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The moment Hinari heard Sei's words, she looked at him and for the first time, she didn't feel the fear that used to feel when she was around him. She could see the sincerity in his eyes and with just that, Hinari could tell how much he cared for his little brother. 

Somehow, the extreme pain in Hinari's heart seemed to slowly feel soothed. Knowing that Zaki needed her and that everyone was fighting for him made her smile despite the tears still rolling down occasionally from her eyes. 

Now that she finally knew the truth, now that she finally knew what was really going on with Zaki, how could she ever leave him now? 

"Future big brother-in-Iaw, please don't worry. Now that I know the truth, there's just no way I could leave him now, right? Even if he runs away again, even if he pushes me away again, from now on, I will cling to him without holding back. No matter what happens, I will stay beside him. I'll make sure I will marry him, so please give us your blessing."

Hinari's eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with an intense and unbreakable will. She looked like a devastated warrior who suddenly found new hope and was now ready to attack again at full force despite the tears still falling from her eyes, despite her wounds still bleeding heavily. The light of hope in her eyes was even brighter than anyone else and just by seeing her like this, Sei couldn't help but feel better.  

"Good. We will support you the best way we can." Sei then said as he glanced at his wife and Davi too smiled. She wiped Hinari's tears with her thumb and spoke to her.

"Mm. We are here for you Hinari. Don't worry, we will do the best we can to find something that can help him, I promise you that." She said and Hinari embraced her tight again.

"Thank you. Thank you so much…"

It was nearly midnight when Hinari finally fully calmed herself down. She spent hours gathering her resolve and to stop herself from crying. She couldn't show Zaki how devastated she was so she tried her best to cheer up her mood. 

Gladly, maybe because she no longer had any tears left to cry, Hinari was able to smile again. She went and cleared her thoughts in the garden and spent her time alone watching the dark sky, thinking about what she needed to do next from now on. 

She decided to stay with Zaki no matter what kind of fate awaited her. She wouldn't give up on him again, ever. This time, she would give him her everything without reservation. She wanted to spend all her time with him even if it meant chasing after him forever. She wanted to give him hope, she wanted to give him all her love, her time, her attention, her everything. Even if the stars tried to stop her, she would not falter again. 

'Beauty… you better prepare yourself. This is your fault for hiding things from me. If I'd known, you would have already been my husband for years now. From now on, I won't let anything, even you, stop my advancement. I will make you mine, I promise you that!' 

As soon as Hinari made that promise within her, a smile slowly carved on face and she closed her eyes. She felt the cold night breeze touching her skin as if they were whispers rooting for her. 

Afterwards, she stood and she went straight towards the study where Zaki was resting. She stopped near the door and breathed in deeply before she slowly pushed it open. 

When she entered, her eyes immediately fell towards the man on the bed. He was sleeping with his hand under his head. She couldn't see his face because he was facing the window so Hinari quietly closed in, step by step, while her heart was accelerating. 

She didn't stop moving until finally, she reached his bed and without pausing, Hinari suddenly climbed on his bed and lay beside him. 

The next moment, she scooped him. 

Zaki was still awake and he knew that someone was coming but he thought it was Sei who was checking up on him so he pretended to be asleep. However, to his surprise, someone suddenly climbed on his bed and before he could react or turn to see who it was, a warm arm quickly wrapped around his waist, causing his system to halt. 

With just the familiar warmth he felt at that moment, Zaki could already tell it was none other than Hinari. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was surprised because he thought she already left. That was the reason why he couldn't sleep at all. He was hurting painfully thinking that he wouldn't see her ever again but what was this? Why was she still here? And she came into his bed? Was she drunk?

Zaki couldn't believe it. He thought that Sei or Davi might have stopped her so she was still here but he couldn't think about the reason why she would climb into his bed. He saw how hurt she was since yesterday that he thought she might not want to see his face again so why? 

Puzzled, Zaki attempted to remove her hand so he could turn when, suddenly, Hinari's voice rang inside the quiet room.

"Beauty… it's already past midnight. You need to sleep," she said casually, causing Zaki to crease his brows. 

The next second, Zaki continued removing Hinari's hand and he finally turned towards her. 

The light was dim but Zaki could see her face. He could see her swollen eyes and his already hurting heart twisted even more. Looking at her, the words he wanted to say were stuck in his throat. He wanted to ask her to leave a useless man like him but the words refused to leave his mouth. 

"Beauty… you look really tired so sleep now." Hinari said but when the man stayed frozen as he looked at her, Hinari suddenly rose and she pinned him down. 

"You know what? You are looking so seductive right now that you are really weak, my dearest Zaki. I am confident I can even a.s.sault you right now," she said before she moved her mouth closer to his ears. "I mean, s.e.xual a.s.sault."

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