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Chapter 2278: 2278. a.s.saul

Noah and his companions had become quite famous for ignoring the rules of the cultivation journey. Some experts in his organization even affected deeper meanings with their worlds, and a few were also able to rewrite entire innate behaviors of the laws.

However, the Foolery had never been one of those experts. Its power had always been relatively straightforward since it had deep connections to the magical beasts' field. Still, that had greatly changed after the fusion with Steven's world.

The Foolery wasn't only ignoring the laws of the world. It was also affecting fields that its power didn't usually touch. The s.p.a.ce-time array of the void was even too deep for its current level, but its movement technique didn't seem to care about it.

The pig didn't realize how amazing its sprints were. It simply focused on charging at Dec.u.mia with everything it had without worrying about the unique properties of its technique.

Meanwhile, Dec.u.mia's amazement intensified. She could easily dodge that offensive, but the pig's power remained surprising. Even her chaos appeared unable to affect it due to its inconsistent foundation and abilities.

"Stay still for a moment," Dec.u.mia eventually ordered after successfully dodging another reckless charge.

The Foolery had just begun to reverse its momentum. Its body made a U-shaped turn without slowing down or wasting time, and that energy remained around its figure even when it decided to stop itself to listen to Dec.u.mia.

"Why are you using farts to move?" Dec.u.mia directly asked. "They aren't a core part of your power, so there must be better ways to use your abilities."

"What abilities?" The Foolery wondered.

"Your movement technique," Dec.u.mia replied while pointing at the energy around the Foolery. "Can't you see your body retaining momentum even after stopping completely?"

The Foolery glanced at the smelly dark energy that surrounded its body and frowned before mustering a confident tone. "I have always known that this energy was here!"

Dec.u.mia's expression froze. The Foolery's unconvincing tone had revealed that it had no knowledge about its current power. It didn't even realize that its farts were making it accomplish something incredible.

"Do you even realize what you are doing?" Dec.u.mia asked. "You are rewriting the rules involving movement and flight. You are sprinting in a straight line even if your body performs turns."

"Praising me won't save your life," The Foolery announced while lifting its head. "Your fate is sealed!"

Dec.u.mia didn't know how to approach the Foolery. A smile appeared on her face, but she also wore a deep frown. Confusion and excitement mixed in her head while she tried to figure the pig out.

"You have wings," Dec.u.mia continued. "Why do you use them to accelerate? They must deplete less energy, right?"

The Foolery lowered its head to focus on Dec.u.mia for a few seconds. Its eyes then went on its wings. The pig flapped them a few times before releasing short farts from their base to study how much energy the two gestures depleted.

The pig soon brought its attention back to Dec.u.mia before showing a proud smile. Dec.u.mia didn't know what that expression meant, but the Foolery didn't hesitate to explain it. "I knew you would have pushed me to the peak."

"What?" Dec.u.mia asked before raising her arms due to the scream that her survival instincts voiced.

Everything happened in the span of an instant. The Foolery flapped its wings and released farts from their base at the same time to perform a sprint that even Dec.u.mia couldn't trace properly.

The movement technique made the Foolery crash on Dec.u.mia before she could summon any trace of energy. The impact flung her in the distance and made her slam on the white layer again.

Part of the Foolery's energy had attached itself to Dec.u.mia and had empowered the impact. That power ended up dispersing after she slammed on the sky, and the whiteness carried by that solid layer vanished due to its influence.

Dec.u.mia wasn't hurt. Her energy flowed through her body, so her figure could withstand that simple offensive. However, she soon became aware of something far worse than a physical injury.

Dec.u.mia had to study her world to notice what had changed. Her existence had remained intact, but part of the energy inside it had vanished.

The privileged cultivator didn't take long to find her missing energy. A connection between her world and that power still existed. She could feel how the pig's belly was slowly digesting that fuel to turn it into nutrients.

The Foolery's cultivation level rose as it lifted its head. Its power tried to cross the limits of the liquid stage again, but a fart ended up coming out of its b.u.t.t and dispersing those improvements.

Nevertheless, Dec.u.mia noticed how the process didn't waste her energy. That power still existed inside the Foolery even if the fart should have dispersed it.

"How do you even work?" Dec.u.mia couldn't help but wonder.

"A true expert must do what it feels," The Foolery proudly announced, "Without worrying about potential dangers and theories."

"Not really," Dec.u.mia chuckled before shaking her head and exploding with power.

Purple energy filled Dec.u.mia's surroundings and created an area br.i.m.m.i.n.g with her chaos. Her intense energy removed the Foolery's influence and allowed the sky to s.h.i.+ne with its light again. Actually, it seemed that its whiteness had grown more intense.

"Your power is interesting," Dec.u.mia exclaimed. "I can't wait to make you change sides to keep you as my personal pet."

Those words seemed to trigger something inside the Foolery. The pig lowered its head to study Dec.u.mia with its cold eyes. Its expression radiated proper anger, but that reaction only widened Dec.u.mia's smile.

"I almost forgot," Dec.u.mia stated. "Your species has already been in chains once. What is it? Are you angry now? Come at me then."

"My anger fused with Steven's power," The Foolery declared. "Even I don't know what will fall on you."

"Let me guess," Dec.u.mia mocked. "You are going to fart again, aren't-?"

Dec.u.mia couldn't finish her line since a threat suddenly appeared above her. The Foolery had materialized among her chaos without giving any warning or releasing any wave of energy.

The technique resembled a teleport, but Dec.u.mia realized how different that ability had been. The Foolery didn't actually move. The s.p.a.ce-time array didn't carry any alteration either. The universe itself believed that the pig had always been there.

The Foolery didn't let Dec.u.mia ponder about its new technique. It directly sprinted downward to crash on her and flung her away. The impact made Dec.u.mia fly in the distance, but she managed to disperse that momentum quickly.

Dec.u.mia noticed how her world had lost energy, and she felt no surprise when she found that missing power inside the Foolery. Still, the pig didn't try to approach the breakthrough at that time.

The Foolery materialized in a spot above Dec.u.mia before performing another reckless charge. Yet, Dec.u.mia transformed into a purple current that allowed her to dodge the attack and condense into a different area.

The pig didn't stop there. Its power increased and its hunger flowed out of its figure as it performed another teleport to catch Dec.u.mia by surprise. However, she had understood that attack pattern by then, so she dodged the following charge again.

"Is that it?" Dec.u.mia asked after she reached another part of the battlefield.

The Foolery didn't answer, but its silence didn't satisfy Dec.u.mia. Something was off, and she quickly realized the reason behind that feeling. Part of her hand had disappeared even if the pig didn't land its attack.

"How did you hurt me?" Dec.u.mia questioned while her energy rebuilt her hand. "Your attack failed."

"Who said that an attack has to succeed to apply its effects?" The Foolery sneered.

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