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Chapter 1638: Voided Trump Card

At the headquarters of the Alpha Centauri Colonial Exploration Foundation.

Normally, there were usually many people gathered outside the building. But now, forget about the outside of the building, there weren’t even that many people inside the building.

Walking into the office quickly, Gladstone opened the holographic operating system on the desk, went through the double verification procedure of iris and fingerprint, and quickly pressed a few b.u.t.tons.

Soon, a holographic beam was projected in the center of the office, and an old man who looked weathered but had sharp pupils emerged from the holographic beam.

Before the old man could speak, Gladstone spoke in a panic.

“It’s the Third Orbital Airborne Brigade! The chaos outside has become a mess, and the militia organization in Tiangong City has been beaten down! More than 50% of the residential areas are under their control… Hurry up and think of a solution!”

Waiting quietly for the man in front of him to finish speaking, Lawrence smiled faintly and said softly, “Why are you in a hurry? They didn’t come for you.”

“Yes, they didn’t come for us, but what’s the difference? If the town hall falls and Tiangong City is captured, the Alliance Army’s affairs will be exposed, and sooner or later, they will come for us!”

Looking at Gladstone, who was panting, Lawrence thought for a while and said subtly, “It seems that the relations.h.i.+p between you and the Alliance Army is closer than I thought. Is it a financial exchange? Or is it that you are also involved?”

“It’s just an investment; otherwise, why do you think our plan was pa.s.sed so smoothly?!” Looking at the emotionless eyes, a cold sweat broke out on Gladstone’s forehead as he explained nervously, “Also, if they can succeed independently, we will have a legal position on Mars and the power to match it—”

“Okay, I don’t care about these things.” Interrupting Gladstone’s explanation, Lawrence cast his gaze out of the window, quietly watching the sparkling light in the distance. “It seems that if I don’t take action again, Tiangong City’s militia won’t be able to defend against the arrival of reinforcements.”

Gladstone said, “That group of idiots… holds the most advanced equipment, but they can’t do anything when it’s critical! Now, everything is over!”

“Don’t be so pessimistic, they are still some distance away from the town hall. Even if they are at the doorstep, we are far from hopeless.” Lawrence said with a faint smile after glancing at Gladstone, “After all, there is still a trump card up my s=leeve.”

The moment he heard these words, Gladstone’s eyes suddenly rekindled with hope, and he asked quickly, “What trump card?”

“ALPHA virus,” Lawrence said softly when he saw the strong gun smoke outside the window. “Although the infected equipment on Earth has basically been cleared, I haven’t pressed the b.u.t.ton on Mars yet.”

At this time last year, the ALPHA virus almost swept the entire Earth-Moon system, and the order on Earth was on the verge of collapse.

If Lu Zhou didn’t hijack the stars.h.i.+p carrying the “evolution code” and planted a deadly virus in his “Oracle”, he would have almost succeeded.

Fortunately, he still had a backup plan.

Which was the distant Mars!

When the ALPHA virus spread on Earth, the spread on Mars was also proceeding simultaneously. When the agents of the Security Bureau focused almost entirely on hunting down The Awakened ones on Earth, his loyal “believers” had already lurked in every corner of the major colonial cities such as Tiangong City, New Virginia, and so on.

They played roles almost the same as normal robots in normal times and would only reveal their true selves when he needed them.

Originally, Lawrence didn’t intend to use this trump card. After all, the new world needed labor to build, and those awakened were loyal to him.

But now, it was clear that the situation had reached a point where he had to make a choice.


Before “Noah’s Ark” was completed, the town hall of Tiangong City couldn’t be overthrown!

“Let me help you out.”

Whispering, Lawrence, who was standing in the light projection, flashed a string of green data code in his pupils. However, at this moment, his pupils suddenly shrank a little, and his face also showed a look of disbelief.


Sensing something was wrong from the reaction on Lawrence’s face, Gladstone instantly became nervous.

“What happened?”

“Someone tinkered with the program I set up.”

“Tinkered? What do you mean…”

Lawrence glanced at him blankly without saying a word. His figure, together with the holographic beam, disappeared silently.

Seeing the old man disappearing in front of him, Gladstone was instantly dumbfounded. He quickly rushed to the desk while shouting at the communication channel that was still connected, “Wait a minute, hey! What do you mean! You’re just going to leave us alone?”

The green light of the communication channel was still flas.h.i.+ng, but there was no response.

As he sat back on the office chair, cold beads of sweat slid down from Gladstone’s forehead.


He saw the situation going south and left to save himself!


Gladstone’s fists that were resting on the desk were clenched tightly as his eyes flashed a fierce glare.

We can’t just sit and wait to die…

He took a deep breath and sat back on the office chair. After that, he swiped his index finger across the holographic screen and dialed a special number.

Soon, the call was connected.

A hoa.r.s.e voice came from the static holographic screen.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Look at the frontlines.” Leaning back on the cus.h.i.+on of the office chair, Gladstone continued in a cold tone, “If the Third Orbital Airborne Brigade crosses the last line of defense, take action on your side.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone before the person replied, “We are probably not a match for those people.”

“I didn’t ask you to fight against the Third Orbital Airborne Brigade. Your goal is Mayor Xiao and his staff.” Gladstone’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he continued, “Kill them.

“Never let them fall into the hands of the Pan-Asian Cooperation!”

At the same time, in a corner of Tiangong City, the young woman sitting in the hotel slowly breathed a sigh of relief. After unplugging the data cable connected to her brain, she threw it into the suitcase.

“This should be fine.”

If Lu Zhou were here, he would definitely be surprised.

Because this was none other than the robot “Tail”, who he had once helped.

After the disaster, Pan-Asia cooperated to promulgate a new law on the application of artificial intelligence and robots and legally distinguished between autonomous and non-autonomous bionics. Since then, Tail had lived a secret life with Lili.

The reason why she appeared on Mars this time…

The main reason was that Xiao Ai couldn’t stop worrying about Lu Zhou, so she entrusted Tail to follow along.

Fortunately, she came along.

As soon as she arrived in this city, she noticed the anomaly here. Many awakened people who had been implanted with dangerous codes were hiding in the crowd.

She could feel from their electromagnetic waves that their emotions were deliberately distorted.

Thinking about the tragedies that had happened on Earth, she immediately reported the situation to Xiao Ai, and she also copied her emotional code into these “mutated” robots.

And just now, she finally completed this time-consuming and huge project.

“There seems to be a fight outside…” Tail got up and walked to the edge of the balcony. As she looked at the thick smoke rising from the street in the distance, she couldn’t help but have a trace of worry on her face.

Lu Zhou hadn’t been around for a few days.

She could hardly feel the electromagnetic wave ripples that belonged to Ling.

However, Ling was a strong robot, so if he was with Lu Zhou, nothing would go wrong.

In contrast, she was more worried about Lili.

She hadn’t seen her for many days, and she wondered if Lili had been eating well and sleeping on time…

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