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A few months pa.s.sed and after thorough dedication showed by the short girl, the Empress finally managed to locate the exact position of the nameless world. Although many of her loyal guards wanted to accompany her, she flatly refused them and headed to that specified world right after the Fire Region started showing more aggression in their invasion.

After leaving the Water Region and striking a deal with the leader of the Earth Region to be able to use its portals and head straight into the Blood Sea, the Empress finally reached that nameless world within two months.

Just when she appeared in that world, she felt her breathing quicken and her skin corroding at a fast rate. She hastily raised a durable protective barrier and activated the function of the bracelet she was wearing yet even after that, the protection she cast was showing signs of decay and corrosion.

She could see nothing but a grey fog all around her, the air was hot and cold at the same time, her senses became disoriented and instincts repeatedly warned her to leave.

The thing that surprised her, even more, was that she felt something lock onto her, it didn't show any killing intent or hostility but it definitely spotted and was closely watching her.

From the looks of it, her barrier wouldn't hold for more than an hour, so she began exploring the area with all her guard up and an ancient stone in her hand, firmly held in case anything dangerous attacks her she could escape from here.

Not even ten minutes pa.s.sed before she reached a place where there's land. There was considerably less grey fog in here but her protective barrier was still cracking and dispersing.

As she landed on the ground, for as far as she could see, the ground was littered with bone of all shapes and kinds. It was literally a sea of bones, the death Energy here was terrifyingly dense. Fortunately, it didn't have any effect on her barrier or else she wouldn't have been able to resist it.

After inspecting the bones for a few seconds, the Empress proceeded onwards. She didn't have a clear destination, however, there's a strong chance that the answer she seeks is in this nameless world.

Until now, she didn't meet any danger but when she crossed some distance while seeing no end to this sea of bones, she suddenly halted mid-air as he found herself in an enormous altar with sky-high ancient pillars forming a circling around her.

This was but the beginning as all of her body felt heavy and her knees almost gave up, her body unconsciously trembled from fear when her eyes landed on the thing sitting on the center of the altar.

With a size larger than any dragon she has seen throughout all of her life, this ancient creature was lazily sitting there, motionless and silent. A body made only of bones and although it was sleeping, its height surpa.s.sed the hundred meter mark, it was truly gigantic, in every sense of the word.

Besides its domineering appearance, what made the woman tongue-tied and fearful is the pressure it was emitting, albeit it wasn't fixated on her, just by standing next to this dragon, she felt incomparable terror.

She felt completely powerless, her body wouldn't even budge even after she commanded it to escape, the Empress could only gaze at the dragon with wavering eyes, totally different from her usual indifference and arrogance.

'I-it's an Elder Bone Dragon!'

Stupefied and angry due to her unluckiness to meet this ancient being, she could only curse inwardly and think of a way to escape. It is known by all people that dragons possessive creatures and especially hate those who invade their territories, more so for the Elder ones, which were the pinnacle of the Dragon Race, existences that didn't show themselves for far too long.

"This is not a place for you, Mortal."

Dragons are masters of the tongue thus the Elder Bone Dragon didn't speak using its mouth but transmitted its words directly to the Empress' mind, startling her for a moment as even the creature's voice was deep and somewhat chilling.

She felt the restraints on her body loosen for a bit, allowing her to talk but that didn't mean was gone, in fact, every second she remained here and looked at this dragon, the more afraid she became.

It is a shameful thing for an Empress like her to be this scared but she couldn't help it, an Elder Dragon is not something she could match, much less an undead dragon, the most powerful kind of them all.

After resolving her mind and calming her head, she retorted with a steady tone:

"I have become an Immortal long ago."

As it heard her, one of the eyes of the dragon were lazily opened. With an eye burning with blue flames and an abyss-like pupil, it stared at the tall woman for a brief second before it closed it again and scoffed at her while saying

"An immortal? I think you're mistaking, little girl. Anything or anyone that can die is nothing but a mortal in my eyes."

Still keeping her stubbornness even when facing this Elder Dragon, the Empress said:

"As long as you're strong enough, there's nothing you can't kill. A true Immortal that can't die when he's killed does not exist."

"Oh but there are, many, in fact. It's not because you didn't see any that they do not exist."

The woman frowned and asked

"Is the Empress of the Star Region an Immortal?"

Several seconds pa.s.sed yet she heard no answer, she almost believed that the dragon ignored her and resumed its sleep.

"What are you here for, little girl?"

"I came seeking the truth about the foundation of the MoonStar Sect."

This time, the dragon opened both of its eyes, raised its big head and stared at the blue-haired woman. As if it was peering deep into her soul, the woman shuddered and unconsciously retreated a few steps, she felt exposed to this dragon's gaze as if nothing could escape from it, not even her deepest secrets.

After a while pa.s.sed, the Elder Bone Dragon closed his eyes, returning to its usual posture.

"A curious one, aren't you? This is a path of no return, it would be for your best to stop whatever you're doing and mind your own business. Personally, I do not care but if the master of this place finds out, you, along with your whole region will be erased from existence and don't think those shabby rules from above or whoever created them would protect you."

Before she could retort, the tall woman found herself standing in her secret room, back at the Water Region. She stood there, dazed, for several minutes before she snapped out of it when the chubby girl appeared.

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