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The same night, Noah arrived home late. He didn't return home since he left the previous night after arguing with Jake once they had some intimate moments. Even after he left office after work hours were over, he preferred not to return home early.

He opened the door, only to see Jake sitting on the living room sofa as he rested back and closed his eyes.

Sensing the movement, Jake opened his eyes and saw Noah. 'Finally, he is back.'

Noah acted normally as always, as if nothing had happened, and started to remove his shoes. "Do you love this sofa so much that you don't sleep in your room?" Noah asked.

Jake stared at him for a moment and said coldly, "I love it even more after what we did on it last night."

Jake was angry with him for not coming back and ignoring him, so there was no way he would let Noah forget what they had done. If Noah had returned home before and had not ignored him, Jake would also be normal and had not brought it out again.

Not reacting to what Jake said, Noah focussed on removing his shoes and went towards the kitchen to get water which added to Jake's anger.

"Why didn't you return last night?" Jake asked.

"I was in a mood to spend time with my woman," Noah replied as he opened the refrigerator.

"That you always did, but you always return home after that," Jake countered.

"There is always an exception," said Noah as he had a sip of water, "Do you want water?"

"I want the one who is holding that bottle," said Jake boldly, his eyes cold and angry as if he wanted to fight with Noah and clear everything out.

There was no effect on Noah as he looked at Jake casually. "Seems like his highness has lost his mind. Never mind, I am sleepy. You are free to sleep wherever you want."

"Why are you avoiding talking about last night," Jake asked, looking at the ignorant guy who walked towards his room.

Noah stopped and turn to look at him. "Because I don't want to ruin our friends.h.i.+p by arguing with you. What happened was a mistake, and I don't want to think about it. Do you get it now?"

"For me, it was not a mistake," Jake countered.

"Get your thoughts straight, Jake. Just forget it like it never happened, and it was not even a big deal. So many people do it accidentally when they are drunk and forget it later. So chill. It's not like we had s.e.x or anything. Even if we had done it, I would be the same."

"None of us was drunk, and it was not accidental either."

"It was your useless demand due to one promise I made. From now on, I would be careful not to promise you anything," Before Jake could say a word, Noah spoke again, "Last night, I didn't sleep. Let me sleep now, and you do the same." Noah left for his room.

Jake sat back in the chair. He didn't know how to get Noah to talk about it and how to make it clear if he even felt something for him.


The next morning Yuyan woke up. She couldn't sleep for a long time but was forced to be in bed by the stubborn guy.

She was sleeping on her back, facing the ceiling instead of on her one side. Even after changing the sleeping position, she still felt the weight on her stomach as one strong arm still surrounded it even after the entire night had pa.s.sed.

She looked at her right side and saw Lu Lijun sleeping on his stomach, closer to her, one side of his face burring into the pillow next to her, and his hand stretched out to hold her. It looked like the entire night he kept holding her as if she would run away if he let her go.

Jiang Yuyan didn't move but continued looking at him as she observed his face closely.

Calm face with sharp features, messy hair covering his forehead, dense eyelashes, and brows.

'So silent like a kid, unlike how annoying he is all the time,' she thought and looked at how he had slept on his stomach, one leg stretched out and the other one folded in knees. 'Same sleeping habits like his brother. Only if he can be reasonable and forget useless things, everything will be fine like before.'

Just as she was busy staring at him and comparing him with his brother, she heard a sleepy voice that startled her.

"Good morning, wifey."

Jiang Yuyan got back to her senses and wished to get out of bed. Just as she moved, his hand that still surrounded her stomach held her back not to let her move as he pulled her closer.

"Lu Lijun…"

"Why are you running away?" Lu Lijun asked in the same sleepy and hoa.r.s.e voice as he finally opened his eyes to look at her.

Startled, she looked at him as there was little s.p.a.ce left between their faces and spoke in a low hesitant voice, "It's morning and time to wake up."

His sleepy eyes and drunk-looking eyes stared into her scared ones, "Shouldn't you at least wish me a good morning?"

"Good morning!" she said and tried to move again to get away from him once and for all.

He held her back again and looked at her, "There is nothing bad in looking at your handsome husband's face when he is sleeping."

Jiang Yuyan understood he caught her, "Handsome face?" She scoffed, "I was just noticing your bad sleeping position. You should correct it."

Lu Lijun smirked lightly, "If I turn around to correct my wrong sleeping position, you might not like to see know what I…."

"Cough! I need to get to the washroom."

Lu Lijun smiled, "Can't stop you now. Go," and freed her from his hold.

Jiang Yuyan hurried to go to the bathrooms and closed the door in a hurry. 'He is becoming shameless day by day. That kid needs a beating to get his brain working fine."


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