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1080 What Is This d.a.m.n Thing?

On the outskirts of Boston, there was a research inst.i.tute that covered more than 100 acres.

This research inst.i.tute was originally a collaborative unit with the Ma.s.sachusetts Inst.i.tute of Technology, controlled by a pharmaceutical company with a market cap of approximately US$2 billion.

Its research was mainly focused on clinical biology.

However, after it was acquired by the Boston Financial Group, they began to pivot. Their research became focused on human cryonics technology. Their funding came from a well-known cancer charity, which gave them a billion USD of funding. Their aim was to send terminally-ill patients into the future, where they had a higher chance of being cured.

This cryobiology research inst.i.tute was now managed by s.p.a.ce-X, merging with s.p.a.ce-X’s frozen dormancy laboratory.

The reason for this merger was because both sides were going after frozen dormancy technology. However, one side was using it for aeros.p.a.ce uses, while the other side was using it for medical uses.

And there was one other reason…

Because both sides were related to David Lawrence from Boston Financial Group.

The cryobiology research inst.i.tute wasn’t the only thing he had invested in.

He had invested in most of s.p.a.ce-X’s projects, even the ones that didn’t seem profitable.

Inside a cryobiology laboratory.

A huge cylindrical petri dish sat between two computers, connected by various wires. In the middle of the petri dish, there was a monkey lying quietly. If it weren’t for the beating lines on the electrocardiogram, there was no way to tell if the monkey was alive or dead.

After David Lawrence stared at the monkey for a long time, he spoke.

“How is the research going?”

Elon smiled and said nonchalantly, “It’s been going smoothly. A congressman we know persuaded the Congressional Budget Office that frozen dormancy technology is a crucial part of aeros.p.a.ce, especially for the colonization of distant galaxies. This allowed us to receive orders from NASA—”

“That’s not what I’m asking.”

David Lawrence looked at the monkey inside the petri dish and said, “I have money, I don’t care how much money this is going to make. I only care about completing my plan.”

Elon looked at Lawrence and gulped.

After a while, he calmed down and spoke.

“I understand, Lawrence… In fact, I don’t care about money either, achieving my childhood dream is very fulfilling. However, in order to turn a dream into reality, we have to seek help from others.”

Lawrence nodded and said, “If NASA has what you need, then so be it. I just hope you don’t put the cart before the horse. I don’t care how many poor people this technology saves, this technology is important to me, I need it.”

Elon nodded respectfully.

“I understand.”

Elon was the new Silicon Valley star, the “Iron Man” of the technology industry. However, he knew that these heartless Wall Street animals did not care about his reputation.

Their wealth was acc.u.mulated in centuries, even the Internal Revenue Service did not know how much money they had.

They had connections in the entire financial system.

Sometimes, power was scarier than money.

Lawrence looked at the monkey and suddenly spoke.

“Speaking of which, there’s something else I care about.”

Elon immediately asked, “What’s up?”

“It’s about your company Neuralink and the neural lace project.” Lawrence looked at Elon and said, “I want to know its progress.”

The neural lace was a technology in which ultra-thin mesh with electrodes was inserted into the brain.

Using this technology, users would be able to transmit their own brain signals through external electrical electrodes. They could control electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, etc. They could even connect their consciousness directly onto the Internet and interact with people thousands of miles away.

People had been developing similar technologies for a long time, but it had only recently gained traction.

“We have been making some progress… but not much,” Elon said. He paused for a second and continued, “Establis.h.i.+ng a brain-computer interface through nanowires is technically feasible, that is beyond doubt. However, the problem is that even if we make the neural lace thin enough, it is difficult to prevent it from permanently damaging the brain…”

Lawrence nodded and began to think.

Elon was wondering why Lawrence was interested in Neuralink when Lawrence suddenly spoke.

“If only the body is in a frozen dormancy state, not the brain… Is it possible to ensure that only a portion of the brain is dormant?”

Elon frowned.

“So you’re saying…”

“Looks like you know what I mean.” Lawrence smiled and lifted his chin. He pointed at the monkey and said, “I want to know, can I use the neural lace while in a dormant state?”

“I’m not sure…” Elon shook his head and said, “This is not my area of specialty. It is irresponsible to make any conclusions about a technology that has not been invented yet.”

“But theoretically speaking,” Elon said, “if we want to keep a part of the brain awake, then I’m afraid the brain-computer interface won’t be the only thing implanted in the brain. We would also have to transport oxygen and nutrients into the brain for it to survive.”

Lawrence: “So it is theoretically possible?”

Elon looked at him and held his breath.

He thought he was already a mad scientist; he didn’t expect to meet someone crazier than himself.

“The human body is a burden. The soul and consciousness of a human is its essence. I thought we would agree on this,” Lawrence said after seeing Elon stay silent for a long time. He looked disappointed as he said, “But that doesn’t matter, you just need to do as you’re told.”

A secretary standing nearby suddenly walked over with a mobile phone and whispered a few words to Lawrence.

Lawrence looked surprised as he stared at the phone. He raised his eyebrows as he spoke.

“Looks like something interesting just happened.”

Elon frowned and immediately asked, “What…”

Lawrence smiled and said, “Go on your phone and see what’s trending number one on Twitter.”

Elon took out his phone and opened the twitter app.

The second he saw what was on his screen…

His heart skipped a beat.

[The Jinling Inst.i.tute for Advanced Study has achieved neural interface virtual reality technology, producing a seamless connection between the neural system and the computer system!]

[Star Sky Technology is openly recruiting virtual reality system testers from all around the world!]

When Elon saw this, his eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popped out of his socket.


Star Sky Technology!

Those b*stards again?!

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