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Chapter 569: Creator of the World

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After that, He Ying asked Lu Zhou a lot of questions on behalf of the audience, and Lu Zhou responded to them one by one.

This included how controllable fusion technology would affect the lives of ordinary people.

And what kind of positive impacts the energy breakthrough would have on the nation’s economy.

Also, Lu Zhou’s own personal future plans…

Of course, Lu Zhou obviously didn’t talk about any sensitive technology topics.

Once they were done with the interview, some people would edit the content of the program before the program would be officially broadcasted. They would edit out those sensitive topics.

Of course, since these things were handled by the professional production team, Lu Zhou didn’t have to worry about it.

In the second half of the interview, during the audience interactive session, an 11-year-old girl walked on stage. She stood next to Lu Zhou while holding a large bouquet of clove pinks.

She stared at Lu Zhou with her big, bright eyes as she handed out the bouquet in her hand.

“My teacher told us that you should put the flowers in a vase, next to your bedside table. This will make you feel better. Grandpa said that you used knowledge to help a lot of people, he wants you to get better. Also, I want to become a scientist like you when I grow up…”

It wasn’t easy for the little girl to say all this, especially while holding a large bunch of flowers.

The young girl took a deep breath. She looked absolutely adorable.

“Thank you for your clove pink!”

Lu Zhou smiled and took the flowers from her hand. Even though he knew this was probably arranged by the show production team, he still smiled and said gratuitously, “Smelling the flower is already making me feel a lot better. Remember to tell your teacher I said thank you!”

The little girl blushed and nodded. She then turned around and ran off stage.

The audience erupted in applause.

In the midst of the applause, the show also came to an end.

Lu Zhou left the studio and went into the green room.

After He Ying expressed her grat.i.tude to Lu Zhou on behalf of the production team, she continued to speak, “Professor Lu, are you free later?”

Lu Zhou: “Why, what’s up?”

He Ying smiled and said, “Nothing much, I just wanted to grab food with you or something.”

“Let’s get food another day. I’m afraid Doctor Yan won’t let me eat anything before I leave the hospital,” Lu Zhou said with a smile.

Yan Yan, who was standing behind him, didn’t say anything. However, she obviously agreed.

Even though she didn’t have the power to control Lu Zhou’s actions, as his personal doctor, she was still responsible for all of his health concerns.

Even though He Ying was a little disappointed, she still smiled. “Okay then, another day it is.”

After Lu Zhou left the TV studio, he went back into his car. He was surprised to find out that the 301 Hospital guards that followed him here were gone. Instead, in came w.a.n.g Peng, who he hadn’t seen for three days.

Lu Zhou was sitting in the back seat. He looked at the familiar face through the rearview mirror and said, “I thought you went home for the holidays.”

w.a.n.g Peng made a helpless expression.

“No holidays for me, I’ll probably lose my end-of-year bonus as well.”

Forget about the end-of-year bonus.

If it weren’t for his previous excellent record, he would be in even more trouble right now.

He had been constantly berated by the higher-ups over the past few days.

“No end-of-year bonus? Why…” Lu Zhou suddenly realized something and awkwardly said, “It’s not because of me, right?”

w.a.n.g Peng smiled and didn’t say anything.

It was quite difficult for him to answer this question.

Of course, he didn’t complain about the punishment. After all, it was his job to protect Lu Zhou. And now, it seemed like he had failed his job.

However, Lu Zhou, who knew the real reason of why he was sick, felt somewhat guilty. After all, he wasn’t poisoned or malnourished into a coma or something. It was purely because he leveled up his discipline. His brain couldn’t handle the information overload…

Lu Zhou decided he should do something to compensate for this.

“Oh, I see, I’ll write a letter for you and explain the situation to the higher-ups.”

w.a.n.g Peng was suddenly anxious, and he said, “Oh please don’t, please don’t do this.”

Lu Zhou said, “No, this isn’t your fault. It’s mainly because I didn’t take care of my body…”

Suddenly, Yan Yan interrupted him.

“His department has rules and regulations. If someone said that he made a mistake, then he made a mistake. There’s no debate about that… If you really write a letter for him, not only will it not help him, but it will give him more trouble.”

