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Chapter 910

Chapter 0910: Hidden Immortal

Yao Chi brought Wu Yu and the others deeper into Voyage Diaries . They took many turns, pa.s.sing by the dao treasure-level wars.h.i.+ps that ranged from 10,000 to 100,000 spirit designs .

Clearly, Wu Yu was buying a wars.h.i.+p for travel out of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, but Yao Chi did not press further . She chatted with Wu Yu along the way about other matters . Before Wu Yu could answer, the Full Moon of Nanshan had already darted forth with his most gentlemanly front . In a short exchange, he had Yao Chi giggling constantly . She said, "Prince Nanshan is so funny . Any friend of yours would be very happy every day . "

"Well, although I'm handsome, I have even more to me than meets the eye . Beauty, do you want to dig deeper?" He asked such a ribald and shameless question with perfect courtesy .

"Naturally, I am willing . I am just afraid that Prince Nanshan is too busy to make time . " Yao Chi batted her eyelashes .

"Haha, there is always time . I will come over next time . "

At this point, they had already reached the deepest point of Voyage Diaries . With a light flick of Yao Chi's finger, a door opened, and now they returned to the main topic at hand . She gathered her composure slightly and said, "Kingmaker Le, this way, please . "

Wu Yu followed her into a small, white room . There were about five advanced dao treasure wars.h.i.+ps displayed around the room . A casual glance told him that each had more than 100,000 spirit designs .

The best did not have more than 200,000 .

After all, many of the most elite experts would not spend more than 200,000 spirit designs of effort on a wars.h.i.+p instead of a stronger weapon .

Yao Chi asked, "Kingmaker Le, do you have any requests? This little girl will recommend accordingly . These five models are all decent wars.h.i.+ps, and counted among the best that are sold in the Immortal's Capital . Other places rarely stock such advanced dao treasures . "

"Durability and concealment . " Wu Yu parroted Prince Le's advice .

Yao Chi t.i.ttered . "Kingmaker Le is so cute . All five are such models . I had best introduce them to Kingmaker Le . "

She began to talk trade, introducing the five wars.h.i.+ps . Mainly, she spoke about their origins, makers, how long their legacies were, and then she introduced their main spirit designs and Defensive Spirit Designs, as well as other spirit designs with specialized functions . Of course, she also included the price . These ranged from 100 to 200 G.o.d's Way Pills .

An offensive-type dao treasure with an equivalent number of spirit designs would have a relatively higher price point .

But the most expensive wars.h.i.+p, with close to 200,000 spirit designs, only cost 200 G.o.d's Way Pills . This showed just how devastating the loss of Prince Yan's 5,000 G.o.d's Way Pills to Wu Yu had been . Wu Yu's current wealth eclipsed that of many sixth tier Dao Querying Realm cultivators .

However, it would not last too long .

Wu Yu considered this briefly . Since he was not short on money, and this money had come easy to him, he did not find it very much worth treasuring . He did not hesitate after the introductions, skipping the Heaven's Dome and Battle Deity to choose the Hidden Immortal that cost 200 G.o.d's Way Pills .

The Hidden Immortal was completely white and looked like it had been carved of white jade . Before blood bonding with it, he could only see its appearance . Although it did not look as impressive and threatening as the other models, its intricate workmans.h.i.+p was a work of art . In black ink, the words “Hidden Immortal” were carved on the mast .

These two words were very magical . Each word had more than 5,000 spirit designs in it . When they activated, the two words came to life, as though they were the eyes of the Hidden Immortal .

In terms of the Defensive Spirit Designs, the Hidden Immortal was not stronger than the others, but the main distinction was the roughly 10,000 spirit designs dedicated to concealment . The camouflage ability of this wars.h.i.+p was exceptional . When the main spirit design, Traceless Immortal, was activated, the entire wars.h.i.+p would be virtually silent, and could float past without raising a stir . It was said that within 100 zhang, even someone of Prince Yan's level could not discover it .

At an even further distance, it would be even harder to discover .

Wu Yu felt that concealment, which prevented encounters, was even more important than just Defensive Spirit Designs . One was avoiding danger, the other was repelling danger . Wu Yu was more confident in his ability to repel danger .

Therefore, he very quickly settled on the Hidden Immortal .

"Kingmaker Le moves just like the stories say . Swift as lightning, without any hesitation . Of course, with the windfall of 5,000 G.o.d's Way Pills from Prince Yan, everyone knows that Kingmaker Le has an immortal's fortune . I wonder which girl will be fortunate enough to become Kingmaker Le's dao companion . " Just like that, she had concluded the most valuable sale of her shop . She was naturally pleased .

Having an immortal's fortune referred to a martial cultivator who was very rich .

Wu Yu did not reply, and the Full Moon of Nanshan piped up . "Ignore him . He's someone who doesn't have a bearing . No beauty would like him . "

"That's not true, I find Kingmaker Le very enchanting . " Yao Chi's eyes gleamed as she surveyed Wu Yu .

