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Chapter 1647: Time-s.p.a.ce Maelstrom

The brutal attacks almost pushed Wu Yu past his limits. His entire body was consumed by void explosions and white fire. The blue spheres warred against his simian body.

The golden scripture of the Eternal and Indomitable Vajra Realm continued to circle him, slowing the damage. At the same time, Wu Yu's eighth heavenly rule power was forming with frightening speed!

Within his kingly immortal spirit, a void ball was forming, streaked with thick lines of abyssal heavenly rule power.

Finally, he had reached 8-heavens immortal king realm within this battle. Even if it had cost him much to reach here.

Abyssal heavenly rule that was his own finally began to coalesce around him, making exploratory attempts to combat Empyrean Revered Dragon's own by creating a separation s.p.a.ce. However, he was trying to fight against an eternal immortal emperor's apotheosis immortal technique.

Even if he had just created a new abyssal heavenly rule, he was able to block less than half of Empyrean Revered Dragon's attacks. It was still not looking good.

Wu Yu's breakthrough shone brightly on the battlefield, dazzling the spectators. His ability to do so in the heat of combat, and at the brink of disaster, proved his grit and talent as one of the finest geniuses they had ever seen.

Still, he could not defeat the Empyrean Revered Dragon with this.

Both Wu Jun and Luo Pin were very anxious. If Wu Yu was still not Empyrean Revered Dragon's match after his breakthrough, then this match would probably end in defeat.

Wu Yu's odds seemed to be dwindling. He had sacrificed too much to reach this point. No matter how strong his body might be, he was doomed.

Of course, Wu Yu himself felt his own inadequacies.

Even after becoming an 8-heavens immortal king, abyssal heavenly rule alone was not enough to beat Empyrean Revered Dragon.

"In that case, that's the only option left!"

Wu Yu grated out. With an ear-splitting roar, he slowed the void explosions around him.

Chronowarp heavenly rule. He build a chronowarp globe around him, in which time slowed to a crawl. Even Empyrean Revered Dragon was taken aback by this.

Before Empyrean Revered Dragon could react, Wu Yu immediately used abyssal heavenly rule within the chronowarp globe.

A perfect and inspired amalgamation of the power of time and s.p.a.ce.

"Time-s.p.a.ce superposition!"

In a flash of inspiration, Wu Yu had tried this out. He could sense that by adding abyssal heavenly rule into his chronowarp globe, he had created an incredibly unstable power, where the already devastating force of spatial destruction was further fueled on by the twisting of time.

Time-s.p.a.ce superposition blew out from Wu Yu's palms with numbing speed. Empyrean Revered Dragon could not react in time.

Time-s.p.a.ce superposition thundered across the s.p.a.ce in an enthralling and terrifying blast.

Chronowarp heavenly rule: ever-changing wonder.

Abyssal heavenly rule: merciless devastation.

Combined, they became a superpower that exceeded even the combination of Wu Yu's golden eyes heavenly rule with doppelganger heavenly rule.

Wu Yu could feel the turbulent whirlwind of time and s.p.a.ce rip into the Blue Skies and Rogue Fire surrounding Empyrean Revered Dragon's Empyrean Apotheosis realm, opening a gash.

As a gash appeared, Empyrean Revered Dragon's attacks dissipated. The time-s.p.a.ce superposition did not stop there, but powered through, cras.h.i.+ng against the completely unprepared Empyrean Revered Dragon!

Victory had been within grasp. Who could have foreseen that Wu Yu could improvise such an incredible attack?

He had no time to defend himself, and his Empyrean Apotheosis Realm was smashed by Wu Yu's time-s.p.a.ce superposition attack. His dragon body was at the center of the blow, and he was unable to escape!

The void explosions rampaged through his body, ripping horrific wounds as he threshed in agony. Appalling wounds began to appear all across his body.

This revered dragon of the mystical dragon tribe, the mighty Empyrean Revered Dragon immortal emperor, had actually been brought to the brink of death by one attack from Wu Yu!


A few dragon emperors reacted swiftly, calling a halt. At the same time, they pulled Empyrean Revered Dragon out from the ravaging vortex, and immediately began treating his wounds.

After a brief conference between a few dragon emperors, they stood up and declared: "Wu Yu is the winner of this fight!"

