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Jiang Yuyan sat on the couch opposite Mr. Wen and Wen Zac while Xiao Min stood beside Jiang Yuyan's chair a step behind.

"I am sure President Lu Is here for something significant to bless our office with her presence," Mr. Wen commented.

Jiang Yuyan nodded, "I would not waste Mr. Wen's time without any reason."

Mr. Wen smiled lightly, "How can I help president Lu?"

Xiao Min handed over one file to Mr. Wen's a.s.sistant, who stood beside the couch where Mr. Wen sat.

Mr. Wen accepted the file and opened it. Looking into the file, he was surprised and looked at Jiang Yuyan. "President Lu. This…."

"This is a small gift from Lu Corporations," Jiang Yuyan added.

"This doesn't seem like a small gift. May I know the sudden reason for this?" Mr. Wen asked and pa.s.sed that file to his son, who sat beside him.

Wen Zac looked into the file and was equally surprised, and looked at Jiang Yuyan to know what it was for.

"This is nothing compared to what Liwei has to suffer due to the mistake made by Lu Lijun," said Jiang Yuyan.

"For his mistakes, he has already made up with me by proving me wrong about his capability as a businessman and winning the bet with. That seems enough for me."

"I'm sure Mr. Wen is thoughtful enough to let him go so easily. I am thankful for it, but I wish Mr. Wen to accept this gift and put it to good use, which will benefit both companies. The recent project Wen industries has might need this land for it.

Mr. Wen understood Jiang Yuyan's intentions. "As President Lu is looking forward to benefiting both the companies, I will accept it, but I would like to know what more President Lu expects from me."

"I just expect what happened before won't be a reason for Mr. Wen not to support Lu Lijun when he takes over the Lu corporation," Jiang Yuyan replied.

"If he is capable, then there is no reason for me not to support him," Mr. Wen countered.

"By now, we all got to know the glimpse of how capable he can be."

"that is true, but still a long way to go."

"I hope this small gift will keep Mr. Wen patient until he crosses that long way."

"I am sure it will," Mr. Wen a.s.sured.

Talking for a while, Jiang Yuyan left with Xiao Min.

Once they left, Wen Zac talked to his father, "It's not a small thing. Why did father accept it?"

"President Lu is smart enough to know what we need at the moment. By gifting us this, she has solved the biggest issue for her and for us."

"This was a gift for her from Lu Qiang, and I am surprised how easily she had given up on it."

"Because instead of past, she cares for the future of the Lu Corporation. With this, she made sure I will support Lu Lijun at all costs when he takes the position of Lu Corporation.

"Did President Lu thinks we will oppose it? We won't, for sure."

"She sure knows we won't oppose, but she didn't leave any s.p.a.ce for us to bring out past matter if something happens. By compensating us with this Land, which is the precious thing at the moment, she has suppressed all the possibilities. she knows how unpredictable the business world can be, and it won't take time for a friend to turn into a foe."

"True that, and after how things turned after the engagement matter, she is even more alert now."

Mr. Wen nodded, "Do you think the smart woman like her would let go of this land easily just like that?"

"I am sure she made sure to get benefit from it first," Wen Zac replied.

Mr. Wen agreed, "Gifting this land to us is beneficial not only for us but for Lu Corporations too, as she has already made sure we will partner with them but no one else. In the end, she made use of this land for the benefit of Lu Corporations as there would be no better use of this land than what we are planning to do."

"She can see far enough to understand everything and plan accordingly," Wen Zac praised.

"Her vision never forgets to surprise me," said Mr. Wen as he added, "I remembered at that time I was desperate to get this land, but Lu Qiang had it. It was the worst defeat I felt at that moment, but what we can do as such things keep happening in the business world."

"She sure cares for Lu Lijun a lot," Wen Zac said.

"That young man is fortunate to have her support all the time. She sure is an iron lady," Mr. Wen looked at his son as his sight held the meaningful look.

Wen Zac understood it, "Not again, father. She and I can't be…."

"Understood. I can only regret that she couldn't be a part of our family," Mr. Wen added, "This time, I am not meddling in your life, but I wish you to come to a decision soon."

"I will, father. Soon."


Ming Industries.

Ming Rusheng arrived at the office. When there was a time for the meeting, his a.s.sistant informed, "Boss, Ms. Lu is on leave today."

"Hmm!" Ming Rusheng had already expected it to happen.

Just then, he got the call from Wen Zac. It reminded Ming Rusheng about how Lu Lian called Wen Zac the previous night and offered him to date her.

Though it was not Wen Zac's fault, Ming Rusheng felt unwilling to accept the call from him. Contemplating over whether he should receive the call, he did at the last moment.

"Hmm?" Ming Rusheng answered the call.

"What's this cold way of replying to the call? Just now, I faced the cold lady President Lu and now you," Wen Zac commented.

It surprised Ming Rusheng, "President Lu?"

"Hmm, she came here to meet father," Wen Zac informed.

"Is that old man still troubling Lu Corporation because of Lu Lijun?"

"That old man is not as bad as you think," Wen Zac commented as he laughed a little. "My father is a reasonable man."

Ming Rusheng sighed, "Why did you call?"

"Let's meet tonight," Wen Zac replied.

Ming Rusheng could guess what must be the reason, "I have work to do."

"Don't worry; I will come to you."

"Not today..."

"I have a meeting to attend. I will be there in the evening," Wen Zac interrupted and hung up the call.


Noah and Jake came across each other in the morning where Jake was ready to go out already.

"Are you not having breakfast?" Noah asked casually.

"Seeing me you might lose your appet.i.te," Jake replied and went to wear his shoes.

"Can we already forget what happened and be good to each other like before?" Noah asked as he went to where Jake was.

Jake looked at him coldly, "I can't. I am done pretending for all these years but not now. You are free to act however you want but don't expect me to do the same and act fake."

"Do you mean I act fake?" Noah countered.

"Only you have the answer."

"Trying to keep everything fine between us is nothing but I am acting fake for you."

"I don't want to argue with you early morning," Jake said as he was done wearing shoes. "I am sure you had lots of fun the previous night to not let it ruin because of me."

Noah said nothing and Jake left.

"Fun?" Noah sighed and went back to have breakfast. As he tried to eat, not a single bite could go down his throat. Pus.h.i.+ng the dish aside angrily, he stood up to leave for the office.

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