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Chapter 1120 - It's Not Bad


Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan heard the sound of the door handle moving and unlocking the door to open it and the elderly couple entering the room.

It scared the h.e.l.l out of Jiang Yuyan. If they get caught like this, then she would definitely feel like dying at the moment. How would she explain what was going on and why these two were in this room where they had nothing to do and that too late and in the middle of the night. What if Lu Lijun would turn honest and tell his parents why they were there?

Lu Lijun noticed how panicked she was. "Shh! Keep quiet," Lu Lijun whispered in her ears as his parents already entered the room.

"I felt as if the lights were on," Ning Jiahui commented, seeing the darkroom.

"With age, your eyesight is getting worse," Lu Jinhai commented.

"No...I am sure... "

Lu Jinhai chuckled, "It's okay as long as you can see me." Lu Jinhai teased.

"I'm serious. I saw the lights coming out from the corner of the door." As it was dark in the corridor outside the room, it was easy to notice the lights in the room were on. "I heard someone talking too."

Ning Jiahui turned on the lights only to see no one was in the room.

"See, I told you your eyesight is weak, and we might need to check your ears too," Lu Jinhai teased again.

"I am sure I heard something," Ning Jiahui insisted and she looked around here and there in the room and looked at the bathroom door. "Check there." Ning Jiahui instructed Lu Jinhai who listened to his wife.

Jiang Yuyan, who was already scared of getting caught, shut her eyes in fear and stood quietly as Lu Lijun held her closer. In fear, she forgot how close they were that not an inch of s.p.a.ce left between them as she clutched both of his arms tightly.

On the other hand, Lu Lijun liked it and stared at her.


One more sound was there, and Jiang Yuyan flinched and opened her eyes in shock as if finally they were caught. Her sight met with Lu Lijun, who never stopped looking at her. Jiang Yuyan's heart was already at its peak of beating, and on top of that this guy's sight scared her and she gulped. She was trapped.

Jiang Yuyan realized how close they were and was about to move back but Lu Lijun held her steady. With eyes, he signaled her that his parents were still in the room. Jiang Yuyan had no option but to be steady. If she moved, they would see the movement behind that thick floor-length curtain.

"No one is in the bathroom." They heard Lu Jinhai a.s.sure his wife.

"We should call security and ask them to check if….."

"No one can come inside this mansion. We have tight security here."

"I don't trust the security blindly."

When these two were bickering, the other two behind the curtain were silent where one was staring at the other and the other one was trying to avoid looking at him.

Jiang Yuyan could only pray for her in-laws to leave as soon as possible so she could get away from the stubborn man who held her closely as his stare made her uncomfortable.

Lu Lijun whispered in her ear. "I would like to refresh your memory of what you have forgotten."

With her eyes wide open, she was about to move, but Lu Lijun spoke again, "They are still here."

Jiang Yuyan heard the other two in the room, talking.

Ning Jiahui sounded worried, "What if someone dangerous is here…."

"Don't think too much. If you feel scared, I'm here to protect you," Lu Jinhai a.s.sured as his voice sounded as if he was laughing at his wife.

Jiang Yuyan froze and Lu Lijun gently brushed his lips from her ears to the corner of his lips as she felt his hot breath touching her skin.

"L-Lu Lijun, don'…" she mumbled in a whisper and clutched his arms, almost burying her nails in his skin.

Lu Lijun, who was almost close to her lips, felt her lips moving to say something but didn't wish to know what it was. With his heart beating faster and his breath turned heavy, he touched her lips lightly with his lips before capturing them gently in his lips and before she could finish her line.

When he kissed her last time, he was aggressive as she was struggling but this time, he was as gentle and slow as he could to savor her taste. He s.u.c.k.e.d her lips gently as his hands c.a.r.e.s.sed her back lightly not to make any move visible behind the curtain.

Jiang Yuyan was just frozen in shock but could do nothing as she felt him s.u.c.k.i.n.g her lips. If the other two saw them like this, then she didn't know what would happen.

"I'm worried about other family members." The worried Ning Jiahui was not ready to let it slide.

"Nothing will happen. If someone is here, let them steal what they want. We have a lot to give a little to one needy person," Lu Jinhai interrupted her.


"Let's go to sleep," Lu Jinhai instructed and turned off the lights.

"Yuyan," he called her, his voice low and hoa.r.s.e.

She opened her eyes to look at him, not knowing what to say. Her mind was blank.

"See, it's not as bad as you think." He referred to the short and soft kiss they just had where Jiang Yuyan didn't respond to him but was quiet.

Realising what he meant, Jiang Yuyan pushed him away and came out of the curtain. She couldn't believe it happened again.

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