Unanimous shock.

Even Wu Yu himself did not expect that his time-s.p.a.ce attack would be able to hurt Empyrean Revered Dragon so deeply. He was surprised but delighted. However, he too was completely battered.

Every inch of his golden ape body had taken a brutal beating, smashed by countless void explosions. He had almost died himself.

As the dragon emperors declared his win, Wu Yu knew that he had succeeded. He had defeated Empyrean Revered Dragon, and so he could openly be with Luo Pin. The mystical dragon tribe would cause him no more trouble!

More, it also proved his talents. As an 8-heavens immortal king, he could already defeat an eternal immortal emperor. Wouldn't he be invincible when he ascended into immortal emperorhood?

What a genius!

No one below an immortal emperor had ever defeated one, in the history of the sky palaces. And Wu Yu was not even a 9-heavens immortal king, but an 8-heavens immortal king.

His peers would be those like Diabolical Dragon King and 10,000 Eyed Taotie. Empyrean Revered Dragon could take on a hundred of them without fear for his life, and could probably defeat them in one puff.

And yet Wu Yu had taken him down, and through sheer strength.

Many of the revered dragons were secretly in awe of the final time-s.p.a.ce vortex. This move was comparable to many of their apotheosis immortal techniques. They too were unsure that they could have blocked it completely.

The mystical dragon tribe could only accord Wu Yu due respect.

Although he had not yet become an immortal emperor, but his talents more or less guaranteed it. In the future, he might even surpa.s.s the ordinary immortal emperors. His career would be watched with great interest.

The likes of such talent had never been seen in the mystical dragon tribe before.

"You did it!"

Luo Pin came flying to him, leaping into his arms. Her heart ached as she saw his horrific wounds.

There had been no need for Wu Yu to accept this battle. But in order to be together with her openly, Wu Yu had fought like his life depended on it. She was thoroughly moved by his resolution.

She knew that she had chosen the right person from the start. Her man was a real man, a true hero of the world!

With his other half in his arms, Wu Yu finally let a blissful smile show.

The battle had finally ended. He had not only defeated Empyrean Revered Dragon and proved himself, but also bettered himself, reaching 8-heavens immortal king cultivation. He was now one final step away from the pinnacle of the Great Void Immortal Realm, and then he could challenge the eternal immortal emperor frontier.

"The kid shows uncommon promise - defeating Empyrean Revered Dragon as an 8-heavens immortal king. But the immortal emperor barrier is rigorous. If one does not cross it, then a natural death will take all." One dragon emperor noted. Wu Yu was close to immortal emperorhood. If he crossed it, he would be like the proverbial koi that had become a dragon, rising to greatness.

"Didn't the kid get a 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King back on the Great Void Immortal Path? A 9th Grade Mark of an Immortal King more or less confirms one's rise to immortal emperor. What more of a 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King?" Another dragon emperor laughed in response, completely confident of Wu Yu's rise.

How many 10th Grade Marks of an Immortal King had there been through the course of history? And it was a treasure that the Jade Emperor had personally made. So many immortals had gone after it, but ultimately Wu Yu had taken it from under their noses.

That Wu Yu could defeat Empyrean Revered Dragon as an 8-heavens immortal king also had to be credited to his 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King.

The dragon emperors were quite sanguine about the outcome. As long as they did not offend Primeval Mighty Miracle G.o.d, they had no need to stand against Wu Yu, and they planned to take a one-eye-closed approach towards him.

Basically, they would not stop Wu Yu from coming and going in Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. Of course, he could not be too obvious about it either. If Primeval Mighty Miracle G.o.d was involved, the game would be different, and they would stand to lose more than they gained.

However, they did not notice that Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was treating Empyrean Revered Dragon's wounds with a malicious look of vengeance on his face.

Not even Wu Yu, Luo Pin, or Wu Jun had spotted it. They were too happily lost in the glow of bliss on this day.

"From now on, I can take you with me freely."

Wu Yu said, a smile of deep joy spreading across his face.


Luo Pin nodded coyly. "From now on, I will go everywhere with you. We will never be apart."

The two were surrounded by bliss, and they could not bear to be apart, holding tightly to each other.

However, after this battle ended, they still had to leave Saintly Dragon's Domain first.

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