"Really? I can't see that at all, haha . " The Full Moon of Nanshan laughed .

After handing over 200 G.o.d's Way Pills, Wu Yu stowed the Hidden Immortal away and prepared to return to Prince Le's Residence to blood bond with it .

"Kingmaker Le must come often, and Prince Nanshan as well . This little girl minds the shop alone, and I'm very lonely . " Yao Chi still teased them as they left .

"Don't worry . Next time, all you need to mind is a romance worthy of the sagas," the Full Moon of Nanshan promised .

He was as shameless as ever, and Ye Xixi could not listen to his drivel any longer . She and Lazy both made puking motions .

A good distance away, they could still hear Yao Chi's delighted laughter .

"What a beauty . Makes me not want to leave . " The Full Moon of Nanshan sighed .

"Stay here then . Save us the yapping," Ye Xixi said .

"That won't do . Old Wu here is such a pure young man . I can't leave him to your clutches alone . " The Full Moon of Nanshan made as if to cling to Wu Yu .

"Don't talk nonsense!"

With their light-hearted banter along the way, Wu Yu felt that this journey would not be as desolate .

The two often squabbled because of their clas.h.i.+ng personalities . But Wu Yu knew that the Full Moon of Nanshan was doing this on purpose . Through their squabbling, Ye Xixi would be roused to emotion, and this would bring her out of her gloom more quickly . Although he looked like a happy-go-lucky type, he was actually rather delicate .

Perhaps his att.i.tude had changed significantly after Wu Yu had saved him from the Ghostly Artificer in the Infernal Inferno .

"Let's go! Off to find Old Wu his girl!"

"Shut your mouth . Big Brother Yu is so young, why must you call him Old Wu?!"

"I can't very well call him ‘Little Wu,’ can I?"

"He has a name . doesn't he?!"

"That's so formal . Even you call him big brother, why can't I have an affectation too?"

" . . . "

Wu Yu was not a cold person either, and was quite capable of getting along well with people . Of course, he was the very picture of maturity beside the Full Moon of Nanshan, who never had a serious day in his life .

Returning to Kingmaker Hall, there was still no news from Prince Le, and Wu Yu found a quiet place alone to blood bond with the Hidden Immortal first . 200,000 spirit designs, and not an aggressive offensive dao treasure . Wu Yu felt that it should not be too difficult, although he should examine it carefully . He found the Traceless Immortal portion rather difficult to comprehend . It was too intricate, and would probably take considerable time to properly understand .

"Nanshan is a specialist in camouflage and illusion . This advanced dao treasure suits him better . Why not let him control it?" Thinking thus, Wu Yu headed over to the Full Moon of Nanshan and informed him of his decision .

"Huh? This is an advanced dao treasure, though . You're giving it to me just like that? Are you in love with me?" The Full Moon of Nanshan looked at him with round eyes .

"Enough c.r.a.p . I'll give you a day . " Wu Yu chucked it at his head .

"You must be in love with me . Such a gift of love, such a direct declaration - how precious!" The Full Moon of Nanshan smooshed his face against the Hidden Immortal in a sickeningly sweet display .

Wu Yu could not be bothered to put up with his nonsense .

"Alright, enough playing . But I truly thank you for this trust, Wu Yu . " The Full Moon of Nanshan sobered up a little .

"How so?"

"I feel like you're on better terms with the little girl . She's an innocent one, and completely reliant on you . Not so much to be wary about . But me, we used each other at the start, and I don't look like a decent character anyway . I thought you would have your guard up against me all the way . Today, I truly realize that you treat me as a friend . I won't speak of brotherhood yet - those things aren't built overnight . "

Wu Yu laughed . "Stop being so proper . You look like a barbaric pig to me . Be a little rougher . That befits you better . "

"Don't be so direct! You saved my life last time, and I have yet to thank you properly," the Full Moon of Nanshan fussed .

"No need . I wager it won't be the last time . "

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "Not so . Next time, I have to save your life . . . . Forget it, let's skip the useless talk . You're only giving me a day for this? What kind of monkey-panic is this? So eager to meet your young lover?"

He was certain that Nangong Wei was the person who Wu Yu wanted to meet .

Wu Yu could not be bothered to clarify .

"We leave the moment we get the exit doc.u.ment . " Wu Yu still had something else to do .

He was already at the fourth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm .

He wanted to challenge the even stronger puppet after the Dignified Sword Elemental . Wu Yu had no inkling of what the second tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm puppet would be like .

Previously, he had not been so anxious to challenge it, and had been biding his time to grow stronger . But now, he was going to the Nanyin Demon Continent . It was not the safe harbor that the Yan Huang Ancient Country was, and he had to strengthen himself in all ways .

He and his avatar entered the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da!

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