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Zaki was stunned. He was confused. He didn't understand why Hinari was still here, treating him as usual despite everything that happened. He saw how hurt she was and yet she still didn't leave him? 

The thought that Hinari refused to leave him made Zaki's heart cry with tears of joy. He wanted to just yank her and embrace her tightly in his arms and never let her go until the day he takes his last breath. But his mind was battling ferociously against his heart. 

"Hinari… you shouldn't be here right now. We're not engaged anymore." Zaki then said. His beautiful eyes were dark and cold. His voice filled with firmness as though he was pus.h.i.+ng her away.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hearing him, Hinari simply smiled. She knew that it had never been easy to change this man's decision. She understood that this was surely not easy for him and that was why she couldn't let him have his way. 'I'm sorry beauty, but from now on, I will not let you have your way… I will defeat you, until you give up on the thought of running away…' 

Hinari's smile didn't fade as she moved her face closer to his. 

"Hmm? What did you say? When did our engagement break? I never agreed, though." She said with a raised brow and Zaki creased his forehead. 

"Hinari we're ov---"

Before Zaki could continue his words, Hinari's lips suddenly slammed on his, striking Zaki to his bones. Back on the beach, he thought that he would never taste her soft and warm lips again, and here she was, kissing him pa.s.sionately as though nothing big had happened between them. The sad thing was that, Zaki didn't even have the strength to stop her. His body still hadn't recovered from Dr. Su's treatment a few hours ago. He was utterly weak. However, what was worse was actually the fact that Zaki couldn't even stop himself from responding to her kisses. Her kiss was like a drug he couldn't resist and his addiction was just getting worse every time she kissed him.

When their lips parted, Hinari held Zaki's face.

"Listen my beauty, I refuse to break the engagement. No matter what you say, I won't give up on you. I already spent almost six years of my life waiting for you and chasing you. So don't expect me to give up so easily. No, I will never give up on you. That's what I have decided. Even if you run away to the moon, I'll ask Sei and Davi to make a s.p.a.cecraft and chase after you. Even If you fly away to Andromeda, I will still chase you. No one can stop me, not even you. Do you understand?"

Hinari spoke with all the sincerity and determination in her eyes. Zaki could feel her emotion as she said every single word of her statement and after hearing those words, Zaki's emotions started getting out of control. He felt like the calm icy wind in his heart suddenly turned into a tornado going berserk. Zaki felt like he wanted to cry again. 

To hide his overflowing emotions from her, Zaki closed his eyes and when Hinari saw this, she thought that he finally gave in for now, causing her to smile again. She then got off him and wiggled herself under his blanket.  

But before she lay down beside him, Hinari landed a kiss on Zaki forehead as she uttered the words 'good night'. Afterwards, she wrapped her hand around his wait as though she was making sure that the man wouldn't escape her grasp even in her sleep. 

Hinari was also feeling weak. She cried too much the whole day that her eyes were already dozing off. She didn't even realize Zaki's reaction when she kissed his forehead.

Just like that, she easily fell asleep while the man beside her opened his eyes again. His brows were creased hard and his jaws were tightening. 

He stared at the ceiling and after a moment, he turned towards her and when he saw her sleeping soundly, Zaki touched her cheeks, and then he kissed her forehead before he buried her in his embrace. 

However, when he closed his eyes, a single tear quietly rolled down his face as his grip on her tightened.

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I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband 447 No One Can Stop Me, Not Even You summary

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