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When Davi moved deeper into the house, every photo she saw made her heart jump with happiness and nostalgia that she didn't notice that her son had come back again. 

Little s.h.i.+n was now walking towards her with his hands on his back. 

When Davi finally noticed him, she tilted her head as she tried to guess what it was that Little s.h.i.+n was going to give her this time. She looked gently at her little bundle of joy and her heart now turned as soft as marshmallow. He was so serious as if he was currently doing an extremely important mission where he couldn't afford to even mess up even for a bit. This sight of little s.h.i.+n, concentrating so hard, looked just like Sei, especially the innocent Sei five years ago. 

While Davi was smiling from ear to ear because of how adorable the serious little s.h.i.+n was, the boy then slowly reached out his hands. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Davi was once again awed when the little boy handed her a bouquet of beautiful red flowers. 

This time it was a bouquet of 47 roses, which means 'you are my one and only'. 

Davi again felt unbelievably touched as she accepted the flowers from her cute little son. Her eyes felt hot and she wanted to just cry hot tears of joy. Gladly, she was able to control her emotions since she didn't want to confuse this little bun by suddenly crying before him. 

And once again before she could even utter a 'thank you', the boy ran away. Davi could only smile as she watched the little guys back disappearing from her sight. She looked at the flowers in her hands and she smelled the sweet fragrance of it. 

Afterwards, Davi, hugged the flowers and she breathed deeply. She knew that these could only have come from Sei and she just couldn't wait to see what was still ahead, waiting for her. She couldn't believe that her confession five years ago was upped by Sei by G.o.d knows how many levels. He even used a very cute and adorable lethal weapon as his errand boy. Ahh… my little Sei didn't just become more shameless, he had also become really romantic now! 

Moving forward, for the second time, Davi was once again distracted by the photos ahead of her. Her eyes slowly grew wide as if she just saw something from out of this world. 

This time, there was a big photo hanging there and it was taken during the night of her confession. Davi and Sei were standing there while flowers were falling over them. Seeing this scene perfectly captured, Davi's eyes welled up. She couldn't believe that this scene was just so magical. 

Davi was rooted on that spot for a long while. She couldn't take her eyes away from it as she reminisced what happened that night. That night was definitely one of the best nights of her life, and it was still fresh in her mind as if it all happened yesterday.

Time went by and Davi finally made herself leave that spot. She breathed deep again as she tried to calm down. Well, she couldn't possibly let herself breakdown in tears at this moment. Thus, she bit her lip as raised her head in front of her. When she saw that she was about to reach the door towards the courtyard, somehow, a feeling of excitement nearly drove her crazy. 

However, before she could get there, Little s.h.i.+n appeared again. As usual, his hands were hiding behind him. The cute little child never said a word from the beginning. It was as if he was so absorbed with his role of being the silent messenger. He was definitely the cutest little man that Davi had ever seen.

Davi then patiently waited for the boy. When he reached her, he struggled getting the roses around him to put it out for her. The bouquet was bigger this time that Davi could see it peeking from behind Little s.h.i.+n so she leant over to help but the adorable child stepped back. He looked at her with eyes that said 'Mommy, do not to do a thing and let me do my job. Don't worry, I can do this.' 

Little s.h.i.+n then adorably succeeded and he finally managed to put the flowers out in front of him. The adorable little creature looked so proud of himself for being able to do this task on his own. His eyes shone with accomplishment and he was smiling at his mom before he held out this bouquet to her. 

Davi quickly moved so that little s.h.i.+n didn't have to wait for too long. She put down the roses she received on the nearby small round table before she turned towards her son again. 

Upon receiving the flowers, Davi again smiled and her eyes shone with nothing but pure happiness. 

This time, it was 66 roses, saying the words, 'my love for you will never change'.

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