She was also punished in the same regard.

The reason why she wasn’t fired from her current position was that 301 Hospital couldn’t find any evidence of malnourishment.

This was also the reason why w.a.n.g Peng was able to get his job back. There was simply no evidence of sabotage.

Even though Yan Yan’s father was a veteran, she didn’t get any type of special treatment.

And she never expected Lu Zhou to get her out of this trouble.

Lu Zhou began to realize the situations they were in, so he decided not to write the letter.

Even though he still felt kind of guilty, it was what it was.

At most, he would just compensate them later…Read the next chapter on our

Lu Zhou returned to 301 Hospital and was about to go upstairs for his daily medical checkup. However, when he walked into the main building, he saw Academician w.a.n.g waiting at the front entrance.

Academician w.a.n.g’s eyes lit up when he saw Lu Zhou, and he smiled as he walked over.

“How are you? Do you feel better?”

“I feel a lot better.” Lu Zhou smiled and said, “It’s almost Chinese New Year. Are you not going back to your hometown?”

“I was born and raised in Beijing, where am I supposed to go? My hometown is one metro stop away.” When Academician w.a.n.g saw that Lu Zhou could walk on his own, he nodded in relief. He said, “I’m relieved that your condition is getting better. You have no idea how many people were worried about you.”

Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly and said, “I feel really bad.”

“Don’t say that! We’re the ones who should be feeling bad.” Academician w.a.n.g sighed and said, “Controllable fusion isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. Especially when it comes to coordinating various research departments. Most of the critical research projects were done by you alone. Honestly… I and the old guys at the Chinese Academy of Sciences feel quite guilty.”

“I’m just doing my best, no big deal.” Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Plus, my health is getting a lot better now.”

Academician w.a.n.g sighed and said, “I’m glad you think that way. Also, there’s one thing I have to tell you. While you were in a coma, we tried to achieve fusion ignition a couple more times. The STAR-2 demonstration reactor is looking good. The higher-ups personally made demands to implement the grid connection and supply electricity to the 80 million residents in the Jiangsu province!”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “It’s going to be connected? That’s fantastic!”

Academician w.a.n.g smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s really amazing. I didn’t expect to live to see this day. But, there’s another favor I have to ask you.”

Lu Zhou frowned and said, “Is there a problem with the demonstration reactor?”

That’s not possible!

Even the system recognized the success of the fusion ignition.

“It’s not the demonstration reactor.” Academician w.a.n.g quickly explained, “It’s just that after it’s connected to the grid, we can’t keep calling it its code name, right? After all, this is the world’s first demonstration reactor. The higher-ups asked us for a new name. I don’t really care about these kinds of things, so I’m asking you, the chief designer.”

Academician w.a.n.g smiled and said, “How about you think of a beautiful name for the reactor? If you really can’t think of anything, you can use your own name. This is a good opportunity to leave your name in history.”

“Let’s not use my name. It sounds weird.” Lu Zhou coughed and said, “I’ll think about it.”

Academician w.a.n.g said, “Okay then, you think about it. I have a couple of examples here.”

Lu Zhou: “What examples do you have?”

“Oh, like Houyi, Jinwu, Daohuozhe, Suiren, etcetera. There’s also the more westernized Prometheus. These were all decided through votes by the people in the army department. You can decide which one you like.”

After thinking for a long time, Lu Zhou said, “Let’s call it Pangu1.”

Academician w.a.n.g: “Pangu?”

“Yeah.” Lu Zhou nodded.

He had actually thought about this for a while.

Not only would the controllable fusion breakthrough revolutionize the energy industry, but it would change the entire world.

In some sense, the birth of this demonstration reactor was the second creation of the world.

“If you think that’s a good name, then so be it.” Academician w.a.n.g smiled and said, “Okay then, I’m not going to stay here for long. I’ll submit this name to the higher-ups and you should get some rest. The people at the demonstration reactor site are still waiting for your return. We still haven’t hosted a fusion ignition celebration party yet. We’ve been looking forward to this for the whole of last year.”

Lu Zhou smiled and nodded.

“Ok, I promise we’ll have the party soon.”

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