon kings. He left Underworld Dragon's Den unnoticed, returning to Fiendish Underworld Metropolis outside. Who knew how much time would have pa.s.sed by the time Diabolical Dragon King and the others realized that Kunpeng Demon King was missing?

Now that the ident.i.ty of Kunpeng Demon King was no longer useful, Wu Yu would abandon it. Now he went in search of Bloodsucking Scourge.

Of course, Bloodsucking Scourge would not be easy to deal with. He had to come up with a detailed plan. After returning to Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, Wu Yu took up the ident.i.ty of Primitive Demon King. He planned to lure Bloodsucking Scourge with this ident.i.ty.

Full Moon of Nanshan was still following Bloodsucking Scourge secretly. Bloodsucking Scourge had not yet left Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, but was instead lurking about Fiendish Underworld Metropolis.

As for Full Moon of Nanshan, Bloodsucking Scourge could not possibly know he was there.

"I definitely can't deal with Bloodsucking Scourge within Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. Once we fight, Diabolical Dragon King will notice. I have to lure him out of Fiendish Underworld Metropolis." Wu Yu started to plot.

Wu Yu would move in the guise of Primitive Demon King near Bloodsucking Scourge, as though by coincidence.

As expected, Wu Yu's appearance was immediately homed in on by Bloodsucking Scourge. After all, Primitive Demon King was a 6-heavens demon king, and he looked like he had just come out of Underworld Dragon's Den. After all, a sixth tier Great Void Demon Immortal Realm cultivator might very well know what was going on in Underworld Dragon's Den!

Wu Yu was currently screened away by the trees near a peak. He feigned ignorance of Bloodsucking Scourge's presence, and then seemingly mumbled to himself, looking in Underworld Dragon's Den's direction: "Seemed like they were building some sort of spirit design over at Underworld Dragon's Den. Why did they stop suddenly? Forget it. This is forbidden ground. Best leave quickly, or they'll drag me in and all will be lost......"

His words were definitely more bait for Bloodsucking Scourge.

After his monologue, Wu Yu transformed into the Primitive Gold Devouring Rat form, and then left in the opposite direction from Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. He could not possibly fight within Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, and so he would lure Bloodsucking Scourge to a remote area.

While traveling, Bloodsucking Scourge followed behind.

Luring the target, successful. Next, he would have to see what plans his pursuer had. Wu Yu could not possibly take the initiative on this one, and so he continued to pretend ignorance as he headed further and further away from Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, drawing enough distance that Diabolical Dragon King would not detect any fighting.

Things had basically quietened down within Underworld Dragon's Den. Perhaps Diabolical Dragon King was on the verge of resuming construction on the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design.

But Wu Yu would not give him that chance. If he could get a chance to devour Bloodsucking Scourge, he could continue to move around in that body. It was enough cause to openly disrupt Diabolical Dragon King's plans. After all, Bloodsucking Scourge was the 10,000 Eyed Taotie's subordinate.

At that time, he would no longer be affiliated with Diabolical Dragon King. He could ignore him in all matters, and wreak havoc as he saw fit.

However, Wu Yu was getting a little worried. Bloodsucking Scourge had been extremely careful while tailing him, and seemed like a cunning opponent. He had not shown any negligence even while tailing a 6-heavens demon king like Primitive Demon King.

Therefore, Wu Yu suspected that when it came down to the fight, he might not be able to thoroughly defeat Bloodsucking Scourge. And if this guy was on his guard, it would be that much more difficult to devour him.

Most importantly, Wu Yu was currently in Primitive Demon King's form. He would definitely be unable to defeat the Bloodsucking Scourge with his abilities.

If he fought, he would have to use his true abilities. These would reveal critical information about him, information that Wu Yu did not want to reveal. If his opponent got away, or even sent an immortal message talisman out, Wu Yu would face an incredible threat.

"Best to move cautiously for now. See what this Bloodsucking Scourge intends to do."

Wu Yu continued to plan. Now that Bloodsucking Scourge knew that something was happening in Underworld Dragon's Den, he probably would not kill Wu Yu just yet, but instead think of some way to use him.

To Wu Yu, the ident.i.ty of Bloodsucking Scourge was going to be used to cause trouble in Underworld Dragon's Den, so he could use it freely.

Finally, he was far away from Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. Wu Yu found a remote corner and stopped, apparently resting.

At this moment, Bloodsucking Scourge finally decided to strike. He transformed into the scarlet mosquito that was his true form, and appeared before Wu Yu!

The vampiric aura from Bloodsucking Scourge was overpowering. Wu Yu immediately showed alarm and wariness when he appeared. He knew from Primitive Demon King's memories that the two had met before.

"Great Bloodsucking Scourge, what are you doing here?" Wu Yu said with feigned tension.

Bloodsucking Scourge looked at him and replied derisively: "Didn't you spurn them before? Why would you appear at Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, at the territory of Diabolical Dragon King? And, do you know what's up with the chicanery at Underworld Dragon's Den?"

Of course, he did not answer Wu Yu, save with questions of his own. He continued to flex his vampiric aura, an invisible threat that hung over Wu Yu, shrouding him and preventing his escape.

In Bloodsucking Scourge's mind, Primitive Demon King was a mere 6-heavens demon king who stood no chance against him. Therefore, he had also captured Wu Yu without much effort.

Wu Yu could only pretend to be frightened out of his skin. He hurriedly gabbled: "Mighty Bloodsucking Scourge, I will tell anything you want. Don't hurt me, please don't hurt me...... A while ago, I was outside Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, and saw the entire Fiendish Underworld Metropolis go dark. There were also black dragons flying around. It seemed like they were building some sort of immortal design. Even my pet.i.tion to join Fiendish Underworld Metropolis was rejected. Hmph! Who knows what they're up to!"

Wu Yu feigned indignation. He did not say what immortal design it was. After all, Primitive Demon King would not have known the details.

From Bloodsucking Scourge's perspective, Primitive Demon King would naturally be seething at his rejection. After all, Primitive Demon King was no small fry. A 6-heavens demon king was a fairly considerable power throughout the Demon king. One that would be considered near the core.

And to reject someone of this cultivation realm... Primitive Demon King should be boiling with fury.

Bloodsucking Scourge rejoiced upon hearing this. This was a great chance to swell the ranks!

"Keke, a mere Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, but so arrogant? How ridiculous!"

Bloodsucking Scourge criticized. A contemptuous look appeared in his deep red eyes, as though he were thinking about what Diabolical Dragon King was doing.

Wu Yu was thinking: it was not believable for him to suddenly lose his temper. The opponent might get away.

Therefore, another thought came to him. Why not join Bloodsucking Scourge's camp for now, and go with him to Underworld Dragon's Den to cause trouble?

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